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Herbalife scam review

herbalife is a scam

What is Herbalife: Definition

Herbalife scheme suggests fitness and health-booster products. Herbalife goods are sold particularly through self-governing distributors that can be customers themselves. Such distributors went through various lectures and seminars, bought a lot of production, and even have been trained on the Herbalife system.

Herbalife is a scam

And this is a well-known fact all over the planet. Why? Because the system of working is a classical pyramid scheme. Herbalife uses the weakness of its customers to grow worldwide. Think of how real sellers and owners of the company gain profit?

The company always wins

It doesn’t matter are you a distributor, seller, or a normal customer. The prime target of the company – make you buy goods, membership, etc.

  • You can be a seller that bought low-quality products to make cash by selling them to your customers.
  • You may be a retired person that would like to buy some medical products for yourself and family members but instead, you have dozens of strange boxes and your house looks like storage.
  • You can be a customer that got on the hook of some advertisement of a seller that wanted to get rid of the bad products and get back his or her money.

Herbalife scams reviews

Herbalife scheme

Come on, just google it! There are hundreds of reviews, Youtube videos, insider articles that will tell you a lot about Herbalife.


Herbalife scams are good and extremely dangerous because of the marketing of the company. The advertisements go in different directions:

  1. Bites people that are searching for a job. They see advertisements on the internet and nearby some physical regions “work several hours a day and be wealthy and happy”. But instead of obtaining a work opportunity, they trap into the Herbalife pyramid scheme. The least they waste is time and money to get to the fake office. However, people spend almost everything that they have to potentially get money.
  2. Selfish or ignorant sellers try to buy low-quality products and add their mates, colleges, and friends to pyramid schemes to get profit. In return, they might succeed and promote spreading Herbalife scams through the local web.
  3. Hits retired people. Dealers, promoters, and the company itself encourage to deceive retired and older people into buying Herbalife products. They waste thousands of dollars to obtain a magical medicine that will help them stop suffering from pain and diseases. Instead, people spend a fortune and don’t have money for real medical treatment.

Did we provide enough reasons to make you think that will vanish your thoughts like “Is Herbalife a scam?” once and for all! Also, you may be interested in reading TOP-3 Most Infamous Pyramid Schemes (we mentioned Herbalife only in the second stage).

Thank you for reading this article till the end! We hope you won’t get into the loop of buying cheap products of Herbalife to sell them to others and far worse – give them to your family members and friends!

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