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Kinguin.net Reviews: How Does Kinguin Work and Is It Safe and Legitimate to Use

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Being a gamer isn’t the cheapest thing to do. Buying even one game can hit your budget significantly. Buying a new game some time after the start of sales or waiting for promotions is not always the best decision. Therefore, the emergence of platforms where you can buy or sell a game has become a salvation for most gamers. Why not for everyone? For example, the game costs $ 100, we doubt that on one of the platforms the price will drop to $ 10-15, right?

Gamers are looking for a platform that doesn’t ruin them. Since 2013, Kinguin has been considered such a platform. If you believe the Kinguin reviews, more than 4 million customers are already satisfied with the services of the platform and can sell or buy games at affordable prices. However, is buying cheap games always safe? We have prepared a kinguin.net review for you, where we will try to figure out with you the features of this platform and whether Kinguin is a scam or not. Enjoy the reading!

kinguin.net Reviews: How Does It Work?

kinguin scams

It is a kind of trading platform for online game sales. Also, there you can buy or sell not only the game itself but also the keys to it. The platform interface is simple. You click on the package of services you have chosen, and then you see all the offers for this product. Choose the most suitable one for you, pay, and expect the purchase to be sent to your email. The low prices are explained by the fact that this is not a supplier of games or game keys.It is not a platform that sells you but other people, just like you. However, is Kinguin trustworthy? To answer this, you need to look not only at positive but also negative reviews. The main problem is that some sellers are selling already invalid codes and it is impossible to find out before buying.

There is also a problem with payments through the platform. Several years ago, there was a scandal with similar sites for the sale and purchase of games. By the way, Kinguin was one of them. They have all become victims of fraud. And the platform’s website also indicates that a risk is possible. Such contradictions raise the main question: “Can you trust Kinguin”? Let me remind you of the nuances of the scandal if you have forgotten or heard about it for the first time. The keys for one game were sold but Ubisoft later recalled them. The company justified its actions by saying that the keys to the game were acquired using stolen credit cards. Most of the buyers were able to get a refund. Ubisoft later also announced that it would not revoke keys, so the games were returned to accounts. At first glance, Kinguin is not guilty but let’s take a closer look at the policy of this marketplace. After all, if this is not a fraudster, then there should be actions to prevent such risks. So, does Kinguin work in this direction?

Kinguin Site Review: How to Pay and Receive the Key? 

Most online stores offer convenient payment options. The mainstream online gaming market is no different. The market you buy from should provide an easy payment process. The first step is to have a variety of payment methods, no matter where you are, you can accept them. It can be the first sign that Kinguin is safe. In the past, it provided more payment options. Please note that you need to pay a payment gateway fee. All major gaming markets charge a commission for this. Depending on the total amount of the order, the gateway fee will be more or less. When buying online games, another important factor is the time it takes to receive the purchased game keys.

The ideal site should deliver the purchased game code pretty quickly. According to the kinguin.net review, within 15 minutes after accepting the payment, the timetable information will be sent from the Kinguin website. Sometimes, if a staff member needs to verify your payment, it may take longer. You will receive the purchased game key by email. If you purchase a pre-order form, the game key will be delivered shortly before the game’s release date. In general, the Kinguin payment review is positive. 

How Does Kinguin Work Due to Returns And Refunds policies? 

Most of us are used to returning defective goods to the seller. Since most online purchases are referred to as “blind purchases”.  Is Kinguin a scam due to such a purchase? No, it is not. It means that transactions are completed before the shopper can estimate what they are buying. Most online stores offer refunds or exchanges. In the digital market for game keys, the situation is different. The nature of the product sold varies. Defective physical products are usually mailed to the seller. Since the game key is a digital product, there is no need to return any physical product. If your game key has been revoked, invalid, or used, then you are not the only way to get the purchased items.

The game key seller himself cannot revoke the key. Once you have paid for your order and received the game key if your computer is unable to launch the product or other game-related issues and cannot function properly. You will not be able to “return” the product. However, if the key is not valid, has been used, or is region restricted, you can request a refund. Of course, your key must be invalid and you need to show some proofs, has been used on a different Steam account, or cannot be redeemed in your region for a refund or replacement. So, in this case, the Kinguin is as reliable as any other platform. We found some reviews where it is said about Kinguin scams but there was a non-compliance with the policy of the platform. 

Kinguin: Is It Safe?

What is the safety of us as consumers of online products? This is an opt-out option and a support service that responds quickly to our inquiries. Let’s see how it is with Kinguin.

  • Sometimes you may change your mind when you are ready to pay for a game or immediately after payment. In this case, you need a profile on a website where you can cancel the order. In this way you stop the transaction. Since game keys are digital goods that are usually delivered quickly, orders are rarely canceled. Kinguin allows you to cancel certain orders based on order status. You might ask yourself: “Can I trust Kinguin”? Well, let’s have a look to do this. If the payment for your order has not been made or the order is in the “Pending payment” status, you can cancel the order. If an order has been suspended or is being processed but payment has already been made, you need to contact their customer service department via live chat to cancel the order before shipping it. If the order is in the “completed” status, it means that the item you purchased has been delivered. It is impossible to cancel a completed order. In this issue kinguin.net legit because it is a common policy for digital products.
  • As for support, you can write them on email or use a live chat on the website. 

How Safe Is Kinguin with a Buyers Protection Program?

According to the Buyer Protection Program you are safe if there is any problem between you and the seller. Other services have a similar policy, for example, eBay.. If the consumer buys the wrong Kinguin key and BPP, they will let Kinguin know about the situation and then investigate and then return a refund or new password. The cost of BPP depends on the product you are purchasing. You usually need to pay $ 5-7 extra for software and $ 3-4 for gaming fees. So, is Kinguin reliable with BPP? Yes, If you decide to buy anything from the website, it will be a very good value for money. 

Kinguin: Is It Legit?

It is allowed and it is not a scam. Fully owned by a legitimate and licensed company, this proves once again the legitimacy of the website. Any keys you buy from their website come from the game seller. Therefore, even Kinguin does not know where the keys come from and if they work. Kinguin is just a marketplace. The market is full of not only scammers, fakes, and trolls. Even if there should be some elements. There are a lot more people on Kinguin selling legal products than those with questions about game keys. By the way, is kinguin.net legit due to Trustpilot? We think a 4 out of 5 scores speaks for itself. Negative reviews are mainly about expensive commissions and broken keys (we discussed with you that this is not the platform’s fault, since this is an intermediary).

Kinguin trustworthy platform and if all terms are suitable for you, enjoy it. Do you buy something on this platform? Share in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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