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Is kiwi.com Legit or a Scam | Check Out Positive and Negative Kiwi Flight Reviews

is kiwi.com legit

Even before the quarantine and closure of borders, people were actively traveling. Now, when many countries open their borders for travel, the issue of cheap tickets is again raised. If you are a student or just want to escape with your family for a few days on vacation, then there is no point in overpaying large sums.

Someone says that if there is demand, there will be a remedy Therefore, there are special applications and websites that will help you choose the most profitable plane, train, or bus tickets for you. Today we want to focus on the search for Kiwi airlines flights and consider kiwi.com reviews. This site has raised some doubts even before the pandemic. Therefore, we carefully studied the conditions it offers, as well as positive and negative reviews. Traveling is wonderful. It is quite possible to buy inexpensive and affordable air tickets. However, is kiwi.com legit? And is this platform worth trusting? Let’s figure it out together!

What is kiwi.com?

If you rely on the information that is posted on the official website, then this is a service that looks for cheap tickets for a given route and sets dates in the search. However, why then the tour operator or we cannot find these tickets? Perhaps the secret is that we simply cannot see all the possible options, as a computer does.

Even if we did it, the search would take more than one hour, and the Kiwi flight search would be made in seconds. Is it worth trusting and making a purchase? The developments claim that yes and refer to a unique service that will protect you in the event of changes or cancellations due to the fault of the tour operator. However, this must be done immediately when buying a ticket, in the future, it will be impossible. In what situations can you count on this service?

  • If the flight is completely canceled or one of the flights to which you were supposed to transfer;
  • If the flight or one of the flights is postponed for more than a day;
  • If due to a cancellation or a delay, you do not make a connection in time;
  • If you missed the connection while waiting for your luggage for a long time.

Let’s talk a little more about force majeure. COVID-19 is exactly that. Therefore, thousands of messages have been received asking about possible compensation. The answer of Kiwi airline was a little blurry. The company sympathized and promised to find an alternative or to give possible compensation.

However, it immediately explained that only if the pandemic situation allows. Remember this thought. We’ll come back to it when analyzing customer kiwi flight reviews who were in such a situation. It is impossible to use the guarantee service in two cases:

  • Force majeure through no fault of the Kiwi travel agency or the carrier;
  • If you miss your flight due to your fault.

Kiwi Reviews: Positive and Negative

kiwi airline

The purpose of our article is to give you all the information you need and a few tips but in no way impose our opinion on you. When we looked for reviews, we came across many articles. Some describe that booking through Kiwi is like a lifeline in a sea of expensive tickets. Others claim it is a scam. We will describe these reviews in more detail, and tell you what alerted us to them.

Positive Reviews: kiwi.com

Almost all positive reviews convince you how booking with Kiwi changed their lives and you must try it. through the system, describing all the uniqueness and advantages over other similar sites. What do they write and is it OK?

  • According to Kiwi travel reviews, you will be offered a flight guarantee for unprotected flight routes. And also if your flight was canceled or late for a connection, you will be bought a new ticket. Of course, the reasons did not depend on you. Is it good? On the one hand, yes. But on the other hand, you should note that the ticket will be bought, and not automatically redirected to the next flight. If the new flight is more expensive than the previous one, you will have to pay the difference. We decided to delve deeper into such a “tempting” offer and found out that this guarantee does not always work. Imagine the situation. You missed your second flight and saw on the board that check-in for the next one would start very soon. You buy your ticket quickly so you don’t be late. And you can safely fly away because you read Kiwi reviews and think that you will be refunded. However, this is not at all the case. You should contact Kiwi directly to report the problem. Otherwise, you will not receive the money. It would seem nothing ordinary, but when a person is in a hurry, he/she does not always have time to wait for help. If the client has booked a new ticket more expensive than the previous one, why not just return the amount of the unused ticket? Do you think this is fair to passengers? Therefore, when someone writes angry comments about the non-refund on the forums, the answer is something like this: “We are sad to hear this but you did not comply with the policy of Kiwi flight booking, so refunds are impossible”. And in general, they are right, because they did not violate the terms of the contract.
  • A convenient site interface, the ability to search for routes from region to region, as well as search for tickets without specifying specific dates are other advantages that are so often found in Kiwi flights reviews. And we agree that it’s great. However, what do you know about the conditions for adding extra baggage? Of course, this service can cost more than direct placement with an airline. Again, according to reviews, this should only be done through Kiwi travel flights. Probably so simply cheaper? Not always. Kiwi has a set-price list. Of course, it is not overpriced, this is usually the average cost among all airlines. However, sometimes you can overpay. Everyone, who adores Kiwi so much, says that you are paying less in the end. However, why overpay for luggage remains unclear. If you do decide to use this agency after quarantine, remember to book in advance. This will help save your nerves and money.

Negative Reviews of kiwi.com

If back in 2019 the rating on TrustPilot was 4 stars, now there are only two. What happened? Remember we asked you to remember the moment with the pandemic as a form major? So, let’s take a look at more recent Kiwi flight booking reviews.

  • A complaint from one of our regular customers. Glenford B. has been using the site for several years but now there is a serious problem. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, other companies have changed their booking policies but Kiwi has not. He was denied a flight change. Instead, he will lose the current flight and must book another at the full price. The reason the young man wants to change the armored one is related to safety in the context of the coronavirus and the company’s direct refusal was a real surprise.
  • According to one of the Kiwi booking reviews from Quentin M., it has been almost a year since he is waiting for a refund for the canceled flight. He even paid an extra amount to get a quick refund and help from the company. However, the company does not enter into an active dialogue and sends the same message with explanations. Are Kiwi flights legit? There are big doubts.
  • Another controversial situation was described by Melinda. She and her friend bought tickets in January 2021 but the airline did not allow them to board the plane due to problems with the EU and the UK, as well as the pandemic. By the way, many British passengers were refused. They ended up losing around £ 700. But neither side is going to reimburse anything. There were similar situations before. Since the company had already faced such a risk. Why was it not possible to warn or suspend the sale all together? Based on the kiwi.com review left, it is difficult to assess whether Kiwi’s actions are legal. However, this significantly damaged the company’s reputation.
  • Do you remember that extra baggage must only be ordered through Kiwi? Here’s what we found on this subject. The girl could not order baggage directly because the airline requested an email to give access to the reservation. Kiwi didn’t send it. At the same time, they stopped offering baggage 36 hours before departure. This meant that the girl had to pay twice as much to buy baggage at the airport. And such a review kiwi.com is widespread.

You may have noticed that pandemic situations have been added to the usual complaints.

kiwi.com: Legit or Not

You will find a lot of Kiwi airlines reviews that this is a scam. However, we have not found direct confirmation of this. We agree that the situations that have happened to people are unpleasant and to some extent unscrupulous. Therefore, first of all, you need to carefully read the company’s policy before booking flights. According to Kiwi reviews flights, the tickets for the flights are real. Do you know how easy it is to check the ticket? Go to the airline’s website using the PNR and your last name. You will be able to see your booking and see if tickets have been issued. You should always do this, even if you bought tickets directly from an airline. And do it again a week or two before departure and check-in online as soon as allowed. This can help resolve any issues such as agency cancellations and any flight time changes.

kiwi.com Reviews: Tripadvisor

kiwi travel flights

Here are some tips that will come in handy when using Kiwi:

  • You can use the site to get an idea of ​​routes, airports and destinations. You don’t have to book your tickets there. Let this be your information portal.
  • Calculate the time well if you book a long-haul flight with transfers. Better to wait at the airport than be late and try to get your money back.
  • There is no need to complain if your money was not returned or if you had to pay extra for luggage if you were warned in advance about all the conditions. It will not look fair on your part. In addition, it lowers the company’s rating. This rule should apply to everyone, not only Kiwi
  • People are used to trusting negative reviews rather than positive ones. However, there are people who just want to help you and describe their positive experiences. The main thing is to remember that any information must be analyzed.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to risk it or not. The company had no special complaints before the pandemic. Perhaps everything will work out as the situation becomes stable. If you have already used Kiwi services, then write to us in the comments. We are interested in your feedback. Thank you for reading the article to the end. We hope you enjoy our kiwi airlines review. Have a great weekend and we will meet again very soon!

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