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Earn and Go Review: What Is It and How Does It Work; Is Earn and Go Legit or a Scam

earn and go scam

When you hear about the opportunity to make good money without making too much effort, it always sounds tempting. However, you may have questions and doubts that you can be deceived. Is this always a way of making money scams? Recently, almost everyone has begun to talk about Earn and Go. And the main discussion was not about reviews of the site’s work. But to attempts to find the answer: “Is this fraud or is everything legal?” We will try to tell you more and draw conclusions with us. Enjoy reading!

Is Earn and Go real?

The first thing the site creators focus on is the ability to earn money regardless of age. Calling itself a network for making money, Earn and Go raise doubts but are they real? They are, but there is one big BUT. There are no such platforms with membership, and besides, they appeared on the Internet not so long ago as they claim. The site claims that it has been functioning since 2015 but after analyzing Earn and Go reviews, we can confidently say that this is not the case. The platform was registered several years ago. The platform was registered several years ago. There are three possible reasons for this discrepancy:

  • Earn and Go legit and it is just a way to attract more people.
  • There was some kind of error and it’s easy to explain.
  • Earn and Go scam and the fact of long-term work on the Internet lull the vigilance of new users.

When you get the answer is Earn and Go real or not, let’s find out which of the options is true.

Is Earn and Go legit?

earn and go

To confirm or deny the fact of legality, it is not necessary to join the site. It is enough to carefully consider the site interface and analyze the reviews. We have already talked about the strange discrepancy of dates but what else makes you think about investing your money there or not?

  • On the Internet, including social networks, many photos are confirming

the successful payment of the money earned. That’s a good sign, isn’t it? However, it is worth taking a closer look at such photo evidence, you will be wary. The dates are either blurry or refer to the same month. As if that was when everyone hit the jackpot Think about how many of these ads you see every day. They show you: “Look, I won $ 1247.64 and you can!” Should we remind you that free cheese is only in a mousetrap? So, such photos are not convincing.

  • What about terms and conditions? Are they help to claim that Earn and Go legit way to become rich? The terms have been updated before the official registration of the domain. This suggests that the site is one of the clones. And this in no way can be legal. According to the policy, users who have violated the rules and are suspected of fraud do not receive payments. This is a common rule and we would not have any complaints. However, almost one in two who should have been paid receives such an explanation. So are most of the users of the site scammers or is Earn and Go a scam?
  • The most common Earn and Go review is an accusation of ignorance. People are not responding to their emails, and angry comments on social networks under the posts are trying to clean up.

In connection with the above, we cannot claim 100% legitimacy, therefore we do not advise you to visit dubious sites for making money, where there will be no official grounds for your protection.

Is it an error in the date of the beginning?

If you are given an official explanation where they admit their mistake or come up with a reason, will you believe it? Let’s look at the work of this earnings platform to understand whether it is worth trusting.

  • Immediately after registration, you will receive a bonus of $50. However, accrual does not guarantee payment, does it?
  • Then you are offered to share Earn and Go, and bonuses are guaranteed for each new user. For example, for each invitation link, you are charged $2, and if someone has registered using it, then $10. You should remember that usually such high rates are not offered for free clicks and registrations. Your friends trust you and can take advantage of the offer. Therefore, first of all, you need to make sure that this is not a deception.
  • You are offered to take a survey and earn $50. However, polls are not that expensive, usually, the price does not exceed one dollar. So why is there such a big difference? When passing through, you will automatically be directed to other sites, where your data will be fraudulently obtained. Remind yourself how to recognize sites that are dangerous here. This may not be a survey, but a request to write a post-review and share Earn and Go on social networks. Perhaps you bought into such a fake and now continue to help scammers.

It turns out that you are promoting the site, telling how and how much you can earn here, although all your money is only on your personal page and you did not hold it in your hand. The positive Earn and Go review that you create can increase the reputation of the scammers. And you will not only be deceived yourself but also put everyone who believed you at risk.

Is Earn and Go a scam?

Do the absence of a license and Earn and Go review described above means this is another way of deception? Agree that if they didn’t convince you, then they made you think. Read about other danger signals that confirm the Earn and Go scam and you should avoid it.

  • If you carefully read the information on the site, you will notice that their location is in London. However, these are their words, but should they be trusted? If you want to check the official address of the company, it will show you that it is the Netherlands. If Earn and Go legit, why are they trying to lie? If you are not convinced yet, let’s continue.
  • Thousands of users are complaining about not responding to their emails. So maybe the email address is fake? Or they just selectively choose what to answer and what not. Try to write another mail about some problem that prevents you from making money and share Earn and Go on social networks. Do not do it from your email. So we’ll find out if it’s a fake or not.
  • More recently, a mobile phone application has also appeared. However, the problems remained the same. Earn and Go reviews are negative. And the positives are written almost the same and are often repeated.

Our team is inclined to believe that this is a scam and its main goal is to collect data about you. And already having received such data, they will be able to steal your money.

Let’s summarize our investigation

This site is one of many similar sites that promise quick and easy money. When the level of negativity reaches millions of bad reviews, then the site is closed, and they create exactly the same. Perhaps the interface changes a little, but there is no internal content, tasks, conditions, and evaluation. Fraud is promoted by people like you who just wanted to make money. Of course, they believe to the last that they will be paid but we have not found a single confirmation of the payment, which would not raise doubts.

It is possible to make money on simple tasks on the Internet, but not huge sums. Yes, and the tasks to watch a video or take a survey are not difficult and do not take much time, then why are you sure that you will be paid $30-$50 for these and not a few cents? After all, if it were true it would be done by everyone who knows how to use a computer or telephone. Money is never superfluous, is it?

You can always find answers to questions: “is Earn and Go legit? Or is Earn and Go a scam”? If you read reviews and analyze them. We hope that our article will also help you in deciding such earnings. Sites that do not require you to invest your money for further earnings are not a guarantee of security. After all, the goal may not be your registration fee but your personal data. In this case, the scammers will not only be able to get your money but also open loans that you will have to pay off. Doubting something is good. This does not mean that you are afraid to take risks but only that you evaluate and is this risk worth your time? Thank you for reading our article to the end. A new article will appear on the pages of our blog very soon, don’t miss it!

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