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Writing Checks with Cents and No Cents: Simple Steps to Do It Properly in Numbers and Words

writing check cents

Undoubtedly, many people already think that checks are outdated and now it is better to use credit cards. However, despite the progress in banking, paper checks have not lost their relevance. Why is it ao? It is an efficient and cheap tool for transferring funds. Writing a check is both easy and difficult. The difficulty is usually caused by ignorance of some of the nuances. For example, how to fill out a check correctly so that the bank will accept it? We analyzed people’s requests on the Internet and concluded that most often people have the following questions:

  • Can we write cents and how?
  • What if you don’t need cents?
  • How to write sums correctly in letters?

We will definitely answer these questions about the procedure as a whole. However, we want to warn you that at the beginning the filling rules are single, but we will duplicate them for better memorization. Let’s start!

How to Write a Check with Cents?

writing cents on checks

Look carefully at the blank check and fill it in gradually. Writing checks with cents consist of such steps:

  • First of all, write the date in the upper right corner. Always check the data, it must be correct. It is how the bank knows when the check is issued.
  • As for filling out the name, you have two options.
    • Enter the name or official name of the organization.
    • You can write the word “cash” if you do not know the exact name with whom you are making a deal and there is no way to ask. However, this option is dangerous. Since anyone can use a check-in case of loss.
  • You need to write down the required amount in numbers. Here you will be as careful as possible. After all, there are two places where you need to do this. Find the small box on the right and write the dollar amount. Writing cents on checks are necessary if you need them. For example, $178.65.
  • Then this amount must be written in words. The amounts on the two lines must be identical. For example, if you pay 178.65, you write “one hundred seventy-eight and 65/100. Did you notice how cents in check should be written? If you write “one hundred seventy-eight and 65 cents” it will be a mistake. Writing the amount in words is very important, as this is the second stage of verification for the bank regarding the issuance of the amount to the bank holder.
  • The next step is optional, but in many cases serves to clarify the purpose of the check. For example, you pay for utilities, then it is better to indicate in the column what exactly this payment is for. Sometimes, the company can ask you to fill out this item. For example, to write your account number. It will also help the bank staff understand that the checkbook was not stolen and that you wrote the dollars and cents in check.
  • In the lower right corner, you must put your signature. Be sure to put the signature that was used to open the current account. The check is invalid without it. Your signature is a confirmation that you consent to the withdrawal of the amount indicated in the check from your account and the issuance of it to the bearer of the check.

How to Write a Check with No Cents?

write a check with no cents

It is time to discuss filling out a check with no cents. It is an easy process, just changing a few items. However, let us start from the beginning. There are such steps:

  • Find the top right corner again and write the date there. By the way, you can write the date in any way. For example, 06/07/2021 or July 6, 2021. If you enter the wrong date by mistake, the bank will refuse the bearer of the check. Also, note that old checks may not be accepted either. As for the term, this information needs to be clarified with the bank but usually, it is 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • Write the name or name of the company you are writing to.
  • Write a check with no cents in figures. Do you notice the dollar sign that is already in this column? This eliminates the need to write a dollar sign to represent the numerical amount of a check. You can just write 235.00. It is not necessary to put zeros, but it can protect you and prove that this is the total amount of the check. Without decimal 00, it is easier to change the check amount.
  • Writing a check with no cents in words. To protect yourself, you can indicate in words that there are no cents in the amount. For example, two hundred thirty-five dollars and 00/100
  • Write the purpose of the payment. For example, paying for electricity. This will give an understanding of what purpose the check was written.
  • For the check to be valid, put your signature in the lower right corner.

As you can see, filling out a check with no cents is not at all difficult.

How to Write a Check Amount in Words?

Check amount written in words is one of the most common situations when you need to write large numbers in letters. Plus, it will help prevent confusion and fraud. In most cases, it doesn’t matter how you write it. Nobody will notice. However if there are some other problems with the check, it can create some other difficulties. However, if it matters to you, then use the following tips:

  • Before check writing amount in words, say the amount out loud and write it down the same way.
  • Pay attention to the hyphen. Numbers from 21 to 99 should be hyphenated. However, this is usually not accepted.
  • When writing a check amount in words, you only need to spell out the full dollar amount. However, it is better to use a numeric fraction for the center. You probably noticed this above.
  • Do not use the word “and” after “hundreds” or “thousands” if they are followed by full dollar amounts. The word “and” is used only before the number of cents.

If you write the amount in words on the check, it means the official amount of your check. The US Bank will issue the amount written in words.

We hope our instructions are clear and will help you in the future. Writing a check is not difficult but you can always practice. Try writing a couple of simple checks for small amounts, with or without cents. If you still have any questions, write them in the comments. Also, share your experience, have you ever encountered problems due to an incorrectly written check? Help others not to make mistakes. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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