Dating scam


Dating scam

Did you know that about 15% of adults from America use online dating apps and websites to look for their beloved ones! And every year the statistic is growing intensively. More and more people are looking for someplace with a list of candidates for them to find that “the only one”.

High feelings and the enormous amount of clients make such websites, apps, and the sphere itself a yummy place for scammers. This page is about how to prevent online dating scams.

Abstract for the article:

  • All needed information to understand what is internet dating scams;
  • Useful tips and recommendations on how to avoid online dating scams;
  • What to do if you already have been scammed by a dating app or website.

What Is Internet Dating Scams: All Needed Information

We know that you are searching or were searching for true love but don’t have time to do so in real life. Nowadays it is quite usual to search for a person for romantic relationships on the internet.

Most probably you may guess what is a dating scam, right? It’s a type of scam that involves the work of a scammer on a romantic dating website or online app, or even the whole dating site/app is a scam. Are all online dating sites scams? No, of course, there are lots of dating sites that are working for their initial purpose. But some people try to use private chats and confidentially to steal information from users or the whole structure of online dating spots is made for frauds.

How Do Dating Scams Work?

Simply, as it goes with any other fraud, scammers will try to steal your money, get access to your bank account, deposits, funds or try to receive some confidential information for their purpose or to blackmail you.

How to Know If You Are Being Scammed Online Dating?

You can understand after the charm of that pretty avatar of a woman, man, a girl, or a boy will break your heart and eventually cause you trouble. Your warm feelings will finish when it is too late. You may found that your photos have been used on some erotic chats or you start getting blackmails, or you found that a huge amount of money has disappeared from your bank account, etc. Then you realize that you’ve been tricked and after you will be thinking about what to do if you have been scammed online dating. We have collected the most important information for you to protect your time, money, and heart from heart eaters.

What Online Dating Sites Are Scams?

We don’t want to bring disinformation or try to say something in bad favor of some companies. To understand if an online dating site is a scam or not you can just search for reports, articles, reviews, and videos on YouTube to see what the community of such dating platforms says about it. For instance, if you tap “is discreet dating affirmation a scam” on one of the research forms of search engines you will discover a whole new world of reports.

How to Avoid Online Dating Scams?

dating scam

The trained eye will detect quickly one of the most typical features that help to spotlight scammers. So how to detect scams on dating sites? We gathered some general hints that apply to understanding how do dating and romance scams work. Read and follow some tips to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Ask About Work & Where He/She Lives

The most general thing to understand is the user of a dating site is an internet scammer or no, ask him the following questions:

  • Where do you work / how you earn your money?
  • Where do you live?

You should think twice if he or she will say that she\he is: a doctor in an international organization, businessman or businesswoman that works in the international trading sphere, traveling freelancer, marine or soldier, etc. All kinds of jobs that make people be outside of the real place of living additionally make some suspicions to their identity. Moreover, most scammers use such jobs to hide their actual ways to earn money by deceiving people at dating sites and apps.

The next thing you should know about your candidate is the place where he\she currently lives. This doesn’t mean that you want to know the exact address and index of the apartments. State, region, name of the city, or some specific local area in it. Mostly, a scammer will provide some general information available in Google search, send you stock photos.

Don’t Send Private Information

It can be very touching to send some intimate photos to somebody you like very much, to share your stories from life, where you keep the keys from the house and safe. But we recommend you to just stop and think about how long you know this person.

What Person Is On a Photo of Profile?

The second crucial question is to ask about the photo of the avatar and other photos in your chat. To check if this photo is not from stock you may use the function of Google to search by the usage of the photo. If this photo is present on many pages and especially on stock websites it is easy to figure out that you targeted a lier!

Don’t Send Your Money to Anybody From the Online Dating

We recommend you to not send money to anyone from online dating sites and apps. Moreover, we provide you a checklist of the most popular reasons why your online love can ask you to send money:

  • Send money so she/he could get tickets to the plane, bus or other kinds of transport;
  • Ask to get money to buy a visa or other official travel documents;
  • Some unpleasant situation in life (surgery, death of a relative);
  • Pay extra and unexpected customs fees to retrieve something
  • Pay off gambling debts, to go out of custody.

Be Careful With Gift Cards, Reload Cards, Or Wiring Money

Such ways to receive money are dangerous because they are almost impossible to reverse, the receiver can withdraw quickly and anonymously.

Don’t Communicate With Possible Scammer Outside of the Site or App

Finally, another sign that you get on a scammer is that he or she tries to lure you off the official place for online dating. This is made to make you without evidence in the dating chat in the eyes of authorities and officials. Without it, you can’t manage to prove your claims.

What to Do If Scammed Online Dating?

what is internet dating scams

Don’t panic! The first thing is to breathe and try to come down. The second thing is to figure out who can help you to resolve such an issue. You can write to the support of a dating app or website. If they ignore you or can’t help you should leave a negative review on their official website or in AppStore or Google Store. Also, you may create a report.

How to Report Dating Site Scams?

The professional team of 123 ChargeBack will help you and the rest of them to stop enlarging any scams, including dating websites scams! So what to do about online dating scams? You can contact us or make a report on the specific scammer or scamming company. Don’t let online fraudsters win in this fight! Resist because together we are stronger and can defeat such unpleasant tricks!

If you are already trapped in the romantic words of a liar you can find some help here! We are always glad to hear your story. Save others from getting in the same trap as you! Let’s find a solution together. And don’t forget that there are different ways to trick you online. That’s why you should be ready and know how to defend yourself.

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