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Amazon Gift Card Scams: What Is It About And How to Avoid

amazon gift card fraud

The Amazon gift card scams are one of the most widespread scam gift cards. If you want to avoid it and don’t trap in their scamming schemes, it’s essential to know what it is about, what are the signs of such a scam, and how to avoid and protect yourself online. Continue reading to know more about it.

What Is the Amazon Gift Card Fraud?

What are Amazon gift cards? It is one of Amazon’s products that allows you to make presents for your beloved ones by allowing them to buy something on Amazon or one of its partners for a certain sum of money. There are various types of designs (for each occasion in life) and 5 main kinds of Amazon gift cards: e-cards, print-at-home, mail, Reload, and third-party gift cards.

Is the Amazon Gift Card a Scam?

Of course not! But because of the simple design of those cards, whatever digital or printed versions, scammers are trying to copy them to raise some easy money. There is nothing hard to make a gift card design, order printing, or make a landing page to trick you. That’s why fraudsters use this field of trading to scam other people.

There are different kinds of frauds connected to Amazon gift cards. Scammers use various methods and tactics to deceive you.

How Do Scammers Use Gift Cards Or How Many Ways to Trick You?

Fishing by Phone Calls

Scammers can attack you by phoning you and telling you that they are managers of Amazon. The most general way they apply is to say your Amazon account is frozen, banned, or corrupted by someone else. And to save up the day scammers will say that you need to buy gift cards to regain access.

Amazon Gift Card Email Scam

Fraudsters can send you or somebody you know emails with a proposition to buy gift cards. The main goal of such phishing is to do one of the following things: to make to click on a link for a scammers website to steal your private information from a device by hacking it; to make you convince you are at the official website of Amazon so you would think buying real present cards; to make fill-up the form with your private information (bank cards, PIN, phone number, index, etc).

Social Media Post Scam

The next popular way to be scammed is to get tricked by the publication on social media. The post can direct you to a scamming page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Or the publication may transfer you to a scamming website.

How to Avoid Amazon Gift Card Scams?

Don’t Be Too Trustful

People will use your trust to trick you! Mostly, if you are receiving a gift from someone it is a scam or advertisement cheat. Pay your attention to the following things:

  • Did email gets trapped on spam?
  • Do you know this person?
  • Is the website’s link is www.amazon.com/ or something else?
  • Why could you possibly receive such a message?
  • How many followers and posts has your “friend” or “company” that suggest you get a gift card?

Be Careful During Popular Holidays!

You should be extremely careful during Christmas, New Year, and other official holidays of a particular state because this is a perfect time for scammers to do their dirty things. Fraudsters will typically invite you with a cheap suggestion or tell you they must sell out all their gift cards because of life circumstances, Black Friday, celebration, etc. They even propose to get a free Amazon gift card (scams are widespread) and pay only for delivery.

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