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Thrive Review: Is Le-Vel Thrive a Pyramid Scheme, What Doest It Sell, and Is It a Scam

is Thrive an MLM

Last week we touched on an interesting topic about pyramids and multi-level marketing. If you haven’t read the Arbonne review yet, be sure to read it. Today we want to develop this topic and have prepared a Thrive review for you. You will find out what products the company specializes in, the conditions for working with it, is this a good type of earnings, as well as the answer to the question that worries you so much: “Is Thrive a pyramid scheme”? Please be patient, this review can save you from unnecessary investments. Enjoy the reading!

Thrive: Is an MLM Program?

This is a medical company that positions itself as an assistant for overweight people. The product consists of a three-step scheme that should help the client feel more confident, invigorated, and lose those extra pounds. Is Thrive an MLM? The company sells its products through its distributors and they receive commissions from the sale of the products. So yes, the company is an MLM.

How Does an MLM Work?

Any MLM company provides ordinary people with a chance to earn some money by selling products of a company to those who need them. Thrive is no exception. Sounds like a win-win for both sides but is it? It all depends on the type and quality of the products being sold and the skills of the seller. If the distributor’s sales area covers only his/her relatives and close friends, then a significant income should not be expected. However, if you expand this area, you can make money. How to do it? Taking advantage of the benefits of the 21st century, namely social networks.

Thrive: Is a Pyramid Scheme?

Technically speaking, this is not a pyramid scheme. And the reason is that Thrive pyramid focuses more on recruiting. Let us explain in more detail why the answer to the question “Is Le-Vel Thrive a pyramid scheme” is negative. The pyramid scheme means that the only way to make money is to hire other people. Yes, you get the idea. This means that if you cannot hire people for the company, you will lose money. However, MLM-based companies are a different matter. Because you can sell their products at any time to make money from it. The recruiting part is just a choice. The main takeaway is that in a pyramid scheme you have to recruit people, whereas in MLM you can hire or sell physical products to make money. In simpler terms, this means that your income mainly depends on the level of sales, and not on the sales and the number of people you refer to as new sellers. However, if you see in a list of a pyramid scheme: Thrive, do not surprise. The line between them is thin, and the main reason for hiding the signs of such schemes is their illegality in many countries.

Thrive: Product Line

Thrive: product line

The company has a large selection of products but we will focus your attention on more popular categories. Among the Thrive products:

  • Experience (8-week weight loss program based on capsules, shakes, patches);
  • Plus (option to purchase any product separately);
  • Fit (helps build muscle, gain more energy, and recover).
  • Make your skin healthy (soap, charcoal mask, face mask, etc.).

However, do the Le-Vel Thrive products work? Among the advantages of the products that the company so zealously points out helps in:

  • Weight control;
  • Improving cognitive abilities;
  • Providing digestive and immune support.

However, is it worth trusting in words and reviews of satisfied customers? You can write anything on the Internet and positive reviews play a big role in making decisions about buying this or that product. However, when it comes to medications or nutritional supplements, reviews do not play the first role. You need to look for scientific evidence of the benefits and effectiveness of the product of interest. Unfortunately, no studies have been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of weight loss products. Therefore, you can only guess about the honesty of the reviews which claim about positive Thrive experience. In addition, if the product helps someone, it is not a fact that it will give the same result for you.

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

The most popular product of the company, which has often been criticized for its ingredients. These are special stickers attached to the shoulder that are supposed to suppress appetite and increase energy. They are sold with protein shake mixes and supplements for about US $ 200-300 per month.

How to Make Money with Le-Vel Thrive?

is Thrive a pyramid scheme

When we find out what does Le-Vel Thrive sell, it is time to discuss a money issue.

  • You can sell your products directly to people and receive commissions from them. Or recruit people and earn commissions on their sales. In the second case, this is a sign that Le-Vel is a pyramid scheme, isn’t it? However, remember that the company does not pay you to recruit people. It will continue to pay if your downline sells an item.
  • The company attracts by the fact that you can join their ranks free of charge. In fact, there is a down payment and it is $ 100. It is for this amount that you have to buy a product for further sales and only then you get the status of an active seller. However, the Thrive money pyramid provides an opportunity not to pay this fee every month. The condition is: bring 2 people to the company every month.

Thrive Compensation Plan

The compensation plans of these companies are almost the same and are structured in such a way that you are more likely to lose money than get it back. So, let’s summarize the possible ways to make money and introduce specifics:

  • You will receive about a 20% commission for each product.
  • After successfully recruiting two of your employees, you can receive free products.
  • Every time the person you hired makes a purchase, he will receive a bonus.
  • You will get 10% if your new employee can get a quick start bonus.
  • When you successfully recruit more than 8 people, you will receive over 20% of the revenue from each retail.
  • Bonuses can be earned if you purchase their VIP plan.
  • Offline sales commissions range from 5% to 10%.
  • If you have recruited a team, you can receive from 20% to 40% commission for their achievements.

Everything you need to know about the compensation plan:

  • Make sales and earn retail commissions.
  • Hire people and make money from their retail sales.

Thrive MLM Reviews

Thrive review

Our ultimate goal is not to assess product quality, although it is an important point in building trust. We want to help you figure out whether it is worth becoming a distributor of this company. To do this, we want to summarize the positive and negative aspects, as well as the reviews.

Thrive Pyramid Scheme: What Is Positive in This?

According to statistics, you can make money in such companies but your prosperity will last no more than 2-3 years. This is not such a short time, is it? Most of the positive reviews are from distributors who claim to have done well. By recruiting 2-3 employees, you can no longer work but simply make a profit, and the products themselves are free or with big discounts. We cannot say that absolutely all such reviews are untrue. Therefore, this opinion should also be taken into account.

Le-Vel Pyramid Scheme: What Is Negative in This?

Distributors complain about the cost of a product, which makes it harder to sell. And since there is no scientific evidence of effectiveness, then why people overpay is not clear. No matter how legal everything was, in fact, it is a horizontal pyramid of prosperity. Since most of the methods of earning are to attract other people to the company. There are too many negative reviews about this company on different sites on the Internet. Recently, interest in this company has been falling. Therefore, at any moment, like all similar MLM companies, this one will cease to exist.

Is Le-Vel a Scam?

This is not a scam as slimming products are sold to anyone looking to buy. However, most people who join this company are unlikely to make money. This is a waste of time because many statements are too good to be true, and some important points are silent. If you really want to spend time and effort and make good profits, chances are an MLM company is not your option. This is not a successful model and in 2021 it is time to understand it.

Have you been a member of a similar pyramid, like Le-Vel Thrive and Arbonne? How often and how much did you earn? Share your experience in the comments, it will help other readers of our blog. Thank you for reading our article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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