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Freelance Marketing Secrets Review: What Is It, How Does It Work and Is It Legit

freelance marketing secrets review

Freelance Marketing Secrets is a digital product and you can also find it by the name “Freelance Digital Marketing Secrets”. The author of this product is Kealy Kanea. He has been in digital marketing for a long time, so many people think she is trustworthy. However, is it so? You will be provided with a PDF file that will teach you important things that will be useful in online marketing. Sounds a little presumptuous, doesn’t it. Is Freelance Marketing Secrets Scam? Let’s figure it out.

Freelance Digital Secrets Review: What Is It?

This is a free PDF manual. This 18-page walkthrough provides a step-by-step guide to how best to start your online career and generate high income. This e-book will tell you about starting an online business and top key tips for finding products to promote. So far, everything sounds simple. Then why the question arises: “Is freelance marketing secrets legit”?

Then they will tell you how to set up sales from the products you found earlier. This is where the first warning signal comes in. Of course, you need a budget to promote your business. However, not only for all the necessary tools and services but you also need some non-free traffic strategies. For example, advertising your services on social networks. And it certainly won’t be cheap. Therefore, who knows, perhaps this is a hidden advertisement of other services that are advised to you as the best.

Freelance Marketing Secrets: Review on PDF

Let’s find out what is inside the PDF and thus understand what the company Freelance Marketing Secrets offers us.

The first part tells you about the success of the author of the guide. Mr. Kanae claims that he has made about $ 100,000. And that’s just one source of income online. We are sincerely glad if this is the case. Then he brags about how many times he has already flown on vacation with his girlfriend. However, what is it? Does he simply share with his audience and show that anything is possible? Or is it a deliberate move by a scammer, where his goal is to win over gullible people?

Then you are given three steps to success according to Freelance Marketing Secrets review:

  • How to search for people if you use Keyword Planner.
  • A network for finding products to sell to customers only needs to be searched after you choose a topic.
  • You will learn how sales work and how to get a good percentage of commissions..

Let’s discuss these steps in more detail below.

Freelance Marketing Secrets Review: How Does It Work?

  • Explanations for the first step. Regardless of which way you can earn money online, you will need to choose a niche. In the PDF, the author advises you to use the search system “Google” to measure whether your people are viable for building an online business. Explanations for the second step. Find a suitable product that solves the problems of your chosen people.
  • Explanations for third step 3. The guide advises promoting products using a funnel that automates the process of making money with an autoresponder.

Freelance Digital Secrets Reviews: Is It Possible to Earn?

freelance marketing secrets master class

This is a rather difficult question. If we assume that Freelance Marketing Secrets is a scam, then definitely not. And if it’s legal, then the answer is yes and no. The information specified in the PDF is relevant and valid tells you about digital marketing and how to make money there. However, if you want to have a real income, as the author boasted at the beginning of the guide, then you need to study at the AWOL Academy. By the way, tuition there costs about 10,000 dollars. Who do you think is one of the organizers of the Academy? None other than the author of the Freelance Marketing Secrets manual. This fact raises doubts about the service and it is already harder to answer positively to the question: “Is Freelance Marketing Secrets Legit”? However, we will deal with this a little later.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets Master Class Unique?

First, you will look at a few PDF pages where the author demonstrates his sales reports and how to get $ 100,000 (we mentioned this above). This is to raise the hype. And only on page 6, you actually get to the “magic” formula. What the author is talking about is the search for those things where people have some problems. It is not bad advice and the right starting point for most internet marketers. However, based on our Freelance Digital Secrets Review, we dare to assume that this is far from the only resource and it has strong competitors. It then talks about finding products for people to help them. Examples such as Clickbank are used to search for products, get an affiliate link and promote that product to them. Clickbank has a good reputation but where are the pros and cons of this platform? Are we really supposed to trust just a kind word and stories of big incomes? Even if we have a negative answer to the question: “Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a scam”? It is not enough. Keala then talks about creating a squeeze/include page to capture emails and then linking them to the same affiliate link you got from Clickbank. And he talks about sending out emails with stories about the product you found on Clickbank to gain credibility and the sale to move on. What isn’t mentioned is how to drive traffic through this whole formula. Basically, you only have affiliate links, an autoresponder, and a squeeze page, but none of that matters if you don’t get traffic. Because of this, there are big doubts that the formula is working.

Freelance Digital Secrets Reviews on Work with Holes in Formula

freelance digital secrets reviews

When at least one element of the formula is missing, it is foolish to believe in success. Holes in the system often lead to losses rather than profits. Judge for yourself, you are investing in your business, and single sales absolutely do not cover expenses. So what are the holes in the formula preventing it from functioning based on Freelance Digital Secrets reviews?

None of this means anything without traffic, and the eBook doesn’t explain this part.

Secrets Guide talks about some links that have direct influence to offers, however, these things are not so profitable. Especially if at first you do not receive a person’s email, then trust, and then you get the opportunity to send an offer.

There really isn’t much you can do with this formula other than collecting a few ingredients but it still leaves you dangling. Therefore, you cannot use this unless you know how to generate traffic yourself. It’s like having French meat ingredients but not having an oven to really bake it, and the oven in this case is the AWOL Academy.

4) All in all, this is a very broad formula. You probably also receive offers by email, right? Surely you are not paying attention to everything.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets Legit?

After analyzing all the aspects above, we concluded that from a legal point of view, everything is legal. After all, you are given a free guide, and if you are interested, then you need to pay for courses at the Academy. However, the wording itself indicates a great exaggeration of the value of the advice described. In addition, from the title itself, a manual about freelancing is expected, and as a result, they talk about digital marketing.

Is Freelance Marketing Secrets a Scam?

It seems that the purpose of the development was not to teach but to promote paid services, where you will be really taught and given advice on how to make money. There is also a lot of false advertising. For example, about the guarantee of big earnings in the first 3 months. However, despite these controversial points, the manual is not a scam.

Whether or not this formula is used is entirely up to you. However, for the first steps, you do not have to pay for everything, remember this. What is your opinion on this matter? Let’s discuss in the comments. If you have already used this guide, then we are also waiting for you in the comments. Give your independent assessment and this will help other users. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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