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How to Cancel OnlyFans Yourself or Through the Customer Service: Guides to Follow

OnlyFans: Delete Account

OnlyFans has been frequently advertised on social media lately. This platform allows users to subscribe to their favorite content creators for a set monthly subscription fee. However, this social network has been removed from the Google Play Store and App Store due to a violation of the terms. Therefore, from there you would no longer be able to obsolete it to your phone. Then another question arises. How to cancel OnlyFans? We have prepared simple instructions for you. Please check them out below.

OnlyFans: Delete Account in Few Steps

OnlyFans is a platform that is often associated with 18+ content. Each subscription may differ in price, so the final amount may turn out to be quite high. Therefore, many people decide to cancel their subscription or even consider deleting the account permanently. In addition, the platform has been spotted with tax evasion and fraud. Content creators have also been victims of abuse in the form of harassment by their subscribers. Therefore, there are serious disagreements around this platform. If you want to protect yourself while these disputes are ongoing, then use any of the three instructions below to cancel OnlyFans.

  • If you want to delete your account permanently, then you need to log into your account and go to the Settings menu. Then navigate to Account (it’s on the left pane). At the very bottom of the page, you would find the required column. After you click this, you would be asked to enter the code in the picture. If you entered it successfully, then confirm the OnlyFans cancel
  • If you are trying to delete an account from your phone, then the procedure is slightly different. You need to open a web browser, go to the platform’s official website and sign in to your account. There would be an icon in the lower right corner. Then in the Settings menu write “@nickname” and confirm the deletion. As in the previous case, enter the code from the picture and confirm the deletion again. However, this is not all. The platform would send you an email to confirm that it was you who initiated the deletion of your account.
  • If you were unable to delete the account yourself, you can do it through the OnlyFans customer service. Write a letter from the email that is associated with your record to the official support address. Be sure to write the subject of the message “Request to delete” so that it does not end up in spam. After sending, you need to wait and your record would be canceled.

By the way, all these methods are suitable for deleting ManyVids account. All your subscriptions and material that you uploaded are automatically deleted. OnlyFans refund is impossible. If you cancel a subscription, you can use it until the end of the month but you can’t return your money.

We hope we were able to help you. If you still have any questions, ask in the comments. See you soon!

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