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Common eBay Scams: Among Buyers and Sellers

chinese ebay scams

It must be admitted that scammers in our time are very inventive, as well as their methods of scam. Therefore, no matter what secure platform on the Internet you would make purchases, you must always remain attentive. Recently, a scam on eBay has become more common. So let’s discuss how to spot a scammer on eBay. After all, awareness is the first step to protecting yourself from deception.

What is eBay and how does it work?

eBay is one of the most well-known online shopping platforms available in many countries around the world. Each of us can create an eBay account for free if we just want to. You can use your account as a seller and a buyer. Especially for novice sellers, the website has a very user-friendly interface. You can create a showcase for your product that will attract customers to visit your page. If you are a buyer, you can easily apply search filters to view offers in your area from local and international sellers.

The most common eBay scams and how to protect yourself

Both the buyer and the seller can become a victim of a scam. If according to the site’s policy, the buyer is more protected from various methods of deception, then the seller has to rely more on himself. However, regardless of the level of protection, both the first and the second need to know about scamming on eBay and how you can protect your money.

Scams on eBay for a buyer: examples and how to avoid them

Let us assume that every customer on eBay hopes to buy a product on favorable terms. The scammer will try to bribe you at an affordable price and good delivery terms. Let’s take a look at some examples on scams eBay.

You paid money but did not receive the goods

You have found the product you are interested in and decided to buy it. You contacted the seller, discussed the details, and paid. A lot of time has passed, but you have not received the goods, besides, the seller no longer gets in touch. It means that you sent the money to the eBay scammer. eBay policy will of course take your side and you will be able to get your money back in almost all cases. Why almost? There are categories of goods for which the return does not apply, for example, real estate.

Then how can you avoid it?

If you are afraid of such a scam on eBay, then you should avoid purchases that do not provide a return. Not always good reviews about the seller are true because a good scam is not done right away, they carefully prepare for it, and scammers create an excellent reputation for themselves to hit the jackpot for more.

You have received your package, but with the incorrect name

The first thing you might think is that the seller simply confused the name or address. And if you read your package, it will come a little worse and you have to wait. If you refused to receive, then the fraudster succeeded. Since in case of refusal from your side, the return policy does not apply. The scammer on eBay is not obliged to return the money to you, and you cannot file a complaint, since the transaction took place.

Then how can you avoid it?

Do not rush to refuse a purchase. If you open someone else’s parcel, then nothing terrible will happen. After all, you just want to be convinced. If there are items that you ordered in the package, then check the tracking number of the parcel and the address through the website. Coincided? Then this is your package.

Empty box for the price of an iPhone

You have wanted a brand new iPhone for a long time, but the prices are too high, and finally, you saw the best promotion. Big discount for iPhone but first 100 buyers only. And now you do not hesitate to make a purchase. But in the end, you only received a box from an iPhone, but there is no product there. Most likely, you did not notice the mark that only a box is for sale. This often works for popular products.

Then how can you avoid it?

No matter how tempting the offer is, never rush. Carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure that you buy the product, and not a beautiful and expensive box. You might think that eBay scammed you because it allowed such ads. However, this does not violate the site’s policy since the conditions were specified, and you simply did not notice.

There are thousands of other ways to deceive the buyer, unfortunately about which we can argue for a long time. Have you encountered Chinese eBay scams? You have a tracking number, but it turns out to be legitimate and your package will never arrive. Share in the comments!

Scam eBay which must avoid sellers

scam on ebay

Sellers can also face scammed eBay. It is because of the fear of being deceived that sellers set conditions that buyers do not always like. For example, only payment in advance. Let’s take a look at some examples of eBay payment scams.

eBay invoice scams

You may have heard that eBay allegedly sends additional invoices to buyers. But did you know that sellers can also be victims of this kind of scam? You have not received the money in your bank account, but the buyer has provided an invoice for payment and insists that the money is about to come. We trust, and think that there is just some kind of hitch to the bank and send the “paid” product. The money did not appear in your account even after a month or two.

Then how can you avoid it?

Call the banks to check if such payment has been processed. If not, then demand payment for the goods. If yes, then check with the bank for how long you will be able to manage the money and whether the buyer can request the money back.

eBay bidding scams

chinese ebay scams

Some sellers often place bids, for example, for a rare item or the last unit of a product. The winning buyer is not always the real buyer. The seller may never get his money. Thus, scammers may try to take you as competitors before their scam. After all, a certain time is given for payment, and even after which the seller cannot immediately put this product up for sale.

Then how can you avoid it?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent such an outcome. The only thing you can do is add this buyer to the ban so that other sellers do not get hurt.

eBay local pickup scams

You remember that eBay takes the buyer’s side most often, don’t you? On the Internet, you are increasingly able to find stories of sellers who have suffered from this. The buyer arranged for the delivery and paid for it. However, He/she contacted you later, as was worried that the delivery would not come on time. You do not notice the catch and want to help the client, so you suggest picking up the goods at the nearest pick-up point. The client took the doods there. After a while, this client insists that it was you who did not send the goods, that is why wants to receive the money-back.

Then how can you avoid it?

Do not agree to change the delivery method if the deal has already been concluded. If this has already happened, then you can contact the police for help. However, whether it helps to get money and the product depends on the purchase price.

The methods of scams described above can be used by both the buyer and the seller. First of all, we wanted to share as many examples as possible so that you know what to fear and how to protect yourself. We are glad that you have read our article to the end and we hope that it was interesting and useful for you. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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