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Fake Drugs Review: the Most Popular Scams in 2020-2021

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Progress does not stay still. In the 21st century, human capabilities have expanded significantly, including the field of medicine. Many diseases have been studied and a protocol for their treatment has been created, but do all people have the material opportunity to buy the necessary medicines? Unfortunately, the answer is no. And this is one of the main reasons for the appearance of counterfeit drugs. In our article, we will tell you everything about drug counterfeit and provide examples.

Fake Drugs: Why Are They Dangerous?

Specially created organizations or authorized bodies have been monitoring the situation of the sale of counterfeit drugs for a long time. The pandemic of Covid-19 has made the issue of fake drugs more relevant. A vaccine against coronavirus has not been created, and the use of a low-quality drug can harm a weakened immune system and even lead to death. Patients in 95 cases out of 100 do not even suspect that they bought a fake drug. The minimum risk of such a purchase is the money spent. Counterfeit drugs will not cure you and may cause major adverse events and complications. Researchers have found that outbreaks of disease and death are directly related to the use of falsified medicines.

Is there a risk of buying a counterfeit drug from a pharmacy?

The desire to save money or simply the lack of an opportunity to buy expensive medicines often pushes us to search the Internet. But have you ever wondered why the price is lower than from official distributors? Most often, this is the main market for the sale of counterfeit drugs. But lately, even buying fake drugs in a pharmacy is not a 100% quality guarantee. Prescription drugs are more closely monitored, but they can also be counterfeit. The reason for selling fake prescription drugs can be both an unscrupulous distributor and the administration of the pharmacy.

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How to Make Fake Drugs?

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The process for making fake drugs is almost the same as for real ones. The difference is that substandard ingredients may be used and the manufacturing protocol may not be followed. Underground manufacturers are trying to make the medicine look no different from the real one. Therefore, even if a person has been taking the drug for a long time, he will not be able to distinguish a fake.

Counterfeit Drugs: Examples

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You learned more about the existence of the problem of counterfeit drugs earlier, now let us draw your attention to examples of such drugs.


Antibiotics are most often prescribed for infectious diseases. Fake drugs can contain heavy metals and other harmful substances that can exacerbate your illness.

Painkillers and Weight Loss Medications

The market is very diverse for such drugs. Most often, they are often advertised to describe a quick pain relief effect or a quick fat burning process. You should remember that a well-promoted brand is not a guarantee of quality.

Psychiatric Medications

This category of drugs is always available with a doctor’s prescription. However, if you google, you will find thousands of sites that are willing to sell it without prescription and even cheaper. This is the first sign of counterfeit drugs.

Now you know about counterfeit drugs and you can be more careful. If you are in doubt that your medicine is not counterfeit, then:

  • find a photo of the drug on the Internet and compare;
  • if you do not feel well after taking it, consult your doctor;
  • read reviews about the pharmacy where you buy medicines;
  • contact the relevant services with this question for verification.

Thank you for reading our article and see you soon on pages of our block!

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