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Faker on Twitch or How to Avoid Fake Twitch’s Stream

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What do you know about Twitch? Maybe, such a question is too simple to be asked. Now Twitch is the largest and the most popular streaming platform all over the world! Logically, anybody can create a stream by using the platform. Stars, celebrities, artists, gamers, doctors, and others. Unfortunately, scammers adore using such networks to run on their dirty tricks. Faker on Twitch is a common dilemma.

This article is made especially for those who beware of fake stream chats and the rest kinds of scams on Twitch. Continue reading to know more. You won’t believe what we have found!

Faker Twitch Streams & Chats

Hoaxing Twitch streams is when a scammer uses the ability of a streaming platform, particularly Twitch, to operate phishing scamming schemes like:

  • Selling products online;
  • Streaming illegal content (SNAF, porn, violence);
  • Fake accounts (imposters);
  • Biting viewers to follow the link in chat (fake stream chat is extremely dangerous).

Do you want to know more about every mentioned kind of scam? Look below.

Selling products online

Selling products, creating auctions is unauthorized by Twitch rules activity. You can know about it while surfing Twitch FAQ. You can monetize your Twitch account by connecting Stream Labs, Donation pay, creating digital banners for advertisements. But direct sales are illegal and fake Twitch streamers get bans for them.

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Streaming illegal content

Touching people, killing people, scamming others, or creating some aggressive, controversial, discriminating content is illegal. Fake Twitch streamers perform SNAF, porn, etc to enlarge the audience.

Scams in chats

Most chats during online translations are open for all viewers that why fake Twitch accounts can perform various phishing schemes. Mostly, Twitch bots of streamers ban them and hide such messages before some of the actual viewers get in a trap.


Twitch faker stream occurs when a scammer uses the identity of a well-known streamer or celebrity to deceive viewers. Why? People see a nickname or real first and last celebrity and think that they are going on an official Twitch account. Instead, they trap in the hands of hoaxes.

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How to Avoid Fake Twitch Frauds?

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  • Don’t follow by any link (the only exception is when the proved and well-known streamer sends a link in his chat during translation. Lirik is a great example of a verified and trusted streamer on Twitch.
  • Don’t purchase anything during translation and don’t send by to a third party during the stream (for example, Twitch stream faker asks you to donate money for some pure child on Africa right now);
  • Check the information about your star or idol in other reliable media to verify is a faker Twitch stream or a real one;
  • Exclude all communication between members of a chat with strange nicknames (like drug dealers, hitmen, mercenaries, prostitutes).

What Are Red Flags of Scams?

Are you ready to see the Matrix?! Find out about red flags of fakers on Twitch right now! Check up the following list:

  • Selling products or promoting them during stream;
  • A podcast about investing money into pyramids and other scams;
  • Massive spam of links in a dead stream chat;
  • If you notice something unacceptable for you (murdering, illegal fight, live porn with actors or masturbation, etc).

Thank you for reading this article till the end! We hope you found it interesting and informative. If you want to make a report just visit this page. Together we can help to make this world a better place for all people all around the world.

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