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Discord Scams: What They Are and Tips on How Not to Fall for a Scammer’s Trick

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Discord is a widely used community talking and instant messaging platform used by individuals all over the world. Gamers, development firms, broadcasters, fan groups, and cryptocurrency aficionados are among those that utilize it.

However, these aren’t the only ones who are curious about Discord. Unfortunately, whenever there is a huge gathering of individuals who have a shared interest, it attracts the attention of others who are less than honorable.

What Is a Discord Scam?

Discord scams are completely different, it usually depends on the purpose of the scammer and the purpose of the Discord server that the scammer is trying to infiltrate. In this article, we tried to collect the most common Discord scams.

Here Is the Discord Scam List:

scams on discord

Discord Crypto Scam:

These fraudsters will write you a DM claiming that you have won some type of giveaway, with the reward being cryptocurrency cash, generally but not always Bitcoin. The majority of these frauds are sent out by bots who raid a server with weak security and quickly DM its users.

Discord Scams: Nitro Giveaway, Twitch, Steam:

These frauds can take place in DMs or on servers’ public channels. They’re typically people that claim to be giving out free games, free game material, free game accounts, or free Nitro gifts. These are simple to spot since their links frequently contain spelling errors, such as “Strean” instead of “Steam,” “Tvvitch” instead of “Twitch,” or “Nitr0” instead of “Nitro.” Relax, no one is going to offer you a free rare Fortnite skin or an expensive premium CS:GO in-game item for nothing, it’s a ruse.

Giveaway Scams:

Similar to the two preceding suggestions, some fraudsters may provide a link to a “giveaway” or a server purporting to be holding one, either personally or publicly. These “giveaways” will almost certainly try to get you to divulge your account information. Alternatively, they might beg for money with a request like “give us $500, and we’ll double it to $1,000!”. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon because some random individual informed you about it. Check the community’s official announcement channels and social media for any real giveaway announcements.

Support Scams:

Scammers will prey on the official help channels of a server. When a user begs for help in that channel, the fraudster will pounce with a DM, pretending to be an official community support agent. This is done in the hopes of obtaining dollars or account information from you. To assist you to detect these fraudsters, a reputable community server has regulations like “official personnel will never DM users first.”

Shilling Scams:

The majority of the servers targeted by these fraudsters are those related to bitcoin and stock trading. They’ll generally DM you, claiming to have “insider knowledge” or anything along those lines about a cryptocurrency or other transaction that is likely to skyrocket in value, and that you should buy some now to benefit later. But, of course, it will never generate a profit, and the fraudster has most likely just earned hundreds of dollars from you purchasing worthless crypto or stock that you will never profit from.

Trading Tutor Scams:

Instead of DMing individuals, these fraudsters would most likely post openly in a cryptocurrency or trading server to try to pass themselves off as respectable and helpful members of the community — which is not the case. These con artists will give you free cryptocurrency or stock trading advice or tutoring, typically with boasts like, “did you know you can earn $1,000 profit in an hour?” To find out how to send me a DM.” They’re chasing the details of individuals who aren’t very experienced in trading and want to deplete their bitcoin wallets or stock trading accounts – don’t do it.

What to Do about Scammers?

discord scam

Finally, it is up to Discord to enact additional security measures to combat fraudsters on their network. And they’ve been adding additional tools to attempt to help with this over time, such as member screening for community servers.

However, for many people in big cities, these efforts are too small, too late. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to avoid getting scammed on Discord.

Stranger Danger:

Remember how your parents and instructors used to pound concepts like “stranger danger” and “ignore strangers,” especially if they were trying to sell you anything, into your mind as a kid? This also applies to your adult life. Be aware of strangers who contact you over the internet. They may appear to be professional, smart, and perhaps helpful, but it is not true. Random messages from strangers should be taken with utmost caution – or, better yet, ignored. You should never share personal information with strangers if you accidentally replied to them. They may Google your social media profiles with only your name and city to obtain additional information on how to acquire what they want from you.

Do Not Click Links:

Humans, let’s face it, enjoy pressing buttons. It may be a “moo” or “baa” button on a child’s toy, a strange symbol on the TV remote control, a giant red button in a nuclear missile silo, or simply a link on the internet. Discord link scams are very dangerous. Unknown links placed in public or private spaces might be an effort to lead you to a nefarious website (which may sometimes look legitimate). These links will frequently include mistakes, so double-check them before clicking. There are other free security services, such as VirusTotal, where you may copy/paste URLs before clicking them to determine if they are secure. Professional antivirus software may also contain browser extensions that scan URLs you visit and block them if they appear to be malicious.

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Everywhere:

Yes, it is very inconvenient to have to open a second app or receive a text message on your phone to receive a code that you must input on the login page to access your accounts. This tiny inconvenience, on the other hand, may prevent you from a major nightmare in the future. Even if a fraudster obtains your account information, they will not be able to access your accounts until they have physical possession of your mobile device to receive the 2FA code, which is highly improbable. Oh, and everywhere you use 2FA, make sure your phone number is up-to-date.

Improve Your Message Scanning Settings:

Go to your personal Discord account settings and go to the Privacy & Safety area. There is a section called “Safe Direct Messaging” there. Set this option to “keep me safe” for the maximum level of protection, which checks all DMs you get for probable shadiness. If you’re not the kind to accept strange friend requests, selecting “my friends are good” is the best option. This brings us to the next point.

Disable Friend Requests:

If your Safe Direct Messaging option is still set to the default “my friends are nice” setting, scammers may try to add you as a friend first, which means DMs from “friends” will not be screened for shadiness. You may also limit the ability for anybody to add you as a friend under your Discord account’s Privacy & Safety settings.

Disable DMs from Non-friends:

One of the greatest ways to protect yourself against fraudsters is to turn off the ability to accept DMs from people who aren’t on your friend list. You may also do this under your account’s Privacy & Safety settings as well as your personal server settings (click the down arrow in the top-left of the server, then select the Privacy option).

Report. Always Report:

Anyone who sends you a questionable DM should always check the mutual servers you share with them. Then you should go into that server and report the DM to the staff there, along with a screenshot as evidence. You should also report the suspicious DM to Discord, not only so they can deal with the scammer on their end, but also, so they can understand how scammers are changing their techniques to defeat them. Scammer alert Discord can help Discord staff deal with different types of scams faster, such as Discord email scams or scamming Discord servers.


Do not forget that Discord new scams appear every day, and it is quite difficult not to fall into the trick of scammers. Be careful and vigilant, try to use our advices, and then you might avoid one of the scams on Discord.

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