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How to Report Bank of America Phishing and What to Do for Your Protection

how not to get bank of america phishing

Our readers have already known about phishing websites, but it is time to figure out with a Bank of America phishing. If you have doubts that representatives of the bank have contacted you, then you should figure it out. Perhaps the received email or phone call is a scam. Do not panic because it may prevent you from assessing the situation. You are far from the first person to fall victim to bank phishing. More than a thousand people receive such letters a day. And unfortunately, many of them come across in the networks of scammers. If you learn to recognize the signs of phishing Bank, how and where to report it, you can protect yourself.

How to Recognize Phishing: Bank of America

How to Recognize Phishing: Bank of America

Bank of America cares about its reputation, so you can find the Fraud Protection section on the official website. There you would find a lot of useful information about all the possible types of fraud faced by the clients of this bank. If this is a Bank of America phishing email, then you should pay attention to the following:

  • E-mail address. If scammers wrote to you, then it would be a similar address, which can differ in 1-2 letters. Be sure to visit the official website and check a valid email address.
  • Even in an emergency, email is the last form of communication banks would use. They can solve an urgent issue over the phone, and not wait until you see a letter in your email inbox.
  • Keep track of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Typically, emails come from scammers outside of the United States, so English is not a native language for scammers. Bank of America phishing text may be misspelled or contain British spelling rules.
  • You may be asked for personal information at a Bank of America phishing letter. For example, your credit card number, your PIN, or your online banking login information.

If you encounter a Bank of America phishing phone call, the main thing is to immediately determine the source and purpose of the call. If you have the slightest doubt, hang up. If you are a client of the bank, enter its official numbers in the phone book, then you would have no doubts who is calling. If you continue to have a conversation, do not provide personal information. A bank employee would never ask you for this. The purpose of these calls from the bank can be notifications about new offers or an invitation to the bank to clarify personal data.

How to Protect Yourself from Bank of America Phishing Scam?

If you want to protect yourself from US Bank phishing, don’t skimp on good antivirus software for your devices. If you have a habit of carrying all your important documents with you, then get rid of it. The chances that you would need a social security card are low. Therefore, dispose of them correctly so that scammers cannot take advantage of them. Even minimal information stored on such statements can be used by fraudsters. Among bank phishing examples, there are many cases where personal information like account or phone numbers was obtained from bank statements.

How to Report Phishing to a Bank of America?

How to Report Phishing to a Bank of America?

If you received a letter, then do not delete it. This is your proof. Look at the bank’s official website for the email address and send the letter there. So the bank would be able to take all the necessary measures to protect you and other customers. Bank employees would contact you to find out all the details and if they were fraudsters, they would refer the case to law enforcement agencies. Also, if you google “report Bank of America phishing“, you would find a hotline number where you can call and report phishing email to a Bank of America.

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