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Is ASOS a Scam: Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Frauds

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ASOS is an online store of high-quality youth clothing, which cooperates with more than 168 suppliers and offers a large number of sales, discounts and promo codes. The store’s website contains more than 850 brands of clothing, cosmetics and accessories.

What is ASOS

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ASOS.com is, without exaggeration, one of the most popular British online stores. ASOS began its activity in 2000 and by now has managed to become one of the largest online shopping stores. The name ASOS is an abbreviation of the expression “AS SEEN ON SCREEN”, which speaks for itself. Millions of people from different countries regularly shop there to update their wardrobe.

Today the company cooperates with multiple clothing stores of various price categories. The company’s management wants each visitor to find exactly what they want, whether it be a party outfit, a wedding dress, or a work uniform.

Since 2004, ASOS has also launched a production of clothing for men and women under its own label. How are collections created? Each fashion season a group of designers brainstorm, inspired by current world fashion trends and the wishes of the customers.

ASOS was one of the first retailers to think about the main problem of selling clothes over the Internet – the difference between the picture and reality. And they found a way to solve it. Photos on the Internet rarely convey all the details of a clothing item. The solution was revolutionary: they began to shoot a video of a model wearing the piece so that the buyer could see how it looks in motion and on a real person.

ASOS Prices

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New, fashionable collections of well-known brands represented on ASOS are in the middle price segment. The emphasis is primarily on youth and everyday fashion. Premium brands are not often found on ASOS, however sometimes you can see their more affordable collection versions. For example, Polo by Ralph Lauren, or Emporio Armani.

Asos allows you to buy the same model in completely opposite sizes for the same price. All prices are fair. You will not be fooled here by a fictitious discount or an exaggerated promotion. Honesty with the customer is the golden rule of ASOS.

How to Order from ASOS.com?

asos is a scam

Select a product and add it to your shopping cart. In order not to have problems with choosing a size, the site offers a table of the size range. There are also illustrations showing how to choose the right size. After adding an item to the cart you can keep browsing the catalog or go to the checkout. It is available both for registered customers and for those who do not have a personal account.

You can create an account at ASOS.com via email or Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple accounts. When registering for the first time, enter your email address, first name with last name, date of birth and a password that is not shorter than 10 characters.

In your ASOS account you can edit the personal data specified during registration, change the password, and save all the delivery addresses. The same applies to the payment method: you can save the data of the payment method to save time on ordering.

After the product has been added to the cart, you need to proceed to checkout. Provided that delivery addresses and payment methods have not been added to your personal account, you need to start processing by selecting the recipient country. After the delivery address, you can enter the previously received promotional code. Next, the contact details of the buyer are indicated. It is worth adding a mobile phone number to get notifications about the status of the order. After that, the method of receiving and paying for the parcel is selected.

Is ASOS a Scam?

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Since there are many frauds connected with online shopping, many people believe ASOS is a scam. If you have doubts, don’t worry. ASOS is a regular online store. ASOS.com is registered in London at Greater London House, Hampstead Road, NW1 7FB. The legality of the enterprise is controlled by the UK authorities.

However, scammers like to use this brand’s name in their schemes. Here are some of them.

ASOS Instagram Scam

Scammers create an insta page, fill the profile with photos stolen from real online catalogs, and offer clothes with prices several times lower than the real price.

To make it seem real scammers buy fake followers and reviews. The buyer pays for the product and does not receive it at all. Any attempts to contact the seller most often lead to getting banned.

There are also pseudo-contests on Instagram. “The first 100,000 subscribers will receive a $100 gift card to spend on ASOS shopping. The easiest way to check if such a promotional event is actually taking place or if it is just an ASOS scam is to call the retailer’s store and find out if they are the organizer of the contest on Instagram.

ASOS Password Reset Scam

Be aware of suspicious emails that are asking you to reset your password or share your personal data. There’s a big chance it might be a phishing scam. If you receive such a request do not click on any links or attachments as they may contain viruses or lead you to asos scam site.

ASOS Fashion Job Scam

You might receive an email saying you’ve been chosen for modeling work with ASOS. Just pay a small fee and the job is yours! You send scammers money, and that’s the last time you hear from them, as this is ASOS scam.

If you are interested in modeling for ASOS the safest way to do it is through their official website: www.asos.com/discover/asos-scout

So, is ASOS a trustworthy brand? Our answer is yes. It is a very successful online shopping retailer that people all over the world use every day. Visit their website and see for yourself!

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