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Eneba Review: What Is It, How to Buy Games There, and It Is Safe and Legit Market

Eneba reviews

We think that our regular readers have not yet forgotten what was discussed in our previous article. Therefore, we decided to develop this topic and discuss another platform where you can buy or sell games. Are you wondering what this is about? Welcome to our Eneba review. Find out all features of its work. You will learn the nuances of this platform, and at the end, you will receive an answer to the question: “Is Eneba legit”? Enjoy the reading!

Eneba Reviews: What Is It?

This platform appeared on the market in 2018 in Lithuania. The developers themselves are not in the business of selling, however, they provide a trading platform for sellers. In other words, the main task is to manage the vendors it works with, successfully fulfill orders, and provide customer support. Eneba: Is it legit? These platforms are sometimes called sites on a grey market. However, this does not mean that Eneba is not legal. The reason for this name is that it sells goods from unofficial sellers. According to employee reviews, the site has its own control methods. For example, accept only verified and reliable sellers on your platform. It sounds great. However, is the employee a credible source? Let’s figure it out further.

Eneba Reviews: Is It Easy to Buy There?

Eneba review

Making a purchase is not difficult at all. Of course, there are some nuances but there is available information about them on the site. In addition, buying on Eneba is legit. Please note that some games may not be available for sale worldwide or may only be available in certain regions. Follow a simple algorithm:

  • Wright in the search bar the name of a game that you want to buy. Make sure to select the correct region and the correct platform before making a purchase. Each game clearly states if there are any regional restrictions and what platform game keys are.
  • Select the seller from whom you want to buy a specific game. You can choose both the seller with the highest rating and the one with the cheapest price.
  • If you decide to buy the game, add it to your cart for further checkout. If you have a promotional code for a discount, be sure to use it.
  • Choose the most convenient payment method. A commission is charged depending on the method you choose.
  • After payment, you will receive a special key to activate the game. You can copy it from your profile on the site or from the email that you receive to the mail you specified.

Eneba: is it legit if there are no subscriptions? This is not a mandatory practice on such platforms. Therefore, it is legit.

Eneba: Is It Legit and Safe to Buy?

We did not find any proof that the website is a scam. It is just a marketplace and not a fraudulent site. It is absolutely safe to buy on it. Eneba does not sell keys but provides a platform for sellers to buy game keys at an affordable price. Of course, when activating the key, problems can arise, and there will always be people who will sell it incorrectly. But the approval process for who can sell products on their platform is very strict. If there is a problem, you should be able to solve it through the support team. So, if it is safe, it is honest to propose that Eneba is legit. It is rated highly on Trustpilot. By the way, the rate is higher than Kinguin has. However, let’s check and compare positive and negative reviews. 

Positive Eneba Reviews

Mostly, positive reviews are concise and discreet. And to be honest, it inspires confidence, because people do not always have a desire to paint their entire impression. Many are also pleased with the site’s initiative to support the fight against Covid-19. Yes. During checkout, you are asked to donate some amount. Also, people praise the support service, cheap prices, and working codes for games. However, of course, there are those who, according to them, become victims of scammers. And now they are sure of a negative answer to the question: “Is Eneba legit”?

Negative Eneba Reviews

Most of the negative comments received a response from Eneba. While this is better than nothing, there are many complaints about the response time of their support team. This makes you think they are quick to respond to bad reviews compared to support emails. According to an Eneba review of one of the employees, during COVID-19 home orders worldwide have dramatically increased the company’s sales by 60%, and have continued to grow since then. While their income is substantial, their support staff are helpless. They are still expanding their customer service team to handle the ever-increasing volume of orders.

Is Eneba Legit Due to Moral Aspects? 

Game developers have long urged their fans to only buy games from official retailers so that they can receive proper compensation. Will the developers suffer if we buy games and keys on Eneba? So, if Eneba is legit, how to deal with this ethical issue? Most probably, developers will not suffer. The only way to disappoint game developers is by buying hacked or stolen keys. Eneba claims they don’t sell them. If we just buy the keys for resale, then the game developer will already be compensated for the original transaction. Before diving further into the ethical debate, it’s important to note that Eneba does work directly with many game publishers.

Eneba: Is It Legit?

Eneba is legit

If you choose to shop on Eneba, you can register or place an order as a guest. You don’t need to register. But you can get a good benefit, if you do: access to all products that you buy from one place. You can choose it by category, price, popularity, platform, etc. You will notice that there are several vendors. While they are far from perfect, they are just as legal as third-party gaming markets. Is Eneba legit? We believe that Eneba is doing honest business in a market full of adverse consequences. If it improves its customer support response times and is more confident about its money-back guarantee on the website, potential customers will feel more confident. Therefore, the conclusion of our Eneba review is as follows. Like all online marketplaces, third-party sellers also can provide defective products. However, because Eneba strictly vets and manages merchants, PayPal purchase protection, and its strict good branding policy, we recommend it as a safe place to buy affordable games.
If you are not convinced that Eneba is legal, then we respect your opinion. Write what doubts you still have in the comments. Let’s sort it out together. We hope that you have liked our Eneba review. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog in a new interesting article. Do not miss updates!

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