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How to Troll Scammers: The Funniest Guide

how to troll scammers

There are thousands of ways to cheat. And if you open the statistics, then every day the list of fraud victims is replenished with thousands. Some lure money by scaring us, others are misleading, and still, others even pretend to be trying to help.

It would seem that all we can do is to disrupt the scam and publicly declare the scammers, thereby declassifying their way of deceiving. Indeed, this is exactly how you give the others a chance not to get caught in the network of scammers and save their money. What if we say that you can still have fun and practice your humor? We hope you are intrigued. After all, today we will talk about how to troll scammers.

What is trolling?

The initial perception meant that one of the interlocutors deliberately starts a conversation or an argument to evoke mostly negative emotions in the second interlocutor. At the same time, insults and non-French vocabulary must have been used. Over time, trolling has ceased to be just a negative phenomenon and is increasingly perceived as a form of harmless banter. Nowadays, on the Internet, you can find different trolling on completely different topics, including trolling a scammer.

Why is troll a scammer is moral?

The answer to this question is very simple. It is not you who are trying to fraudulently find out personal information about the scammer and get money from him. Your goal is to teach a scammer a lesson, and let’s be honest, also to have fun that the scam failed and you outplayed him. Besides, while you are trolling a scammer and he is wasting time talking with you, he cannot call a more trusting person and take advantage of his kindness and naivety. It is thanks to the posted records of telephone trolling of scammers that many of their schemes have become known. In this way, your trolling will be useful and, therefore, moral. Thus, it is not the question of morality that should arise but the question of how to troll a phone scammer.

How to troll scammers: the most famous examples

troll a scammer

Thousands of records of telephone conversations or published correspondence with scammers are already a separate section of humor, aren’t they? Of course, such publicity not only protects potential victims of fraud but also warns fraudsters that it is time to improve their cheating scheme. We have selected a few high-profile stories from the “how to troll a scammer” section that you might have heard about.

Tolling tech support scammers by Ted

The man who introduced himself as Ted got a call from tech support. He was warned of a threat to his computer. And as the responsible tech support offered to fix the problems, all Ted had to do was provide remote access to his computer and opt for the service. Ted realized it was scammers calling and decided to have fun and prod those support for two hours of conversation. And now you can find about 40 minutes of trolling tech support scammers on the internet. By the way, the conversation lasted about 2 hours, but Ted only posted the last 40 minutes. We can hear Ted making a fool of himself all the time. Either he cannot connect to the Internet, then he waits until the download of non-existent updates is assured and even thanks to the scammers that they are so responsive, and promises a good tip. The fraudster agrees with every word of Ted and even began to call him by his nickname, as the first one asked. which should already alert him. After that Ted ends the conversation with the phrase: “Thank you for two hours of your time, you dumb motherfucker”.

Trolling a phone scammer by Kate Russell

how to prank a scammer

For the moment of trolling a phone scammer, Kate Russel was a BBC reporter. Recently, she received information about calls from fraudulent tech support. And when her stepmother got a call, she decided to troll a scammer and show that there was no chance for them. Kate took an active position and inundated the fraudster with questions. We must pay tribute to the caller, he was not taken aback and confidently answered all the questions. So the girl found out about a supercomputer that can find out if your computer is infected from a distance and that she, from 9 am to 6 pm, can come and look at it. By the way, a coffee shop was located at the indicated address. Until the last second of the conversation, the fraudster tried to convince the girl that this was a real call tech support. Kate could not resist and asked if he was ashamed to deceive people who do not understand computers for money. What do you think was the answer? The fraudster just hung up.

How many people do you think the scammers could have cheated in the time they spent talking to Ted and Kate? Possibly 2 or 3? We cannot say with 100 percent certainty, but trolling could disorient them for a time so that several people were automatically saved from fraud. When you are trying to find out how to prank a scammer, the first thing to remember is that you must not do what is asked of you. The rest depends on your sense of humor and ingenuity. You can choose a passive position like Ted or a more active position like Kate. The main thing is to have fun and show the scammer that you will not let them deceive you. Have you ever received a call from scammers? If so, what was your reaction? We will be glad if you share in the comments. Thank you for reading our article, see you on the pages of our blog!

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