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What Is Apple Phishing Scam: How to Protect Your Apple ID from Scammers

Apple Phishing Scam

Apple customers are increasingly being targeted by fraud. One of the most common types of fraud is the Apple ID email scam. Despite numerous claims by the company about such fraudulent schemes, the number of victims is growing. The problem is not in the gaps in the security system, but in the unconsciousness and excessive gullibility of people. Therefore, we will give you some examples of scams that you should avoid. Sometimes the security of your personal data is in your hands. Therefore, you need to know how to protect it.

Apple Phishing Scams

Phishing attacks are a real threat. Every year, more than 1 billion users require an Apple ID to access their services. However, have you ever wondered why scammers need it? Your Apple ID is associated with all the apps you use and also has access to Apple Pay. In other words, scammers are trying to gain access to your personal information and funds. The company is constantly updating security measures, so it is difficult to steal data through regular hacker attacks. However, thanks to phishing emails, this is much easier, because it is you who would unknowingly give access to the attackers.

Apple ID Fraud Email Scam: Receipt

You may receive an email with a fake purchase receipt. If you did not make this purchase, then you may think that you have been hacked. The Apple Pay scam email usually includes a link to cancel or confirm the purchase. The fraudster would hope that you would click on it and provide them with the Apple ID details. You can easily recognize this scam. Do not follow the links in the email, but visit your profile and check history of your purchases.

Apple Phishing Email Scam: Disabled Account

“Your account may be blocked!” This is one of the possible options for messages that are received by thousands of users. When you follow the link, you would find yourself on a site that looks exactly like the official one. This is where you should be as careful as possible. Most likely, this is a Phishing site, and all the data that you enter there would end up with scammers. Read here how to recognize such a site.

Apple Payment Scam: Phone Call

Fraudsters often use spoofed phone numbers. Therefore, when they call you, it may be highlighted that the Apple Support Center is calling. If you answer the call, the scammer would say that it is an employee of Apple, and try to force you to disclose your registration information or other sensitive information. For example, your date of birth or address. Also, text messages with links can come from these phones.

Phone Bot Call

You may not be called by a person. The reason and purpose of the call would be explained to you by the bot. Then you would need to press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel. It can be information about payment confirmation, but instead of an Apple Pay email scam, you receive a call. It might even be a simple “Are you satisfied with Apple service” poll?

How to Define Apple Payment Email Scam?

How to Define Apple Payment Email Scam?

Below are some warning signs to help you define phishing:

  • Such famous and big company as Apple would never send emails containing spelling and grammatical errors. It always uses American English, and if the writing style is inconvenient, then obviously it is not Apple.
  • Apple doesn’t need to get an Apple ID via text or email. If you click on a phishing link, you would be taken to some suspicious pages on the website. Sometimes its design is clearly unprofessional, and sometimes it looks exactly like the real Apple website, which can fool you. Always check the email sender carefully.
  • The way an Apple payment scam email is written makes you feel obligated to do so. You must follow the link immediately, otherwise your account would be deleted, or other consequences would arise.
  • Look how you are greeting in email. Apple always uses more personalized greetings (Dear Sara). So, if you see “Dear Customer”, it is a scam.

How to Send and Receive Money with Apple Pay Safe?

How to Send and Receive Money with Apple Pay Safe?

In order to make transactions safely with Apple Pay, there are simple rules to follow:

  • Only send and receive money from people you know. It’s better to make sure once again that this is the right person than to look for a way to get your money back.
  • When someone unknown send you an Apple payment email, a scam should be blocked.
  • Please check your payment information carefully before confirming.
  • You can receive all payments manually. In this way, you would know who sent the money before accepting it.
  • You can confirm that the payment you received is correct by viewing the payment details in the list of recent transactions.
  • Never share your password with anyone. The second party to the transaction does not need it to send or receive money.

If you prefer other payment systems as PayPal, then read about its hacks here. If you are victim of scam, don’t waste a time, and report about it to Apple, our blog, and police. Always be careful!

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