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How to Report Fraud Email to PayPal: You Don’t Fall Victim

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PayPal has been one of the most popular online payment services for many years and is available in all popular online stores, auctions, and other commercial platforms. Popular brands such as Microsoft, Google Play, PlayStation Store, and Ikea also offer the option to pay for their services through this payment system.

This year, the number of registered sellers on the platform has reached 28 million. However, this popularity also has a negative side — an increased interest in the platform from cybercriminals. While large companies such as Sony or Microsoft can hire qualified cybersecurity professionals and PayPal fraud reports, small businesses often lack the ability and, as a result, are more vulnerable to various forms of fraud and cyberattacks.

One of the most common types of PayPal report fraud is the overpayment scheme. In particular, a cybercriminal masquerading as a regular customer sends a payment that exceeds the price of a product or order. The attacker then reports the error to the seller and asks for the difference to be returned. As soon as the victim sends money, the fraudster contacts the support service of the service and makes a complaint, for example, about the damage to the package or the compromise of his account. If the perpetrator is entitled to a full refund, the victim would lose not only the product but also its value.

Alternatively, cybercriminals can use hacked accounts or credit cards, after which they need a PayPal fraud report phone number. When the current account owner detects unauthorized activity, they can report it. In this case, the seller would also lose not only the goods but also would not receive payment for it.

Of course, mistakes do sometimes happen, but it’s best to be extra careful about overpayment cases. Most often, it can be a clear sign of a PayPal fraud email report, so in some cases, it is more profitable for the supplier of goods or services to cancel such an order.

How to report a Fraud on PayPal?

How to report a Fraud on PayPal?

It is very important to report PayPal fraud and any potential fraud cases. If you believe someone has gained access to your account, please change your password and security questions immediately for security reasons.

To report fraud to PayPal, follow the steps below.

Unauthorized PayPal Account Transactions

  • Spoofing PayPal emails or spoofing websites;
  • Items not received, or the seller is a potential scammer.

Unauthorized transactions in your PayPal account

If you receive email notification of an invoice change that you have not made, please change your password and security questions. Then update any changed information, such as your email address, home address, phone number, or other information in your profile.

If you notice a transaction that you did not complete on your PayPal account, bank statement, or credit card statement, immediately report fraud PayPal email to the Resolution Center. Some write-offs may be made without your knowledge, but they are legal.

To report fraud, email to PayPal:

  • Go to the Resolution Center.
  • Click Report a Problem.
  • Select the transaction you want to dispute and click Continue.
  • Select “I want to report an unauthorized transaction.”
  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions to open a dispute.
  • If you are unable to sign in to your PayPal account, follow these steps to reset your password.

Now you know how to report fraud to PayPal.

If you received a PayPal fraud report email about the restriction of access to your account, which does not include a list of actions to remove the restrictions, most likely such an email is fake. Please send it to [email protected] for investigation. After sending the email, delete it from your Inbox. If you have clicked on any links or downloading attachments from a suspicious email or questionable website, please log into your account and review the transactions. It is also recommended changing your password and find out the PayPal fraud report number.

Below is more information on how to report fraudulent emails to PayPal and how to keep your account secure.

PayPal Account Transactions

Items not received, or the seller, is a potential scammer.

If you sent a payment but did not receive a paid item, or if you believe the seller’s actions are fraudulent, visit the Resolution Center. They have developed several programs to protect you, and initiating a dispute is the first step towards resolving your problem.

To open a dispute, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Resolution Center.
  • Click Report a Problem.
  • Select the transaction you want to dispute.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select the item I purchased that was not delivered, or I received an item that differs significantly from the description, or I want to report an unauthorized transaction, depending on the subject of your dispute.
  • Click Continue.
  • Follow the instructions to open a dispute.

Fraudsters have a variety of delivery scams — for example, an attacker might try to convince a merchant to use a scammer’s account with one of the delivery services, as he supposedly has a special discount. However, if the seller agrees, the fraudster can easily redirect the order to a different address and file a complaint that his order was not delivered. In this case, the supplier does not have confirmation that the buyer actually received the order and, as a result, receives a significant blow to the wallet, then you need to report the PayPal fraud email.

Another common tactic involves a fraudster deliberately providing an incorrect shipping address and tracking the package online. When a shipping company adds a label that delivery is not possible, the fraudster contacts the company provides the correct address and receives the item. Since the package was already marked that delivery could not be made, the seller again suffers losses. Therefore, you need to know the PayPal fraud report email address. To protect yourself from such scams, it is best to always use your account to complete the delivery. In addition, you can contact the delivery service and prevent buyers from redirecting orders by fraud PayPal report.

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