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Google Voice Verification Code Scam: What Are They And How To Avoid Them

google voice verification code scam

Google Voice is a free platform created and afforded by Google. The use of Google Voice enables any citizen of the United States to have an additional phone number for their needs. You can create Google Voice for free. Moreover, Google’s phone number can perform free domestic calls, it is cheaper than the typical operator to make phone calls abroad. It also has filter settings against spam calls and voicemails.

So how can scammers use this system for their dirty purposes? Firstly, they can use free numbers to make spam attacks without paying operators for extra numbers. Secondly, fraudsters can skip the limitation about linking their phones to the system: instead of it, they are looking for victims with numbers to use them during google verification code. That’s why such stuff is called a Google verification code scam. Continue reading to know about all peculiarities of such types of scams.

What Is a Google Voice Verification Code?

Google Voice verification code is one of the elements or stages of registration of a new number in the system. It was made to reduce the number of numbers for a one phone number to decrease a way out for scammers. So how do scammers skip it or trick Google? The only way to do so is to find people that could tell the verification code that would come on their phone. But how can people be tricked like that? Google code scam and its success depends on the phishing scamming scheme which is applied to a scammer’s sacrifice.

Is Google Voice Verification Scam Dangerous?

You may consider it as a scam with a minimum level of danger. Scammers won’t get access to your Google account, the information on your mobile phone, or anything that is connected to it. Google Voice code scam is made with the purpose to have an extra Google Voice number. Although, obtaining various numbers can be a pre-step for further scams. It can cause serious damage in a global sense.

Who Can Be a Victim Google Verification Scam?

google voice code scam

How can fraudsters find your number and make you their victim? Mostly, scammers find people at free online auction websites like eBay and similar platforms. Buyer & seller bonds demand a change of personal information like name, phone number, email, etc. A typical scammer will pretend to be a seller and organize a Google phone code scam in the following way: a fake scammer will search for people who want to buy something but instead of selling his or her aim is to get your phone number and make you prove verification.

The second way is to look for victims in dating websites or dating apps. A scammer will make some account with cool photos and do all she or he can to make you do what needs to be done. In the end, this pretty girl or handsome man will vanish from your life.

Also, it is quite popular on Instagram, Facebook where people can make posts and add propositions in groups. Mostly, they will call it an “easy job”, “work for a few seconds”, etc. They even can make you a proposition to ask other people to make verification so you could get paid for every 10, 50, 100 set of numbers. Google verification code text message scams are very popular.

What will happen next? In both cases, the scammer will block you or end your conversation because he or she has got the desirable treasure. The Google verification code text spam did work!

How to Avoid Such Scams?

  • Ask why do you need to make some verification to get your product before doing it;
  • Don’t help strangers only because they asked to do so;
  • Don’t give your private information in chats on apps, dating websites, or social media;
  • Look at the profile of a person at first, and only then start to communicate with him or her;
  • Don’t believe sweet words about easy ways to raise money in a few minutes because it is a 100% scam.

Why & Where to Make a Report About Scam?

google code scam

We recommend to male a report on our website about your case to protect other people. Also, go to Google Voice and disable your unwanted phone number to restore justice. You can also write to the support of Google Voice so they could block scamming numbers.

Thank you for reading this article to the end! The team of 123 ChargeBack has a lot of useful information to be read by you! Check up our other topics to stay safe from scamming phishing schemes! See you next time!

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