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GoFundMe Scams: How Can Your Generosity Play a Dirty Trick With You?

GoFundMe fraud cases

Have you ever heard about GoFundMe? It is a crowdfunding platform popular among users all over the world. It is one of the easiest ways to make fundraising. You can be an individual, organization, or just a group of people to ask others to make donations to complete your goal.

But in places where there are a lot of people and money, some scammers want to trick others. In this article, we will talk about GoFundMe scams, the most popular schemes of fraudsters, and the ways how you can avoid them. Continue reading to know more.

GoFundMe Frauds: What Are They?

GoFundMe scams

A GoFundMe fraud is one of the most common scams concerning crowdfunding platforms when a scammer creates fake crowdfunding on GoFundMe intending to use the donated sum for purposes not connected to the goal mentioned in the GoFundMe fundraising project.

As we mentioned before, GoFundMe is a very trendy and popular platform to make funds. Despite all the efforts of the creators and owners of the website and the app, there are lots of scammers. The website of GoFundMe has a special part called “Safety & security” where you can find tips on how to spot and avoid fake GoFundMe campaigns.

Sympathizers are the primary target of scammers. fake GoFundMe campaigns can have various shapes. Do you want to know some examples? Here are they:

  • Somebody got in a car accident and now needs to have medical treatment. Some active person or group of people fundraising to have some sum of money to help this person. What is the problem? Five similar accounts accept donations for curing the same person. What is more strange? None of these accounts belongs to the family members of the victim.
  • A retired veteran tries to gain a big sum of money to help other veterans by supplying them with food and water rations. People donated their money and successfully reached the aim of the campaign. Over $500 000 was transferred to scammers. Well done!

And this is just some little piece of scamming schemes used every day to trick millions of people. GoFundMe fraud cases are extremely popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and third world countries.

The List of GoFundMe Scams: The Most Common Schemes

fake GoFundMe

The officials of the platform state that you should always be aware of possible scams. GoFundMe wants to help you identify fraudulent schemes. The FAQ provides the following types of scams:

A Trap For a Sweetheart

The most common scam is a romantic one. Trickers create crowdfunding aims undercover of raising funds and asking donations for the honeymoon, making wedding, organizing the perfect proposition day, etc. There are hundreds of ideas why one sweetheart extremely needs money.

Donate to Safe Lives!

Scammers use the generosity and kindness of other people to organize a fake GoFundMe fraud to collect money for those that are fighting for their lives. Fraudsters use real people that need medical treatment or those who are already dead to make their stories sound real. The problem is that they take all these thousands of dollars and spend them on their needs instead of helping people who need money most of all.

Gathering Money For/As Non-profit Organizations

Scammers can even make some unreal non-profit organizations to get hands in your pockets. Although, there are dozens of well-known charities whose names are used by scammers to steal money.

Covid-19 Donation Scams

Of course, some creative minds use the coronavirus pandemic in their own needs. What can they write to hide their phishing scamming schemes? 1) Collecting money to help infected elderly people; 2) create funds to make vaccines; 3) receive donations to create non-profit charities for homeless people with Covid-19, etc.

What Will Help You To Expose Scammers?

  • They are collecting money for the mentioned needs (romantic, covid-19, charities, for medical treatment, veteran’s supplies) but don’t provide a full picture of it;
  • They are collecting money for someone else but state that you should donate on their card or bank account;
  • They try to get you off the platform, in private chats, emails, etc;
  • They use well-known charities, non-profit organizations, names from recent news to make their fundraising sound more worthy;
  • Their texts are full of grammatical mistakes, have almost no sense or meaning.

How to Prove Fake GoFundMe?

Write to the support of GoFundMe to tell about scammers. Also, you can make a report on the 123 ChargeBack website. Together with our partner, we will help to restore justice!

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