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eBay Gift Card Scams, 2021: Keep Yourself Safe, So You Don’t Get Scammed & Don’t Run Out of Money

eBay Gift Card Scams

Gift card scams are very common and come in many forms. eBay gift card scams are specially designed for eBay buyers and those who have access to eBay gift cards. Here’s everything you need to know about this scam and what to do if you become a victim.

What Is eBay?

eBay is an e-commerce corporation based in the United States. You may have heard of it, as it is quite popular with people of all ages. I think this could be called a virtual store, but in reality, it is much more.

Individuals and companies alike can list their products or services on eBay either as fixed-price items that can be bought or as items in auctions, which gives you more freedom as a buyer and seller if you’re alone.

However, like many other online services, eBay is also a gathering place for scammers of all stripes. Unfortunately, no one is completely safe because scammers can be on both sides, buyers and sellers, which means you can’t just walk away from them by choosing sides.

In our in-depth guide, we’ll talk about how eBay works, is it safe or not, what types of scams you can face when using eBay, and how to avoid most of them.

What Is eBay Gift Card Scam?

eBay gift card scams 2020 are scams committed by criminals with the sole purpose of taking their money and using it. They come in many forms, and they are all dangerous to your wallet.

Is eBay Safe?

For the most part, eBay is a secure service, so you can give it a try if you don’t already have a preferred service where you exchange items for money or vice versa. You can think of it as a marketplace, as you can find both new and used items, and you can even bargain with some sellers for better prices.

When it comes to security, eBay is inherently insecure, but like all online services, it creates a sense of danger arising from the fact that you do not know who is involved, and you do not see the product.

From the outset, eBay has gone to great lengths to ensure that both parties are satisfied, whether they are sellers or potential buyers. For example, they have implemented a feedback system where each user can share their experience with the seller.

eBay Gift Card Scams Reporting

eBay Gift Card Scams Reporting

Send eBay Gift Cards with Purchase

This scam directly targets eBay sellers. The buyer would inform them that the purchased item is a gift for someone, and he is from another country or place where he cannot purchase gift cards.

They would then ask the seller to buy gift cards for him as part of their gift and ask him to send codes or send physical cards with a package. Unfortunately, the culprit would be at the receiving end of the package.

Buying eBay Gift Cards to Buy

This gift card scam directly targets the eBay buyer, with the perpetrator impersonating the seller. When a buyer is interested in an item, the seller would request payment using eBay gift cards.

The perpetrator would instruct you to buy gift cards and send them codes as payment. But instead of sending you a product, they would steal your money.

This scam typically involves large purchases such as vehicles and campers through eBay Motors. However, it can happen to any item of any amount.

eBay Spoofing

Counterfeiting is a fraud in which the perpetrator is portrayed as a trustworthy entity. In this case, they pose as eBay in order to attract buyers who want to purchase items through a fake site.

The attacker would post a fake announcement on the forum with a link to a fake eBay-like website. The buyer would unknowingly purchase with an eBay gift card, but would not receive their item.

How does the eBay Gift Card Scam Work?

How does the eBay Gift Card Scam Work?

Criminals love to prey on our emotions by prompting us to act carelessly. Beware these eBay gift card scams:

  • Good deal promise: A scammer might try to sell you an item at an extremely low price, inspiring you to take advantage.
  • A message that the offer has a time limit: They may say that the offer is temporary, or they need to sell the item quickly. Victims give up for fear of losing their deal.
  • Evoking your emotions: They may claim to be selling a product because they are moving due loss in a family or because of joining the army.

How Can I Avoid Participating in This eBay Gift Card Scam 2021?

In addition to knowing what you are doing online, there are some tips you can use to avoid falling victim to eBay gift card scams:

  • Don’t buy eBay gift cards for anyone. Anyone who asks for eBay gift cards as payment or in addition to purchase is a scammer trying to get your money.
  • Make sure the transaction takes place on the eBay website: make sure the URL is correct: www.ebay.com. Do not transact outside of eBay.

If you transact outside of eBay, you lose eBay’s purchase protection policy.

  • Check seller ratings before making a deal. Before buying anything, check if the seller has any ratings. While zero ratings do not necessarily violate the terms of the deal, you need to know who you are working with.
  • Don’t chat with people you don’t know online: Whether someone sends you a message on Facebook or receives an email, don’t chat with people you don’t personally know online.

Scammers have been known to hack reputable eBay accounts and post fake listings. The bottom line is this: if the offer is too good to be true, leave.

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