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Fake Check Scam: How Not to Fall Into the Trap of Scammers

fake check scam

Today we are going to talk about the fake check scam. At the moment, this is one of the most popular types of fraud among scammers. Many people have already fallen into the trap of scammers, not knowing exactly how a fake check scam works. Taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of ordinary citizens, scammers steal their money without regret. To avoid the most popular type of fraud today, we will tell you exactly how check fraud works.

So, What Is the Essence of Fake Cashiers Check Scams and What Types of Fraudulent Checks Are There

fake cashiers check scam

Payment for Purchase Using a Check

You are selling something on a popular website. A potential buyer is interested in your product and offers to pay for it by check. There are two courses of development here. The buyer pays by check, you send the goods, but in the end, it turns out that the check was fake. In this case, you will lose the product that you so wanted to sell.

Otherwise, the buyer will send you a check for more than the price of the item you are selling. Then the buyer will naturally ask you to send him the change. Once you ship the item to the customer and cash the check by sending the change back to the customer, the bank discovers that the check was a fake. In this case, you are left not only without goods but also with debts to the bank.

An Offer To Earn Extra Money by Sending Money From a Check

Fraudsters often use this particular type of scam, not only because they make a lot of money from it, but also the victims find this “extra money” very tempting. To begin with, the victim receives a letter to the email with an offer to earn several hundred bucks just for cashing a check and sending part of the money to another person. How can you disagree here? Several hundred bucks in just a few minutes. All the person agreeing to this scam needs is to cash the check and send some money to another person. As soon as the victim cashes the money and sends some of it to someone else’s bank check, the bank discovers that the check was fake. The victim must now return the entire amount they cashed from the check to the bank.

So, What to Do If You Are Faced with a Fake Cashier Check Scam?

fake check deposit scam

To get started, carefully read what the buyer or the person offering the part-time job requires of you. If you find even one message suspicious, you better not agree. If you still got a check, go to the bank and ask the bank employees to carefully check this check. At the moment, scammers are very creative and spend a lot of time on details. Even bank employees cannot always distinguish a real check from a fake one.

Also, be aware that some checks may still be real, but the ways to get them are illegal. Some scammers simply steal checks. But the police can only find stolen checks after they have been cashed.

But What to Do If You’ve Already Been Caught by the Fake Check Scam?

fake cashier check scam

Once you have cashed a check and sent a fraudulent amount of money to the fraudster and found out that the check was fake, try contacting the bank with which you sent the money. Ask the bank employees to stop sending money.

Also, scammers often use money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. If you send money to a scammer using MoneyGram, then you have the opportunity to contact their department at 1-800-666-3947. If you send money using Western Union, then contact their department at this number 1-800-325-6000. As soon as the staff of these money transfer services respond to you, inform them of the fraud and file a complaint. If it is possible to stop the transfer of funds, ask the employees to do this.

Where Can You Report a Fake Check Scam?

fake check scam what to do

If you think you are caught in a fake check scam, you should report it to:

  • The Federal Trade Commission
  • The U.S. Postal Inspection Service
  • Your state Attorney General

Fake check deposit scam is becoming an increasingly popular type of scam. Only thanks to the knowledge of this type of scam, we can avoid the tricks of scammers. Share this information with your acquaintances, friends, or relatives so that as few people as possible get into unpleasant situations related to fake check scams.

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