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JustAnswer Reviews: Find Out How to Use It and Is JustAnswer Legit or Not

justanswer reviews

When you have a question, it is not always possible to call your doctor or any other specialist. Then the Internet comes to the rescue. Of course, if you google a question, you will be provided with thousands of links with answers. However, how do you find exactly the right answer to a specific question?

The online experts at JustAnswer can help you here. This is a rather deprecated platform, so it won’t be difficult to find justanswer.com reviews. By the way, if you are an expert in a certain field, then this can be an additional income for you. We are all not in our first year on the Internet, so we must check the reliability of the platform. Is justanswer.com legit? What could lead to such an idea? To answer these questions, you need what is the essence of the platform and all the nuances of the work. We have a lot of work with you, let’s get started. Enjoy the reading!

JustAnswer Review: What is it?

This site was designed so that everyone could ask and get an answer to their question. Many users refer to it as Quora.com’s little sister because it serves a similar function. Andy Kurtzig is considered the author and main developer of this platform. However, the first name in 2003 was ExpertAsk. In his interviews, Andy said that the very idea of ​​creating a website came from personal experience and need.

At that time, his wife was pregnant with their first child and the future parents had thousands of questions. And it was impossible to find one specialist who could answer everything. Are doctors not competent? Of course, they are professionals in their field but the man was advised to make an appointment and ask his question there. Agree that running around the hospital every time is not a good idea. Therefore, it is much more convenient to write your question on a special website, where experts in this topic can answer it at any time. So it was decided to create ExpertAsk, now known as JustAnswer. The site has several offices in different countries. Therefore, you can use the services in several languages.

JustAnswers Review: Features of the Work

justanswer legit

The platform invites people to ask burning questions for a fee. And JustAnswer invites its experts to answer these questions for a financial reward. However, is JustAnswer legit? It acts as a bridge connecting the people who ask the questions with the people who have the experience and know what to answer. So, such a kind of relationship is legit. As we mentioned earlier, JustAnswer is a Q&A site. It is composed of professionals and experts from a wide variety of fields. The site does its best to check people who register on its platform.

When a client posts a question, the first expert to reserve that gets the opportunity to answer it. As a website specialist, you have to keep a close eye on the issues you understand to make money. According to JustAnswer reviews, a small commission of $ 5 is charged to the customer for questions, which is basically a security deposit. By paying a fee, you are proving that you are really serious about getting your question answered and paying the expert for his/her time. Once the expert answers the question, the client must review and evaluate it. The expert is only paid if the client approves the answer. Otherwise, the client has the opportunity to refuse the answer and seek help from another specialist.

JustAnswer: Legal Review of Refund Policy

If JustAnswer does not bring satisfactory results, it promises to return the deposit to the client. It’s worth noting that first-time customers using this service must sign up for a 7-day trial. If they do not cancel the trial after 7 days, JustAnswer will charge them a full monthly subscription. Some members are unhappy with this policy and it is one of the reasons to ask: “Is JustAnswer a scam”? We will definitely find out a little later.

justanswer.com Reviews: Is It Easy to Join?

The platform can offer you two roles: the one who asks the question and the one who answers. It is difficult to imagine the option of receiving the first one. Indeed, in general, everything depends on the expert’s answer, and the return policy is quite understandable. By the way, the rating on Trustpilot is about 4.7. This is a great result, isn’t it?

But what about the role of an expert? Maybe, from this point, it will be easy to understand whether JustAnswers is a scam or not. To create an expert account, you will need to enter your data: name, email address, and also select the category in which you are an expert. There are about 175 categories on the platform, so we are sure that among them there will be something in which you are good. If you think that this is all, then it is not. The next stage of verification inclines to a positive answer to the question: “Is justanswer.com legit”? You need to confirm the level of knowledge in the category that you have chosen. This can help:

  • Summary;
  • Certificates;
  • Licenses and more.

Perhaps the registration process may seem like a long one. However, each of us wants an answer from an expert, not an amateur, right?

Is It Possible to Earn Money?

After the approval of the answer to the question, the expert receives 20% of the amount paid by the client. However, if you are more experienced and demanded expert, then the percentage can rise to 50. It turns out that the price of one question is about $12-$90. By the way, the amount of the monthly membership fee is from $18 to $46. Please be aware that you will not be able to withdraw funds via PayPal if your account has less than $20.

JustAnswer Legal Reviews

To evaluate the work and make sure that justanswer.com legit, we have selected several categories and analyzed their reviews. Let’s take a look together.

JustAnswer Appliance Reviews

We were pleasantly surprised when we looked at the list of experts. If you have a question, you may well get help. Many experts have 20 or more years of experience. However, there are also negative reviews. Mostly those who ask questions complain that the answers did not help them.

However, it should be borne in mind that the JustAnswer appliance is a complex category. And sometimes if the usual measures do not help, then most likely you need to take the thing for repair. By the way, this category is one of the most paid. Therefore, experts claim that they have a good additional income.

JustAnswer Dog Veterinary Review

Many people think that this is a great solution if you need to consult a veterinarian. Based on customer feedback, the experts are knowledgeable and quick to advise. By the way, you will be redirected to a separate page, where a user-friendly interface and round-the-clock assistance for a dog of any age. All you need is to register. Also, we want to take this opportunity and recommend a fascinating blog for you, where you will also find many answers to your questions.

JustAnswer Cat Veterinary Reviews

The same is the case with veterinary care for cats. The platform offers verified veterinarians around the clock online and is ready to answer your question online or by phone. By the way, you can also read funny stories, information about cat breeds, health, etc. Visit this blog. It is not JustAnswer but it is worthy of your attention.

Is JustAnswer Legit or Not: Final Thoughts

justanswer veterinary

We have already mentioned that the platform has high trust ratings and positive reviews. If you cannot get an answer to your question, you will receive a refund. Relatively low service fees. Providing round-the-clock assistance. This may be enough to prevent the expression “justanswer.com is a scam” from being true.

However, let’s take a look at the cons of the platform as well. Many people complain about the lack of a fixed number of questions for each expert for a normal income. Others were unable to provide the required verification documents to satisfy the site’s policies. As you can see for yourself, these reviews are aimed at the very operation of the platform, which can be changed without problems. Therefore, if you want to use the platform for additional income, we can only wish you good luck and high ratings for your answers. And for those looking for answers, experts with extensive experience.

How do you search for answers to your questions on the Internet and is Google enough for you? You may be using this or another similar platform. Share in the comments. Thank you for reading our article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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