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Fortune Telling Scams

fortune telling scams

This is a criminal offense meant to misuse a prey’s trust under the guise of assisting with an aim to steal money or important information. It includes obtaining the victim’s full trust and, then through correctly executed manipulation, persuading the prey to give valuables to the scammer.

What is Bujo (Fortune-telling fraud)?

Fortune telling scam is a kind of wodo-dodo-spirit trick aimed to raise some cash on a gullible or easy-going person. It is based on a deception that a teller has secret or occult information about someone’s destiny or future.

The fundamental characteristic of the fraud involves diagnosing the victim (the “mark”) with some kind of hidden predicament that solely the grifter can identify, propose treatment or diagnose and do what to do next.

Is Fortune-telling a Legal Activity Or Scam?

Everything depends on which state you live in and does such kind of activity is forbidden, restricted, or allowed? But in any case, it involves deception and other fraudulent actions aimed to pursue clients to pay for such sessions. Mostly, these scammers try to convince victims to have more and more sessions to “free them” from their issues.

Who Are Victims of Such Scam?

Victims of fortune-telling scams are people of elder age, unemployed or poor people, usually women. Also, those who search for the love of their lifetime. Rarely, but even small and medium businessmen who are looking for a solution to their business problems. There are three most widespread issues why people come to fortune-tellers: health, love, money.

Why is Fortune-telling Is a Fraud? How Does It Work?

fortune telling fraud

They may be smart and intelligent, have a solid voice, and be charismatic but still, they cannot predict the exact future not only yours or other victims but even their. What is the first sign of fortune-telling fraud? The word “reading” of fate and telling your destiny is already a lie or fraud. Moreover, for “reading” of the future the victim will have to pay a nominal fee or do something in favor of a fortune teller.

In fortune-telling fraud cases the following “tools” are involved: crystal ball, tea leaves/coffee grind/palm/send/ESP psychic reading, tarot cards, religious icons and symbols, dice, etc. A fortune teller practices a cold reading skill to identify that a customer is genuinely concerned and uses simple tricks to make a show or presentation more entertaining. A fortune teller can read some spells, sing songs, call the spirits, speak with objects or your previous lives… And do the other deceives to take money from victims.

How to Avoid Fortune-telling Scams?

Don’t go to them! Don’t speak with them if they call you and try to convince you that you have some dangerous problem, don’t get attracted by advertisements (online and offline). They won’t help to solve any problem. Moreover, fortune tellers can be the main source of them if you are already trapped in their lairs.

Have You Become a Victim?

You can fill-up the form and by this action make a report about your fortune teller scammer. We won’t predict your future and say that all your problems vanish but at least you help others don’t get tricked in the same way as you! Our team can even help you to find a solution to an issue connected with scammers and their deception.

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