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Text Message from Bit.ly: What Is It and How to Unblock Link from Bit.ly Spam

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Fraudsters come up with new ways to approach our money every day. This is bad news, of course, but all is not lost. We have already discussed how to check a website for a scam. However, sometimes you may receive a shortened link. This is possible with Bit.ly. This is how the scammers try to say that they are not scammers at all, trying to use Bit.ly text spam. For example, you receive a message about winning the lottery and are asked to follow the link to find out more. Our regular readers will start checking the link right away. But it’s hard to recognize a scam by abbreviated reference gender. So what can we do? Let’s figure it out!

What Is Bit Ly Used For?

Bit Ly checker is a dedicated link management platform. This allows you to take advantage of links by shortening, sharing, managing, and analyzing links to content. With the key, millions of users create billions of links every year. Depending on the type of subscription, the platform provides different services. For example, with a free subscription, you can use the platform to customize links and analyze the number of clicks on those links. Bit Ly link checker can also allow:

  • Branded and custom links.
  • Track click data in real-time.
  • Generalization and perception of the main referral sources and the location of each link and all links.

When using a platform to create a link, you can see when and where the link was clicked, making it easy to identify important touchpoints and meet the needs of both customers and businesses.

Is Bit.ly Safe?

The platform team is committed to ensuring the security and reliability of accounts, platforms, and links. All links are encrypted using HTTPS. This is an additional layer of security in addition to advanced settings. However, why are there so many claims that a Bit.ly virus can steal our data? Despite their best efforts, attackers have found a way to abuse the Bit Ly platform. Is Bit.ly a virus? Numerous studies show that it is not. After all, a scammer will not work with trusted technology partners to track and prevent abuse and spam. However, what should users do to avoid falling for a virus spread by scammers?

  • Use strong passwords.
  • Use two-factor authentication when logging in.
  • Enterprise accounts can also take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) and advanced user rights on the platform.

What Is Bit Ly Text Message?

Bit Ly checker

The problem with URL shortening is that you don’t see where it will take you. There is a website that can extend a slightly shortened URL and tell you where it will actually take you. But it’s best to play it safe and never click on shortened links. Also, in some messages, links may not be displayed, it usually says “click here”. However, if you hover over that phrase, a link will be displayed. Is it something like Bit.ly text message spam? Absolutely, it is. Thousands of people got a text from Bit.ly in the past and are still getting such texts every day. For example, you received a message saying that your bank account is blocked and you need to call back or follow the link to fix the problem. However, if you do not have an active account with the specified bank, then everything becomes clear. Even if you have a bank account open there, according to the security policy, you will not be asked to provide personal information by phone or SMS. You can call back to the number indicated on your credit or debit card and clarify the information. Let’s look at another example of similar Bit Ly spam. Telephone or Internet providers can announce new promotions by mobile phone. However, it is not a real person who calls or writes to you but a bot. And to find out the details, activate the service, etc., you are offered to press or send certain numbers. L It is legal and often practiced. However, if you are confused by the number from which you were contacted, drop the call or do not respond to messages. Find the official company number and check all the details in person to be sure that the Bit Ly virus will not harm you.

How to Check a Text Message from Bit.ly?

It is in text messages that we can get Bit Ly links. To unblock them you need to add a plus sign to the URL. This will even help you to check it and find out how many links were received. However, is it stealing your data or fraudsters earning something from links? We cannot be 100% sure of this but it is also not smart to exclude such a possibility. Scammers are unlikely to stop using this platform to hide their links, although the fact that you can verify its legitimacy is helpful. If you are not satisfied with the results of the check, then in no case follow the link. You can also use Google to check the Bit Ly text message spam you received. Often people who have been deceived write about it on the Internet to warn others about such a fraud. This helps to break the schema of at least a few messages. And the more people know about it, the better.

No one is immune from receiving spam but it is in our hands not to let scammers turn the scam to the end. Always be careful and block suspicious numbers that send you Bit.ly spam or call you with suspicious offers. And also be sure to indicate the numbers of scammers on the special online forums. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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