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Fake Antivirus Scams: What Are They And How to Know if Antivirus Is Fake

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Do you want to know about fake antivirus scams? Read our new article and we will help you to understand what are the main features of them, how to spot and avoid them.

Our article consist of the next themes:

  1. Definition, identification of a scam;
  2. How to now that antivirus scams are fake;
  3. How to fight and prevent fake antivirus download;
  4. Examples of such fraudulent schemes in the form of infamous software.

Everything You Need to Know About Antivirus Scams

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“Fake Antivirus” means false antivirus software, ineffective or even dangerous software that probably identifies and kills viruses and other malware. Fake virus warnings are covered most generally on the Internet. Fake antivirus applications are scams because cybercriminals require funds for the exclusion of non-existent viruses. Accordingly, fake antivirus businesses are classified as software.

How Do Fake Antivirus Scams Work?

Fake antivirus fraud is a program that informs you to scan your PC for viruses and malware and looks similar to a real program that is fighting viruses but instead of it the fake one will be required to buy a full version of this software. When you click on a popup and fill up credit card information a scammer will receive it immediately and use it against you.

The fake antivirus popup looks similar to the original one where it was copied. Cybercriminals can even create some programs that will be installed on your device but instead of expelling the infection the software is a virus that will scan and your private info or scammers can put in a file cracked or trial version of real security software.

Fake antivirus programs are created to seem as valid as possible. But no serious antivirus application will scan your processor without your authorization. No popular antivirus program demands an advance fee before it kills any virus it catches. If you meet such methods, it is a fraudulent antivirus program.

Fake antivirus download is one of the most common scams on the planet. Like we mentioned before, it could be less dangerous and extremely dangerous malware. In any case, you should beware of it and read this article till the end.

What else can you read?

How to Know if Antivirus Is Fake?

remove fake antivirus

It is a very good question. We advise you to think of the following things before clicking and trying to download antivirus software:

  • Before buying an app or software read information about it on some reliable resources;
  • Look attentively at the link address (sometimes scammers try to pretend that their program is one of the well-known software and make phishing websites;
  • Sometimes scamming malware is installed on your computer without your will (in the hidden regime when you scroll some website);
  • Read feedback from people on the net to don’t get on a hook of trickers.

How to Fight With Fake Antivirus Malware?

  • Keep your working hardware and software in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure you have a strong, modern, and all-time working virus scanner.
  • Remove fake antivirus with a strong real software;
  • When picking a new antivirus malware, verify the legitimacy of your top applicants.
  • Systematically review and examine for their legitimacy applications that you download from the Net.
  • Promote extreme distrust from any suspicious links.

Prevent Fake Antivirus From Being Installed

To prevent getting in the trap with such a scam you should bear in mind the following ways how you could catch it:

  1. Assumed virus or malware signals can be found at any time
  2. during routine work on the network (if it has already been with viruses);
  3. while surfing the net;
  4. a frightened co-worker who reveals you such a warning on his computer and asks you for your help.

Also, you should remember that there are four ways of scamming: 1) by emails, 2) by phishing websites, 3) by social media mass spam messages, 4) by fake app stores and ads.

The List of Fake Antivirus Products

  • ContraVirus;
  • Green Antivirus 2009;
  • Security Essentials 2010;
  • PC Anti-Spyware.

You can find information about them in the search. There is various fake antivirus software and they appear almost every day. Most of them are soon being removed or blocked in stores and Google Search.

What to Do Next?

Try to follow all the mentioned recommendations to prevent fake antivirus attacks and secure your data. Thank you for reading our article till the end! We are here to help! If you want to report a scam just visit a special page on our blog and fill-up the form. The team of 123 ChargeBack will help you to restore justice! Follow our guides to surf the internet without any problems. See you soon! Stay safe and wash your hands!

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