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How Much Are Coinbase Fees and Is It Possible to Avoid Coinbase Fee to Sell and Buy

coinbase fee to sell

If you are looking for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, you have probably heard of Coinbase. It is one of the most used among users who invest in cryptocurrency. This platform won people over with its user-friendly interface and simplicity. However, there are some significant fees that you should consider. Almost every transaction you make requires a payment. It is near 4%. Do you think there is a way to avoid a Coinbase fee to sell or buy? We have done our research and we have a story to tell you. Therefore, we advise you to read the article to the end. It will be useful and interesting!

How to Sell Coins on Coinbase?

coinbase bank transfer fee

Before moving on to the heading of direct selling, let’s take a closer look at the sales policy, namely the cost. After all, these Coinbase transfer fees are confusing to many. The only clear thing is that it doesn’t matter at all whether you buy or sell a transaction in digital currency, you need to pay a certain amount.

How Much Is Coinbase Fee?

The platform allows you to use bank accounts, debit or credit cards, wire transfers, or Paypal to make purchases. If you choose to use Paypal, you will be also charged Coinbase Paypal Fee. When you buy BTC, your commissions will be automatically deducted from your order amount. Let’s say you want to enter $ 100 as an in-app purchase amount. You will be charged approximately $ 3 for this transaction. With this additional commission, your total transaction amount will end up being $ 100 but at the current market price, you will only receive $ 97.01 in BTC. A little confused? Let’s look at this inore details. For example, buying BTC when paying from a bank account.

Fees will always vary and will depend on your location and financial institution. It should be borne in mind that compared to using a card, the cost of buying a bank account is much lower. Buy crypto wisely and make sure you get the best price when using fiat currency for your initial cryptocurrency investment.

How Much Does Coinbase Charge to Buy Bitcoin?

When coinbase auto sell happens, the fees you are responsible for will be automatically deducted from the amount you originally entered. Let’s take $ 100 again as an example. If you enter the amount you want to sell $ 100, the commission is near 1.4%-1.5%. Since the commission is debited automatically, the total amount of the sold cryptocurrency will be near $ 98.51.

Whether you buy or sell digital currency BTC, you automatically charge all the necessary fees. In addition to the fees charged on the confirmation screen, you will also see a complete record of the transaction in digital and local currency.

How Much Does Coinbase Charge to Sell?

transfer fee coinbase

Depending on the amount of the transaction, Coinbase sells fees can be fixed and variable. When the purchase amount is small, a flat commission is charged. Let us give you a few examples of flat fees:

  • If you buy or sell $ 10.99 or less, the transaction fee is $ 0.99.
  • If you buy or sell between $ 11 and $ 26.49, the transaction fee is $ 1.49.
  • If you buy or sell between $ 26.50 and $ 51.99, the transaction fee is $ 1.99.
  • If you buy or sell between $ 52 and $ 78.05, the transaction fee is $ 2.99.

How much are coinbase fees: variables?

  • If you use a bank account or USD wallet to buy or sell cryptocurrency, you can trade up to $ 200.
  • If you buy or sell $ 201 or more, the 1.49% variable will increase.
  • If you use a credit or debit card to make a transaction of $ 78.06 or higher and then transfer all proceeds to your PayPal account, you will be required to pay a floating fee of 3.99%.

Aside from Coinbase transaction fees, you can also see some fees outside of your Coinbase account – we’re talking about your own bank’s fees.

Possible Coinbase Bank Transfer Fee

If the transaction is done with a credit or debit card, some users have to pay an overseas transaction fee of 3%. It is the standard international conversion fee, but it really depends on your bank. Someone charged these fees because Coinbase worked with a company in London to process credit and debit card transactions. To get a clear idea of ​​the expected price, you should check with your bank to see if these fees are what you need to worry about when buying digital currencies.

Coinbase BTC Transfer Fee: Limits

It takes time to figure out what Coinbase fees transfer. However, while you still understand these parts of the service, it is also important to understand the cost limits. There is a limit on the amount you can buy and sell each week. But keep in mind that this will change over time. Coinbase has expanded its spending limit for several reasons. For example, how long have you traded and how much you traded. They will also check to see if you have completed an ID verification with personal details such as government-issued ID and phone number. Not many people know yet that you can help increase the limit by adding additional financial information to your account. When you fill out this information, your weekly and daily spending limits will change, and transfer fee Coinbase will update on your new limits. It is also useful if you are planning to become a major cryptocurrency investor. Keep in mind that although these spending limits only apply to sell bitcoin on Coinbase. You will need to contact your bank to find out your limit.

How to Avoid Coinbase Bitcoin Transfer Fees: alternative?

Another strategy to avoid it is to use another major exchange like Binance that provides similar transaction security and efficiency. Binance also lists hundreds of coins, while Coinbase only lists a few. Binance allows users to use credit cards to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins, and then traders can choose these “base” currency pairs for altcoin transactions. Binance fees are lower than Coinbase fees, especially if people are using BNB to lower transaction fees.

How Much Does Coinbase Charge to Sell Bitcoin: Pro Version?

coinbase transfer fees

Coinbase withdraw to bank can be high. When users withdraw coins from the platform, it will charge users based on an estimate of the network transaction fees they are expected to pay. Coinbase stated that sometimes the fees may differ from the calculated ones. As such, the calculated fees users must pay may be higher than the actual network transaction fees paid by Coinbase. So, can you sell bitcoin on Coinbase and avoid fees? Yes, you can. According to Coinbase, they do not charge any fees for transferring cryptocurrency from one Coinbase wallet to another. Since Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are owned by the same company, sending funds from them will be instant and free as it is a transfer from one Coinbase wallet to another. The key point here is that Coinbase Pro does not charge any withdrawal foreign transaction fee coinbase. You can then send it from one platform to other wallet outside of the without paying transfer fees.


For new users, Coinbase is a great product. Coinbase’s high fees aren’t worth the ease of use. Many people advise switching to Coinbase Pro to save on purchase and transaction fees. Its users only take action after they understand the market and need more advanced trading features. You can not only save money but also do more with your cryptocurrency. They have the same security features as the regular Coinbase platform. Most Coinbase funds are stored offline in cold storage, which means users can be confident that their digital assets will not be hacked. If you manage to deal with Coinbase sell bitcoin, you can easily avoid overspending. Whichever platform you choose, be sure to consider these fees when entering different cryptocurrencies. If you are using an exchange, please do your due diligence and make sure you get the most out of your investment. Since the fees for trading cryptocurrencies with Coinbase Pro are much higher, Coinbase is suitable for less experienced users. However, this does not mean that Coinbase Pro is not the best choice. These are two similar platforms. However, we have focused your attention on Coinbase, as it is universal: for beginners and experienced users.

Which platform do you think is the best? If you are already buying or selling, on which platform? Share in the comments, we are interested in your opinion. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help youThank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog. Don’t miss any interesting updates, you will not regret!

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