How to return your money back?

Have you ever become a victim of online scamming? Do you want to have some kind of satisfaction? This page is created for those people who have the will to return the money back to their bank accounts

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How to Fight Back by Using Chargeback Rights?

We can recommend you to ask for help on our website by filling the form below. The 123 Charge Back assistant will do all that she or he can do to provide you a fool and complete answer on your letter-form! Our team will do all that they can to resolve your specific issue and restore justice! Your first step is filling the form on the page and reading some related articles about different types of scams on the Internet!

Also, we are working at collecting truthful stories from the lives of victims of online scamming. You can share your story by making a report that will spotlight the exact case of a scam.

We are trying the best to give you maximum ways to expose scam without being tricked and to provide you the best opportunities you might have in the fund recovery effort!

Your deposit total amount and deposited money by debit/credit card are more than


You deposited your funds by bank transaction and the deposit total amount is more than


Bear in mind that every case concerning scamming actions is a unique one. What conditions and actions may be important to catch thieves?

  • Are any documents signed by you?
  • Did they say their names or contacts?
  • Have you had some sort of contact or communication?
  • What are the terms & conditions?

We have a reliable partner that may your clues, facts, and pieces of evidence to become stronger in the eyes of the court!

It’s a sophisticated and even long process… It may take months to make some steps forward having positive results of the investigation. Positively, all of the funds will come back to you based on the transfer debates your bank should process.

Remark! Banks and their representatives can be very hostile! That’s why our guidelines and articles can help you to have some advantages during the process all the way through. You can click on the button below for a new chargeback proceeding.

What Are the Stages Of the Chargeback Proceedings?

If your case is settled by 123 Charge Back, the following steps should be what you can expect to happen:


It will be decided if you were dealing with a true company or a fake one. It’s really important to understand if the organization had all the needed licenses to work legally. Understanding this will help you identify how to build the best chargeback strategy.


Notice, the chargeback deals with deposits, bonuses, or non-profit operations. Also, you need to figure out where you can see the records of your transfer (maybe, in the bank app). It is required for solving your case.


You need to comprehend you’ll need to at some time try to fight it out with the company. You apparently previously tried and failed. If that’s what happened, you can fill the form on our site to help you to make the strategy and support to get your money back. You can feel free to contact them here if you have suspected you are a sufferer of an online fraudulent company.

Can You Rely On Some Prognoses About Will Your Chargeback Demands Against an Online Company Have a Satisfactorily Answer?

As we said before, it depends on the circumstances of your case, specific bank attitude, and service, deposit history of your bank account, etc.

Chargebacks will make the organization afraid that they will have their bank structures shut down because of some number of suspicious issues. Even more, if your case is solid or you have some influence on society, the bank can make some extra effort forward finding and punishing thieves.

Sometimes, even this can help but more generally that you won’t find assistance from the side of the bank. And you will have to initiate an investigation of your own will. That’s why it is important to read articles and laws of your state to understand how to restore your rights.

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