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The Expiration Date on a Debit Card: What Is It, Why It Is Important, and How to Get a New One

debit card expiration date

Having a debit card greatly simplifies the time and effort for offline and online purchases. You have probably seen expiration dates on debit cards. It would seem what it is for if your bank account cannot be closed automatically, for example, after 4 years. The card can be replaced not only if it is stolen or lost but when the expiration date has expired. It is not difficult to replace your card. However, we want to tell you not only about a replacement but why it is important to do. This information will be useful and interesting for you!

Debit card expiration date: what is it and why does it need?

expiration dates on debit cards

This is a certain period according to which you can carry out transactions using a card? Where is the expiration date on a debit card? Typically printed on the front of the card in the lower left or right corner. The details depend on the bank. The bank that cares about its customers always warns about the imminent expiration of the card and provides information where you can replace it. By the way, if you notice that the expiration date ends on 05/21, this does not mean that in April you will no longer be able to buy something. Do debit cards expire at the end of the month? Indeed, they do. Do not forget that you must change even a prepaid debit card expiration date. If you think that regular card replacement is just wasting your time, then we would like to draw your attention to the reasons for this decision. Having studied them, we are sure that you will not only understand why it is worth doing it but also become a supporter of it.

Your card is worn out

Cards are not made of material that can be used forever. Everything is banal and simple. Over time, the card number or other data may be erased or you may accidentally bend it. Therefore, banks try to choose the expiration date on debit cards to avoid excessive wear and tear. Why is it dangerous? You can give incorrect card details to receive a payment or the terminal may not read the card and you will not be able to make a transaction.

You can prevent a scam

Do you remember the CCV code? Without it, no online purchase will take place. If the fraudsters find out your card number, this is half the trouble but if the code, then your money savings are in danger. When the expiration date on the card ends, then the CCV, respectively. Thus, regular updates of the card data make the task of fraudsters more difficult. Read about other ways of determining and preventing here!

You can be offered profitable services

Your debit card issuer may offer you a card with a reward program, additional benefits, and better protection. The design of the card may also change. Recently, it is not necessary to pass the card through the terminal but simply attach it to the terminal, like PayPass. If you have an old-style card, then when the debit card expiration date end of the month, you will be given this function.

Do debit cards expire at the end of the month?

It is the most common question that you can hear in the bank or read in the forums. We have already answered this question above. However, let’s look at some details because it is not only important but also one of the main issues of the topic of the article. Practice shows that the card issuer usually provides 3-4 years. It is worth considering for what purpose the card is issued and to whom. Recently, people of retirement age have been issued a card with a longer expiration date debit card. However, is this the only difference? Does a debit card expire at the end of the month as any card of another client? Of course, it does. To check the expiration date, look for two numbers on it, separated by a slash. The number to the left of the slash denotes the month, and to the right is the year. For example, if the number 05/21 is written on your card, this means that your card will expire at 23:59 on May 31, 2021. We figured it out with a debit card but what about others? Does a card expire at the end of the month, for example, a credit one? Yes, the credit card is. This is a general rule for all types of cards.

How can you reissue a card?

expiration date on card

We hope that by carefully reading the information above, you know when to contact your bank to get another debit card. If you doubt that your bank adheres to a universal policy, then no one forbids you to phone the call center at the number indicated on the card and ask: “Does a debit card expire at the end of the month”? There are two scenarios for this procedure.

  1. The bank has notified you in advance about the imminent card replacement. And he will invite you to contact the nearest place to arrange a replacement.
  2. The second scenario is almost identical to the first. The difference is that you are not invited to order when the expiration date on a debit card ends but to receive a new one. Many banks control when their customers need a new one and pre-order them.

Do not forget to enter new data in an online system, for example, GooglePay.

Cards from stores: Do cards expire at the end of the month?

Do not confuse such cards with those issued by banks. These cards are used only in a specific store or a chain of such stores. They are usually indefinite. You will need to replace such a card only in case of rebranding the store itself. And the replacement will be free. However, these cards may be defective, so if you go to a store asking for a replacement, you will not be denied.

We hope that due to our article you remove this issue from your mind and know what you should do. How often does your bank ask you to receive a new card? Share in comments. If this is not your first time reading our blog, then you already know many ways of scamming. Have you had any calls and messages from the “bank” about changing the card or CCV? If yes, then click “Report a scam” on 123chargeback.com. Let’s warn the rest! Thank you for reading our article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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