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Credit Card Skimming Scams


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Thieves can take information from debit or credit cards in a few days if you don’t be attentive! Skimming scammers can steal the PIN and then do whatever they want with your account! For instance, to withdraw your card and make your bank account empty or even make it a negative account. Continue reading our special article dedicated to such kind of scams as credit card swindles!

What Is Credit Card Skimming?

card skimmer scam

Credit card fraud (skimming) is a kind of white-color crime connected with taking cash from a credit or debit card of a victim without his or her will. Credit card skimming is a type of credit card theft where thieves manage to charge the cash off the top by the usage of a small device. Such a tool is called a skimmer.

How to Avoid and Identify Card Skimmer Scam

Naturally, using your credit card in your routine puts your money in danger and making you a potential credit card skimming victim. You can catch fraudulent charges from your card by tracking some of the unidentified charges that weren’t made by you.

debit card skimming scams

But tracking the moment when you have been tricked won’t make you a happy person, because not in all times you will find your offenders and take back your money from them. That’s why you should read the following tips to skip such an unpleasant situation.

  • Firstly, numerous banks and credit card companies are creating more and more levels of security of qualifying swindling transactions, detecting frauds, and suspicious process of charging. Most of the time you need to verify your identity as the owner of a credit card or bank account whether is it a physical card or e-card in the app.
  • Secondly, be a smart user and follow some simple security steps to prevent card skimming scam. For instance, don’t tell anyone your CVC or pin-code, don’t enter pin-code from the account from e-bank. Or don’t let someone enter your pin-code while you want to buy something/
  • Thirdly, mind where you shop. Restaurants, cafes, and gas stations appear to be the spots where credit card conflicts happen most regularly. Pay your attention to people that surround you every day. Local store self-checkouts and especially standalone ATMs are also areas that skimmers can be found most often.
  • Fourthly, check ATMs before working with them. For instance, check your ATM and search for a camera that is pointed to have a perfect view of the keypad when you are typing your PIN-code. By use of such a device, skimmers can steal your PIN. ATM card skimming scams are the most common ones.
  • Finally, there is some unusual way to trick you! Some thieves are proposing for their potential victims to clean their credit cards, specifically, magnetic strips on credit cards because, as they say, cleaning them is a very tough task. Skimmers will take your card and apply a credit card skimmer scanner to scam you.

Thank you for reading our article! We hope that now you will be able to resist debit card skimming frauds! Watch yourself and stay in touch with us! Don’t forget to enable notifications for not missing one of the latest articles!

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