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How to Spot a Scammer on OkCupid and Report Them: Is OkCupid Legit or a Scam Itself

scammers on OkCupid

Relationships can be tricky. Sometimes we are afraid to approach the person we like on the street and get to know each other. In the 21st century, this problem has been partially solved with the help of special sites and applications for dating. However, in addition to a loved one, you can also find scammers on them. Our regular readers already know about the Tinder scam. Now it’s time for another application. We’ll find out:

  • Is OkCupid real?
  • What types of a scam can we meet there?
  • How to avoid OkCupid scams.

Read the article to the end, you will not regret it.

OkCupid: What Is It?

This is a popular online dating app. You need to answer a few test questions for the selection of potential participants. Registration is free. So what are the benefits of attracting new users to developers?

  • They position themselves as the most affordable dating service.
  • Possibility of temporary replenishment of the profile.
  • They have been operating for about 17 years.
  • An auto-renewal function is available.

Recently, however, more and more complaints have been received against this platform. They are mainly associated with poor protection from scammers on OkCupid.

How to Spot a Scammer on OkCupid?

Vigilance and attentiveness are important qualities on dating sites, and indeed on the Internet. Only you know the real reason for using a dating app: simple communication, hope to find love, and others. However, scammers have one goal – to deceive your trust and to defraud money. Recognizing OkCupid fake profiles is not that difficult, especially if you know what to look out for. Undoubtedly, any of the signs described below is not a 100% guarantee that a scammer is texting with you. But the probability is high and extra caution will definitely not hurt you. Remember that this will not be considered distrust of the interlocutor. Every day there are more and more victims of fraud. And the person who communicates with you will adequately react and try to dissuade your fears. After all, he/she may have the same fears of being deceived. By the way, most of the time we blame the scammers, but what if the application sometimes tries to make extra money on us? Now let’s move on to how to recognize a fraudster to avoid negative consequences and realize that dating app is trying to make money.

OkCupid Fake Likes

scams on OkCupid

It would seem that everything is simple with likes in the application. If you have coincided sympathy with a person, then both of you will receive notifications about this and can start chatting. However, the app has a Premium offer for you. What is it? For a monthly payment, you will be able to see all the likes of those who already liked your profile but you have not yet rated them. It would seem that everything is fair. However, many users accuse the application of bad faith. Remember we mentioned the questions to better match the possible candidates for your heart? Logically, they should be at least from your country and at the most from your city. However, many people receive a notification about 10-20 likes, the person lights up with hope and buys a Premium subscription. But it turns out that these are people from another continent. Not the most honest policy, is it?

Fake Profiles on OkCupid

One of the conditions for using the application is the real accounts of people who want to meet someone. When you create OkCupid fake accounts, not only they will be deleted but also your real ones. Also, according to the rules, information about you (location, age, etc.) must be truthful and up-to-date. However, how can there be signs of such accounts? One photo where the person is not clearly visible. It can also be a photo of a celebrity. It is very easy to define OkCupid fake pictures. Save the photo and google search the images. Also, the answer may be in the answers themselves, for example, delaying a personal meeting or messages of a sexual context. The latter must be given special care.

Are There Bots on OkCupid?

Unfortunately, this is possible. Since scammers often use them as a means to an end. Remember that this is a computer program, so you can recognize bots on OkCupid. Try to send a strange message, for example, replace the letters in places. The human will rather ask you what you mean, and the bot will just continue the conversation as if nothing happened. Answers that are too quick are another sign. However, it loses its uniqueness, since now some bots are programmed to pause before responding. Also, OkCupid bots may not always answer your question. Most likely they will try to change the subject.

OkCupid Scams Phone Number

The application asks for your number when registering. This is necessary to make sure that you are a real person, and in the future, access codes will be sent to your number. For example, when you change your login password. So how can scammers take advantage of this? For example, it is not the first day that you communicate with the interlocutor, and he/she asks you to help out. You are asked to dictate the access code that will come to your phone. Why yours? There are problems with the number but he/she needs to urgently solve some issues. They are common scams on OkCupid. Do not agree in any way, as you can provide access to your personal data.

Is OkCupid Legit?

Despite numerous complaints won by users, this application is legal. If the use of Tinder increased during the pandemic, then the percentage of active members of OkCupid decreased. By the way, Match Group is the owner of this dating app, like many others. Perhaps the level of activity will decline further, or it may increase. However, it is still a legal commercial application. And if you meet an OkCupid scammer, it is not always the fault of the app.

Is OkCupid a Scam?

The very existence and operation of the application is not a scam. However, the low level of protection against fraudsters is a problem. Many believe that the developers know about the OkCupid dating scams and just don’t do anything. Namely, they do not delete fake accounts and do not detect bots. This is not enough evidence to qualify the dating app as a scam. Just be careful and no one can fool you. And if the fraudster was catfished on OkCupid by you, it is your duty for OkCupid to report the scammer. Remember the rules to follow:

  • Never send money to people you only know by correspondence.
  • Check the photo you see in your profile.
  • It is not always necessary to answer personal questions too openly.
  • Feel free to talk about your doubts.
  • Don’t buy anything through dating apps.
  • Don’t follow unknown links.
  • You don’t need to go straight to other social networks to communicate. First, make sure it’s not a fake or a bot.

We wish you not to fall into the hands of scammers, but to find what you are looking for using the dating application. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Don’t miss our new updates, they will be useful for you. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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