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Reviews on Cupshe Website: Cupshe Bathing Suit and Other Products, Is It Safe to Order There

Cupshe bathing suit

The online shopper is not used to being satisfied with what has already been achieved and is constantly looking for new sites with high-quality, fashionable, but also affordable clothing. According to the Cupshe website reviews, this is exactly what each of us is looking for. However, is it really so? The site is more specialized in the beach season. When we are promised good quality for a low price, then mistrust immediately arises. What if these are Chinese products that don’t fit well on me and I can’t get my money back? It’s okay to doubt. Therefore, we have prepared our Cupshe review to help you understand the legality and security of the site, as well as learn the nuances of cooperation. Enjoy the reading!

Is Cupshe a Real Website and What Is It?

The Cupshe website was founded in 2015. And it is a global online retailer for dresses, tops, accessories, and swimwear. The company focuses on quality, comfort, affordability, and style. And it considers its mission to help women believe in themselves and their beauty. The online store also has a mobile application. This confirms that the website is real. Swimwear is the most popular product among others. In addition to women’s clothing (beach blouses, dresses, etc.), you can buy men’s shorts on the site. According to reviews on Cupshe website, many shoppers love this store for its plus-size swimwear. The average cost of one swimsuit is $ 20-30. However, there is a coupon system, and it is fashionable to take a swimsuit cheaper. More on this later.

Reviews about Cupshe Work

Cupshe review

Before deciding on the safety and legality of an online store, you need to look at its operating principles (delivery, return, coupon system). Let’s get started.


Let’s pretend you order a swimsuit. In the Cupshe swim reviews, there is a lot of controversy about whether transportation is as expected or takes too long. After all, when you order something like a swimsuit, delivery times are important. Who wants this to come at the end of your vacation or summer season, right? As far as we know, the seller has warehouses in China and New Jersey (USA). However, the delivery times are on the same schedule as other Chinese online stores. This leads people to think that most of their goods are shipped from China. While order processing is 1 business day (about 3-7 business days in Chinese). Based on the Cupshe reviews bathing suits and information on the website, you may be offered the following shipping options to the United States:

  • Standard: (about 7-10 days, but free).
  • Expedited: (about 5-8 days subject to orders over USD 40).
  • Express: (about 4 days, delivery of USD 8-12).


If you have any problems with the product, then you need to contact the company by email. In the letter, describe the essence of the problem, number of your order, and you can also attach a photo. According to return policies and procedures, and reviews of Cupshe, items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of delivery. Items must be unwashed and undamaged to be eligible for a refund.

If there is no quality problem, items that cannot be returned include:

  • Accessories;
  • Beach towel;
  • Underwear;
  • Final discount products.

One of the important points that consumers complain about is that the customer has to pay for return shipping. This can be costly, especially if the warehouse is located in China. In a buyer’s Cupshe dress review, return shipping cost about $ 7. Another controversial point is the refund. According to the site’s policy, refunds can be made using the PayPal payment system. However, what will the reviews on Cupshe say? Many complained that it was a scam and had to get their money back through a store loan.


Using coupons is a great way to save money on apparel and accessories. The website tends to run regular promotions and sales to encourage the use of Cupshe coupons. For example, subscribing to a newsletter will give shoppers an additional 15% discount on orders of $ 75 or more. This online store also has an ongoing student discount of 10% off with a minimum order of $ 60.

Is Cupshe a Legit Site?

According to reviews, Cupshe is the official fashion store. The company has many customers who shop on the platform and receive the goods. Cupshe is operated by Sunshine Beach Commerce Limited, a private limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom. Legitimate companies with full legal registration certificates will not operate fraudulent online stores. Therefore, this is the first sign that this site is working legally. Another check on legitimate online stores is the test of time, as fraudulent stores are usually short-lived. Cupshe was founded in 2015 and has set a five-year operating record. While this is not a record lifespan, since the company has a goal of exposure, if it is a scam, it will definitely close the store and disappear. Finally, the last check of a legitimate store is fitness for use. This is because rogue stores do not deliver items as per their requirements, and only the legitimate store performs them. By analyzing Cupshe bathing suits reviews and others, with 100% legitimacy, industry-wide recognition, successful operations since 2015, and fulfilling its promise to provide goods, there is no question that Cupshe is legal.

Is Cupshe a Safe Website?

The fact that the site is legitimate is not always 100% protection from other scammers. Insecure storage facilities may leak confidential information that you share with them. Therefore, the ideal online store should be legal and secure. According to reviews for Cupshe, it is safe. It uses various security measures to protect user data. For example, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Is Cupshe a Good Site?

reviews on Cupshe

We have already found out that the site is safe and legal. However, is it worth making an order there? To find out, you need to take a closer look at the products that this online store offers us. Therefore, we took bathing suits Cupshe as the best selling item.

Positive Aspects

Many critics have praised the company for providing quality products Cupshe reviews at affordable prices. They said the materials were better than expected and the dimensions were perfect. Many talk about helpful customer service and popular styles. We tried to summarize all the positive Cupshe bathing suit reviews and found the following common elements:

  • Quality goods;
  • Faster than expected delivery time;
  • Effective customer service;
  • The wide availability of popular styles;
  • Cupshe clothing matching online photo; Product size is real.

Negative Aspects

According to statistics, about 10% of customers gave a rating from 1 to 3 stars.

We analyzed reviews, including about Cupshe bathing suit, and this is what they most often complain about:

  • Long wait for processing and transportation;
  • Poor quality material;
  • The product does not match the description in the photo;
  • Refunds are made through store credit;
  • Out of stock delay notice.

We also saw that the administration of the company responds to all reviews (positive and negative). Of course, it is not possible to please everyone and unfortunately, it is worth admitting that some of the negative reviews are true. The chance that you will receive a low-quality product is not so big but it exists, so let’s discuss it more.


First of all, it should be said that quality is largely subjective. In other words, what is first-class for one person may not be first-class for another. For example, one review about bathing suits Cupshe was positive. However, the same product was criticized by another critic, who felt that the retro look of the item was not in vogue. However, almost every buyer will agree on some quality factors. One of them is material. The product must be made of high-quality fabric, not lose shape and color after long-term wear. Other factors are tailoring and comfort. Indeed, most reviews on independent platforms praise the product and claim that the company meets the above factors.
When you know almost everything about Cupshe, you can decide to order something or not. In our opinion, you can take a risk and place an order, since there are no products without negative reviews, but here they are minimal. If one of our readers has already bought something in this online store, then be sure to describe your impression in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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