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What Is Google Play Gift Card Scam and How to Avoid It: List of Different Types

What Is Google Play Gift Card Scam

Google Play card scam is a relatively new type of fraud. You are probably surprised because gift cards have appeared a long time ago, and we have already discussed some types of such fraud (Amazon, Walmart). However, scammers have previously targeted other stores and platforms. When their methods were exposed and fewer people fell for their bait, they switched to Google Play. Let’s find out what they are and how to prevent them!

Google Play Gift Card Scam: Different Types

Google Play Gift Card Scam

The fraudsters can introduce themselves as anyone to convince you to top up their gift card. They come up with whole legends and give a minimum of time for reflection. After all, if you have time to think, you will probably guess that this is a scammer. There were cases when they presented themselves as tax officials, reported a win, asked to borrow money, etc. Below are the most popular and unusual types of fraud.

Google Play Card Scam: Sugar Daddy

We are all different, everyone has their own values, interests, and preferences in life. Someone is an avid careerist, and someone wants to receive passive income and devote time to other things. In the 21st century, young girls are often looking for sugar daddies to make their dreams come true. Honestly, such offers are often available on Facebook or Instagram – Do you wanna be my sugar baby?. Fraudsters keep up with modern trends, and now you can find this type of fraud. How do you recognize it? Very simple. The so-called “daddy” would make you an offer, and in return, he would ask you to top up his gift card for $50 or $100 (usually these are small amounts). He would explain his request by the fact that he has already encountered dishonest babies, and this would simply be a guarantee of your honesty. 99% of this is a scam.

Google Play Gift Card Scam: Refund

Let’s imagine that you bought or sold your old phone online. The seller/buyer asks you to resell or exchange gift cards as payment. This is 100% fraudulent. Google security has repeatedly warned that their cards cannot be redeemed for cash or reloaded and returned. The very request can alert anyone. However, here, scammers come up with a plausible legend too. Allegedly, their accounts are blocked and this is the only way to receive or send money for them.

Google Play Gift Card: Codes Unused Scam

Google Play Gift Card: Codes Unused Scam

You may have a gift card in your wallet, but a fraudster can still spend all the money from it. How is this possible? If you give someone the card code. They can call and tell you about some big debt, but they would help you to pay it. To do this, you need to provide a code from a gift card, and they would write off a small part of the debt every month. Sometimes scammers act at random. Usually, 5 out of 100 are actually in debt. And sometimes scammers find out information in advance in order to convince you. According to Google’s policy, their cards can only be used to pay at their store. They cannot pay bills, make other purchases, etc. So be careful, it is a scam.
If you become a victim of PayPal scam google play card, you must immediately report bout it to the police and Google Support. It can help to return your money!

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