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Fake Profiles on Tinder: Find Out the Most Common Types and How to Define Them

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Tinder is a popular dating app. It is used by men and women all over the world. We already discussed with you that scammers could not pass by such a well-known platform. Remind yourself of the possible types of Tinder scams. Despite the existing risks, Tinder is a good application where you can find cool people and hang out at least friendship, and possibly love. Therefore, today we want to discuss fake Tinder accounts with you. If you are always attentive to the little things and know the first signs of fraud, then you should not be too afraid. Fake accounts are common among popular social networks. After all, we sometimes create a second unofficial page to make online orders, or to keep an eye on our ex. However, why making a fake Tinder, if that is where you want to find real people. As you could already understand, today we will discuss and conclude whether all fake accounts are created for fraud and how to recognize them.

Is Tinder Real or Fake?

After analyzing the conditions and security policy, we did not find anything suspicious. Tinder uses the usual methods of registration, account verification, and terms of use for similar applications. Therefore, this is a real application where you can meet someone. Is tinder a fake? It is not. According to the application policy, the administration does not interfere in the process of correspondence. And the purpose specified in the application description corresponds to reality. Tinder is an intermediate stage from the first acquaintance to a real meeting. However, due to the pandemic problem, the situation has become more complicated. No, it does not mean that the application has become less popular. It led to an increase in Tinder fake profiles 2021. After all, there is an official reason why you cannot meet in person: “Sorry, I am serious about the WHO recommendations, it is better not to see each other yet.”

Why Create Tinder Fake Accounts?

The reasons may vary and this is not always a scam. Of course, people with a fake Tinder do not inspire confidence and desire to continue communication. However, let’s consider the possible reasons for its creation.

  • They want to meet you to sell their product or service. That is, this is advertising. For example, a girl sells cosmetics and creates a profile of a man, and starts dating girls. A couple of messages and you are already being offered to buy cosmetics at a discount and of good quality.
  • A person is lonely but at the same time hesitates with someone to get acquainted with his/her real photo. It means that he/she needs you only for communication and a real meeting will never take place.
  • It could be a prank from your friends or an ex. Agree that the official page will not be used for this.

Are there fake profiles on Tinder to cheat? Yes, there are a lot. And their main purposes are:

  • To extort money from you.
  • To steal your personal data.
  • To lure intimate photos for further blackmail, etc.

List of Fake Tinder Profiles: Common Types

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Recognizing Tinder fakes is not as difficult as it might seem. However, first of all, you must have an idea of ​​what to look for and what should alert you in the first place. At the moment, there are 4 types of fake profiles on Tinder.


A bot is not a living person but a program that sends messages. The bot can only be recognized if you delve into the meaning of what is written. An intelligent computer program can maintain a dialogue. How does it work? The bot uses the keywords of your correspondence. For example, you write that you went to a restaurant yesterday. And the answer you get is that a person was in this restaurant and tasted the dessert last week. You probably went through a bot-check when you had to enter characters from the picture for further transition to the website. Most often, bots send several messages in a row. One of these may contain a link to navigate. In no case do not go on it if you are not sure. Since such carelessness can infect the phone with a virus or steal your data.

Fake People on Tinder

Such profiles are more difficult to recognize since a person is communicating with you. And if the last one also understands psychology, then you can guess it until the last moment. With his/her questions or answers, a person will lead to the topic that he/she needs: selling a product or cheating for money. Carefully read the information in your profile and compare it with what the interlocutor writes about himself. Sometimes they make mistakes, because if they are scammers, then they have more than one such Tinder fake profile.

Only for Communication

This could be your stalker. The person does not know how you like it and finds out this information through the dating application. It may sound like fantastic nonsense but it’s true. On the Internet, we came across a story where a girl exposed her neighbor that he was writing to her from a Tinder fake account. Are you wondering how? She said about her favorite cafe, where she likes to come along. And the next day her neighbor came there. It seems that nothing terrible has happened and it’s even romantic. However, this is a deception and nothing else.

Carefully, maniac

We want to convince you not to use Tinder. In the 21st century, online dating is popular and often makes perfect couples. However, sometimes a person who has mental disorders can arrange a meeting with you. There are not many such stories on the Internet but this does not mean that they do not happen often.

How to Recognize Fake Accounts on Tinder?

fake people on tinder

The easiest way to determine a fake is the fact of an unverified account. However, this is too obvious, isn’t it? Let’s look at examples of situations that make you think: “What if this is a fake Tinder”?

  • The information in the profile does not match what he/she writes to you. For example, you asked for the nickname on Instagram. Look, and there is written, Kelly, age 23, and Tinder Julia, age 19.
  • The account is empty or looks like a fake Tinder template. The complete lack of information is alarming since this is a dating app. And the template filling is alarming that it may turn out to be a bot.
  • Not a real profile picture. You found out that this is a photo of a celebrity. For example, let’s say, Brad Pitt, named Gary, is writing to you. Doppelganger or fake? The answer is obvious.
  • Instant replies to messages. Of course, we can assume that a person is just online and knows how to type quickly. However, let’s think about it together. When you receive a notification of mutual sympathy, do you immediately write to this person? You are carefully reviewing your profile again. And if you are a girl, then perhaps you are waiting for the first message from a guy. The instant response is usually written by bots. So, it can be a fake Tinder profile.
  • This point may seem a little contradictory to you. As we already said, bots respond immediately. However, technology does not standstill. Bots are getting smarter and have a standby time of 10 to 45 seconds. Agree that if you have a simple conversation, then this is enough to read and answer a few words. In such a situation, you need to pay attention to the grammar and the wording of the sentences. You have a 50/50 chance that it is not one of the fake profiles Tinder.
  • Indirect responses. You ask a question, and the interlocutor tries to change the topic or continues it but without answering. For example, you asked about his/her favorite movie. And in response to you: “By the way, a new cinema has opened and there are super promotions, follow the link, there are all the conditions.” Fake Tinder account in its action (can be a bot or real person).
  • Everything is too great. Don’t think of us as pessimists. However, perfect communication from the first seconds is rare. For example, you write to a girl about your hobbies, and she praises everything and says that she also loves to play Dota, watch football and drink beer. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Most likely this is one of the fake girls on Tinder.

If you suspect this is a fake profile Tinder, report the scam. After all, you cannot predict for what purpose it was created. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Now we know that our readers are safe. And if something happens they will be able to recognize one of the Tinder fake profiles. Share in comments if you have ever chatted with a fake and what you were doing. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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