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Chief Characteristics of Advance-fee Scam: Notion, Types, Facts About Advance-fee Fraud

advance fee fraud

What is Advance Fee Fraud?

The first thing you need to know about this category of scams is the notion. An advance-fee scam is a type of fraud that involves applying tricky scamming schemes to convince victims to perform a transaction to pay a fee, or a percentage to receive an enormous sum of money. A similar advance fee fraud definition is presented by the FBI and Britannica.

There are so many advance fee schemes that there are even separate categories according to the next classification.

Types of Advance Fee Fraud Schemes: Peculiarities of Each of Them

advance fee scheme

Classification by a Subject

The first thing you should distinguish is who a scammer is:

  • It can be a seller of goods or services who is selling a cheap product, stolen stuff, or even air instead of supposed goods/services;
  • It can be some group of individuals that are organizing illegal or criminal business;
  • It can be a fake girl from a dating app that requests prepayment but not executing her responsibilities;
  • It can be a sole scammer who is deceiving people to raise profit;
  • Finally, it can be a state official that uses his or her powers to perform illegal actions like bribes.

Why discovering who a scammer is crucially important? The advance fee fraud act is a complex crime that can be performed in various spheres of social life. Because of the variety of the components of the crime (subject, object, aim), it can be punished by a specific norm or group of legal acts of the legislation of the particular country.

Unfortunately, advance fee fraud statistics are catastrophic. Those crimes happen every day multiple times all over the world. It is one of the most popular spheres of scams since the beginning of bargain relationships.

Classification by a Sphere of Social Life

advance-fee scam

Advance fee lotteries scams

One of the most popular phishing scamming schemes is those. Catfishers imposing a fake lottery or pretending to be state officials to convince their victims that they have become lottery winners and to get their sum winners should pay an advance fee or percentage. Instead of obtaining a prize, a victim loses his or her money by one transaction.

Advance fee travel fraud

It is quite a widespread trick: you need to get a ticket on the plane, ship, or bus but all of the tickets are sold out or sold too quickly. Truckers use this situation by convincing people to make advance fees to get their tickets in any case. They can be importers or real managers or the company.

Tax payment scam

This kind of fraud is usually organized by a state service officer. The subject must obtain certain powers to perform it or convince others that he or she has them.

Romance scams

The key feature of the fraud concerns the unique sphere of social activity – dating. It can be starred at dating websites or dating apps. The core of deception can be the following: deception about premium girl status, imposing fees about using a free app, proposing to make advance fee payment for the things with sexual character.

Advance fee selling frauds

To get the product or the service and manager of the company or firm asks you to make an advance fee or a prepayment. Instead of receiving goods victims just lose their money.

The proposed list is not extensive. There are dozens of forms. We have mentioned only the most common ones.

Advance-fee Scam Report

If you have become a victim of advance fee fraud we are here to help! Visit the following page to report a scam. Don’t let trickers a single chance! Together we can give a fightback! Stay safe and be smart.

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