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casino scams

If you are playing casino or gambling games you probably know that the Casino always wins, when you are playing honestly. That’s why some daredevils try to overplay and not by the rules, performing casino scams or frauds connected with gambling.

Criminals are always run for easy money. Of course, gambling and casino gaming scams are widespread. The development of online casino websites and online gambling games makes online scamming far more dangerous. Furthermore, differences between the legislation of states and their attitude to gambling and casino businesses make such activities even more illegal.

What Is the Difference Between a Gambling Scam and a Casino Fraud?

If we are talking about casino scammers and gambling trickers it is not always the same thing.

  • Firstly, the range of activities you can do or play in the casino is huge, and their gambling games also. But specialized gambling places are far sophisticated rather than playing gambling tables in general casinos. So, gambling scam in the casino generally has a narrow range of ways on how to perform it.
  • Secondly, casino fraud may include frauding schemes with gambling if specific casinos don’t have such stuff.

What Do You Need to Know About Gambling Scam and Casino Fraud?

gambling scam

Gambling fraud is a form of fraudulent activity that involves the scamming methods in gambling to trick other players or the host itself to earn money and win. It can be made in various forms: tricks with the counting of cards, hiding additional cards in sleeves, using special gadgets to peep, etc.

A casino scam is a kind of scamming activity where one of the parties (gamer, gamers, casino) tries to trick the other party or parties in the casino’s system field.

Also, gambling scam methods you can distinguish by a performer:

  1. An owner of the website what take your private information while you are playing;
  2. A tricky gambler that wants to cheat and win all the players around the table;
  3. Outlaw that breaks the laws of his or her country only by playing or allowing, organizing things to do gambling;
  4. A smart hacker can use the disadvantages of the automatic system in online gambling.

Why Gambling Is a Scam?

casino fraud

Gambling is a risky, not always pleasant, and even fair game but who will judge a winner? In reality, a lot of countries banned, criminalized all gambling activity or made it restricted, in the corners of the law. Everything that doesn’t meet the requirements of the legislator and that breaks the rules of the specific society is an outlaw in that country. There is a straight line when fraud becomes even worse criminal activity as it was before.

So, it depends on which country you live in, what laws are applied, and what are the gambling games you are playing. Moreover, gambling in any form is a game, where all players must have the same status and chances to win.

Are Online Gambling Sites a Scam?

Online gambling website can be distinguished as scamming scheme:

  1. It is not authorized by the government or controlling body;
  2. It has some fraudulent things like gathering your confidential information for further usage without your permission;
  3. It has extra functions that can be risky for your software;
  4. It doesn’t meet the requirements to call itself a gambling system;
  5. If you are playing only with a machine, AI, where you have no chances to win, etc.

What About Casino?

The same can be applied to casino scams as well in the meaning of everything depends on several factors as aggressor and performer, the state and laws, the position of a fraudster in casino games, the applicable rules to distinguish the activity in the system (online or offline). Casino fraud prevention is more sophisticated and performed by the authorities that rule the casino or state bodies involved in solving such issues.

What Should You Do to Give a Fightback Against Scammer(s)?

We are here to help! The team of 123 ChargeBack together with our partner will make a lot of effort to find a way out from your specific situation and also you can help others by telling your story. You should make some first steps forward fighting against scammers – visit our special pages: Contact Us (to ask for help, find some additional information, etc), Report a scam (to make a report about your specific case with the scammer(s) that tricked you).

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