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Instagram Money Scam


instagram money scam

Instagram is a social media monster and it continues to grow, update, becoming a more and more powerful platform ever made. Now there are more when 1 billion accounts are registered in the system! In this article, the Instagram money flip scam will be explained.

From Tiny Service To a Giant App And Scamming Source

instagram money flip scam

And it is amazing due to its original concept as a small picture sharing platform. Nowadays, the current versions of Instagram are used by influencers to change the world we live in, and companies to sell services and products, make the face of their brands.

On Instagram “live” users that share moments of their lives, those people that are searching for news, celebrities, companies, and brands that are using their names to promote themself, large/medium/small business that are looking for clients, and huge vast of scammers that are hunting their victims among the tremendous community.

Despite the work of support and other officials of Instagram scamming crooks can be spotted hardly. Even the unfortunate Fyre Festival practiced Instagram money scams throughout the platform to make money from legitimate users.

What Is an Instagram Money Flip Scam?

Money flipping is one of the most well-known and infamous “get rich quick” scams on Instagram ever made! Money flip on Instagram can be represented in different ways and have an endless range of victims.

Instagram Flip Money Schemes

money flip instagram

Generally, it is safe to think that anybody who makes publications featuring his or her golden life (money, cars, houses, sexy girls, or mem) and talks about investment opportunities are scammers. Why? Because the main aim of a “rich” scammer is to trick you, convince you that he or she can make you get cash quickly.

The next kind of popular Insta-scam is about prepayment. Those people who use Instagram to buy things like clothes for babies, teenagers, and adults, to purchase tools, equipment, even jewelry will most probably face scammers that trick them by convincing them they should make prepayment so “sellers” could be sure of their buyers.

The third type of Instagram money scams is when fraudsters use the name and identity of a bank account to scam you. They create a fake bank account and propose you to send some money to get a prize or say that you should send your card number, CVC, PIN code to be saved from scammers.

The last but not the least kind of fraud on Instagram happens when some fake state account is writing to some small business at the platform to pay a fee for some outlaw activity. It happens rarely but still, it might happen with you.

Instagram Money Flip Reports

If you or somebody of your relatives become a victim of an Instagram money scam you can make a report on such issues at our website! Members of the team of 123 ChargeBack will do everything they can to restore justice! Land on the page “Report a scam” to perform the filling-up of the form. Don’t let scammers overcome you or your relatives. Give a fightback with 123 ChargeBack. Thank you for reading!

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