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Hitman Scams: Definition, Danger & General Hints How to Protect Yourself

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Greetings to all readers! We have collected the most important information about the hitman scam format. What are the types of such phishing fraud schemes and how to spot them? Continue reading to know the truth!

Hitman Scam: What Is This?

Since 2006 there has been a new massive way of scamming people online and offline. All around the world victims started reportedly receiving hitman scam emails and letters. What is the main peculiarity of this group of blackmails? The main aim of a scammer is to convince their victims that he is a killer (hitman) and someone had paid a huge sum of money to see them dead. In reality, this is an imposter that tries to pretend to be a hitman but who will try to check if he is bluffing or not? And this is the main problem and reason why scammers get what they want.

Who Is a Prime Victim of Hitman Scam Letters (Emails)?

If you have a nice and well-paid job there are plenty of people jealous of it. Also, if you run a business or have become a well-known person (actor, DJ, celebrity, singer, showman, etc) you are in the spot. Beware of those who want to raise cash by tricking you.

Who Can Be a Hitman Scammer?

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Pay your attention to those people who surround you but not are your friends or family members:

  • It can be a college from your present or previous work;
  • It can be a social worker or some employee of a place you visit regularly;
  • It can be someone of ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, that tries to use information you shared against you;
  • It can be your employee that you once treated badly.

Unfortunately, it can be someone you love, for instance, a wife (husband) that tries to taste her (his) luck. A fake hitman scam can make you paranoid so keep your head cool.

What Do Scammers Say to Fool You?

  • The fraudster will say that someone decided to kill you. The hitman already accepted a contract. But you have the opportunity to pay a hitman instead and save your life.
  • Tricky fox will say that you should double the sum or even worse so he or she could cancel the contract.
  • The scammer can say some details from your life (the place where you live, a school of your child).
  • Blackmails are widely used. The key signature may be the number of mistakes made by scammers (I guess a professional hitman would pay attention to all details).
  • Some scammers don’t make some realistic schemes and make some spam-sending in the hope to catch a fish.

Example of Hitman Scam

Lastly, we would like to make an example of how this letter or mail can look like:

Alex (Your Name), you are now a target of a professional hitman. You have 7 days to pay out the double sum of a contract. Don’t go to the police, we are watching you right now. Also, we know where Kate (name of child) goes to school and she is in third grade, class number 2. Also, we know where Emma works (name of wife) and that she ends it at 7:15 pm. Be wise and think quickly.

Isn’t it terrifying, huh? As you can see, scammers know some facts and use them to perform blackmail and made it look realistic. If you have already been a scam, follow this link to make them pay. We will help you to restore justice.

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