Have you become a victim of online scamming? What should you do next time?

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What we do?

Don’t rip hair on your head!

The first thing we would recommend you to do is not panic to save your nerves at least! The second thing is to read some related information about cases rather than people being scammed online or offline (depending on your situation).

How to understand that you are being scammed by thieves?

You may find that someone withdraws money (partly or the whole part) from funds. Or, for instance, you got tricked by a scammer’s e-mail about “your bank account is in danger and you need to transfer money on the service’s bank card”. Panic, panic, panic! What to do? Search through our website to read important tips on how to protect yourself from various types of scams.

There are many strategies the scammers use to steal your money but we have even more tips on how to avoid or resist such attacks!

123ChargeBack is created with a special aim: to provide people with up-to-date information so they could protect themself from scams in various fields of life! You may even apply for help from our team of specialists!

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Have you been scammed online?

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