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Best Value Investors in the World: Check Out the List to Follow in the Investment World

biggest investors in the world

What do you know about value investing? This is a special investment strategy. Value investors are looking for undervalued stocks and plan to hold them for a long time. This is different from active trading. That trading involves buying and selling stocks quickly in an effort to get a quick return on investment. Another type of investment requires investors to do fundamental analysis. This is to determine which stocks may have a higher intrinsic value than their stock price. In other words, looking for undervalued stocks. How is the analysis done by best value investors? By examining the financial position of the company, they complete the financial ratio analysis and evaluate other key business metrics. The value investor uses a focused and patient method of buying low and selling high, which requires a true understanding of where the company is and where it might be. We understand that this may sound very difficult and impossible. Therefore, we want to tell you about the success of theses, who managed not only to figure it out but also to get good money. Be ready to find out a lot of useful and interesting information.

Top Investors to Follow

Investing is easiest to sort out if you follow top investors in the world. In this area, copying other people’s investments is normal. However, even when you are imitating someone, it is important to remember that there are:

  • Quantitative investor. They invest in many companies at the same time. There are hundreds and even thousands of companies in their portfolio. They follow some kind of automatic system, and the computer decides what to invest in based on certain specific numbers.
  • Qualitative investors. They carefully study each investment and invest heavily when they believe in the company’s potential.

When you are looking for a world top investor, how do you know which type of investor is he/she? Look at the number of companies he/she invests in. Some of the best investors have only a few active investments. Your best bet is to take a look at their top five investments. It is better when these 5 occupy at least 50% of their contribution. So, let us introduce you to our list of the biggest investors in the world.

Warren Buffett

value investors

This investor believes that it is pointless to predict market behavior. Long-term success can only be achieved by adhering to certain principles while showing patience and frugality. “Warren Buffett invested 13 billion”! These are the headlines that caught the attention of thousands during the pandemic. He did it through his company. Why was it necessary? Covid-19 also affected the company’s shares, which began to decline, and Buffet took a step forward so that they do not depreciate due to undervaluation. However, what other high-profile investments were in his life?

  • In 2011, Warren Buffett invested in Bank of America near $5 billion, which was redeemable at a 5% premium and paid an annual dividend of 5%. In addition, he also received warrants to buy 700 million Bank of America common shares at $7.14 over the next 10 years.
  • Warren Buffett invested in Index Funds. Also, he called it the best thing to invest for everyone. It doesn’t expect you to be an expert and doesn’t charge hefty fees.

Charlie Munger

best value investors

Despite the fact that Buffett and Munger grew up in Omaha and had many acquaintances in common, they first met only in 1959. After the first meeting, they began to closely communicate. By the way, Buffett urged Munger to give up legal practice and take up investment activities.

  • “Charlie Munger invests in Bitcoin”. You will never hear such a headline. He has long criticized Bitcoin and its lack of regulation. And considers it unstable for trading. However, the most memorable was the last statement in May 2021. Munger admitted that he hates the success of this cryptocurrency, as in his opinion, this currency sponsors terrorists and allows money laundering.
  • Charlie Munger invests in great companies at Berkshire Hathaway, Alibaba, and Costco. Of course, there is not a full list but the most popular. He believes that investments should be only in companies, which policy you understand agree.

Bill Ackman

the value investor

He was nicknamed the activist investor. Furthermore, he often invests in troubled companies and is still successful. Have you already guessed how? He requires major changes, such as a change in leadership. If you want to understand his thinking in investment, then you need to read at least a few books that he recommends. You can find a complete list on Google, make a request “Bill Ackman books”. And we want to advise which books from that list should be read first.

  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham;
  • Confidence Game by Christine Richard;
  • Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham & David L. Dodd;
  • Quality of Earnings by Thornton O’Glove.

Rules by Bill Ackman: Learn How to Invest

  • Ups and downs are normal in the investment world, so be ready to overcome obstacles.
  • Before investing, learn as much as possible about it. Read books by famous investors.
  • You always need to understand the business in which you want to invest.
  • Don’t be afraid to communicate with other investors.
  • Making mistakes is not the end of the world. It is a way to become better next time.
  • Short-term investments are good for beginners but if you want to grow up it is not enough.

By the way, you can invest in Bill Ackman. The investor proposes his SPAC through Pershing Square Tontine Holdings.

Allan Mecham

Allan Mecham portfolio

This investor has challenged the investment world. He does not give interviews or write books about his success. There are 16 different companies in Allan Mecham portfolio, of which the top five are 38 percent. This investor implements value investing strategies for his clients. He trades about once or twice a year and spends most of his time reading the company’s annual report. From 2007 to 2019, Allan Mecham arlington value was near 18-19%. In 2012, it was reported that investors who invested in Mecham ten years ago would increase their capital by 400%. In 2020, he suspended his activities for health reasons. Allan Mecham of arlington value is successful, so, what advice could he give? To this question, he answers almost the same way every time. The best defense is a good offense. Translated into the language of investment, the best-selling discipline is the buying discipline that combines the right analysis and the best price.

Michael Lee Chin

world top investor

It is not only one of the best investors but also a good person. He got National Philanthropy Award in the category of Outstanding Philanthropist in 2015. At Investors Group, he studied the strategies of successful investors. He has also invested in public investment management companies that benefit from the growing market in two ways. In a growing market, the stocks in the portfolio grow, more people become investors and increase existing investments. But Lee Chin was not lost in the background and became the best. What do you know about Michael Lee Chin Crystal? We can understand your bewilderment when you see in one sentence the name of the investor and the attraction of the Royal Museum. However, this is not a mistake. He donated about $30 million and deserves this honor. Michael Lee Chin Crystal building is considered one of the most challenging architectural projects in North America due to its engineering complexity and innovative techniques.

It consists of five interconnected self-supporting prismatic structures that coexist but are not attached to the original ROM building, except a bridge connecting them. In a lot of Michael Lee Chin interviews, you can hear advice like this: “You cannot look at the intrinsic value of gold as a business. Gold doesn’t give you cash flow. However, it is the cash flow that is an important component. Remember, it is not God who gives you dividends”.

We would like to remind you that this is not an investor rating but a list of those worth paying attention to and even learning from them. However, you can make a rating of those who most impressed you and gave you good advice in the world of investments. Don’t forget to share these ratings with us. Or you can write a word or two about the investor you follow. Write in the comments. We wish you the best of luck with your investments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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