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DHgate Online Store Review: How to Order, Delivery Times, and Is DHgate a Safe Website

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Online shopping has long been a part of our daily routine. And the platforms that offer inexpensive goods and the security of the transaction have long been known to everyone. However, the more popular the middleman between the buyer and the seller, the more attention it attracts scammers. For example, Aliexpress. We have already written about popular types of fraud and how to avoid them. Be sure to read our review here if you’re not already familiar with it. As for less well-known platforms, like DHgate website, buyers and sellers have even more questions. Is DHgate online store legit? We will try to answer this question and many others in our new review. Please be patient, we are starting!

DHgate Website Review: What Is It?

This platform was founded in 2004 with the aim of wholesales for overseas buyers. Already by 2014, this platform accrued about 1.2 million sellers. The website interface is available in several languages. There you can find a variety of products (bridal gowns, toys, electronics, garden supplies, etc.). DHgate acts as a reseller as items are sold and dispatched from individual sellers. Individual sellers on the site have “shops” similar to eBay. Buyers can view statistics. For example, the number of past transactions, review scores, and comments from previous customers on a particular product. These metrics help determine which sellers have a good rating and which are safe to buy from.

How to Order From DHgate?

According to DHgate online store review, it is very easy to place an order. Add the product you are interested in into the cart and follow the further instructions. They mainly relate to the address, delivery method, and DHgate payment options. However, we are sure that you are more interested in how to order safely, right? To do this, follow simple rules that will save you nerves, time, and money.

  • Check the details of the seller you want to place an order with. Find it on other platforms like AliExpress and compare information and reviews. Of course, this is not a guarantee of security but a great way to inquire about a company or individual seller. Why did we decide that the seller’s products will not only be on DHgate? We’re not suggesting that all good sellers sell on multiple platforms but about 85% do.
  • If the seller has the option “order samples” use it. Again, this is not a 100% guarantee, because good quality samples may be sent to you but not the product in the future. However, this greatly increases the chances of a seller being bona fide. And in this way, you can prove that you expected a product of a completely different quality because the samples will remain with you. This is especially true before large-scale orders.
  • Always choose DHgate payment methods. This is the only way you can protect yourself and get your money back. Even if this is not the first time you place an order with a seller, never agree to pay outside the platform. In this case, the process of refunding money can be delayed and will cost you more than the amount you want to return. You can use in DHgate credit card or debit card, it is up to you. We will discuss whether it is safe or not late.
  • You can contact the seller and ask for additional photos or videos of the product. The services of inspection agencies are also popular in the case of large-scale orders. Such an agency will be able to check the quality of the products and send you a report. Of course, it is expensive but if you are a large buyer then it will be worth it. In addition, the seller himself/herself can buy goods from different suppliers. This means that one batch can be of high quality, while the other cannot.

These guidelines will help increase your safety as a buyer.

How Long Does DHgate Take to Ship?

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After DHgate payment, the goods are not immediately sent to you. The seller has to assemble it first. If all the goods are in stock, then it will not be long. However, sometimes you have to wait for a certain item to appear with the seller so that the entire order is shipped at the same time. Therefore, processing time is also taken into account. It usually takes 3 to 15 business days for delivery. Delivery time may be affected by the shipping method and the buyer’s location. The platform is obliged to provide you with an approximate delivery time. Is DHgate online store fake? No, it isn’t, because after the seller has sent your order, he/she will provide you with a tracking number for the package. In your account on the Order Details page, you can track the shipping route. If the seller has not provided you with a tracking number, you need to contact the seller to ask for one. If he/she does not answer you, then you can file a dispute on the platform for a full refund.

Is DHgate a Safe Website?

This website supports payment by credit cards and bank transfers. As you can see DHgate PayPal payment is not an option. Security is a key issue as the buyer enters their credit or debit card details and needs to be sure that fraudsters will not be able to steal this data.

  • Is DHgate safe for debit cards? Our team analyzed the reviews and concluded that DHgate credit card safer than debit. You can use a debit card but credit has a better chance of getting your money back if the international refund service is activated.
  • Is DHgate safe for credit cards? The platform handles all payments through the website and not directly between buyers and sellers. This increases the safety and protection of the buyer. Therefore, yes, DHgate safe with credit card. In general, this also applies to purchases with DHgate debit card.

Is DHgate Reliable?

What better way to tell about the reliability of a site, like the reviews of its users, right? Unfortunately, most of the reviews are negative. Most often, such reviews relate to the quality of service and the authenticity of the goods. For example, Trustpilot has a 2.5 out of 5. Here’s an example of one negative review:

  • David complains that he received a product of terrible quality and decided to issue a return. The item was worth $ 400. The return shipping cost was $ 125. However, the money was returned only after 4 months and not the entire amount but $ 275.

Agree that this is a significant loss. If our math is correct, then the man lost $ 250. Of course, there are also positive reviews. For example:

  • Delivery times and product quality are fully consistent with expectations and that it is fashionable on DHgate to find something that is not on other platforms.

Quite conflicting reviews. Therefore, we admit that the website is safe but based on a low rating, it is highly unreliable.

Is DHgate a Scam?

DHgate credit card

Many people have reason to doubt and claim that this platform is a scam. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Sellers do not respond or respond very slowly to potential buyers’ questions. We can think of dozens of excuses for slow responses but we can never be sure that this is the case. So let’s focus on those sellers who don’t respond at all. This looks suspicious as it is in the seller’s best interest to answer follow-up questions and convince customers to buy their product.
  • There are often problems with refunds. We do not mean buyers who have violated the return policy.
  • The client is promised the same delivery time but he has to wait much longer. You need to be careful with such complaints. Since you cannot see the entire route of the parcel and find out exactly where the shipped goods were delayed.

However, everything is not so simple. You could have ended up on an unscrupulous seller and this is not proof that the platform is also a scammer. Is DHgate online store legit? Yes, because the platform will not steal your personal information it was registered in 2004.

Let us summarize our review. The safety of this platform for the buyer is relative. If you are a reseller and the quality of the goods and the delivery time is not so important to you, then you can use DHgate. And if you buy a product for yourself or quality is an important factor for you, then we would advise you not to rush to place an order but to look for alternatives. By the way, hiring an inspection agency is a way out of the situation for wholesalers. In any case, carefully read the rules of the platform. Have you bought something on DHgate? If yes, please share your impressions. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Very soon you will find new updates on the pages of our blog. See you!

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