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Kroger Scam: Popular Types of Kroger Scams and Tips on How To Avoid


kroger scam

The Kroger scam is becoming an increasingly popular scam among scammers. Scams such as the Kroger coupon scam on Facebook and the Kroger secret shopper email scam make large sums of money every day. Today we will try to figure out exactly how these scams work and how to avoid them.

200 Kroger gift cards scam

kroger secret shopper scam

The 200 Kroger gift cards scam forced over a thousand Facebook users to share the news on their page. The scam is that the scammers promise to play 200 gift cards among every Facebook user who decides to share this information with their friends, acquaintances, and relatives. The page on which this news was posted was very similar to the official Kroger page, which led people to believe the scammers. A lot of people who believed in this Kroger Facebook scam fulfilled the conditions of the fake contest. Naturally, none of those people who shared this news received a gift card. But the information spread quickly enough that Kroger made an official statement, where it was said that they were already trying to figure out the scam page. They also recommended not to participate in such contests, because Kroger has never used such promotions among its customers.

Kroger secret shopper scam

kroger 250 scam

Quite numerous people fell for the fraud with the secret buyer of the Kroger store. What is the essence of this Kroger scam? People receive a letter in the mail with an interesting proposal. Be the secret buyer of the Kroger store and get a rather big amount of money for this, which they have to spend in the store. But there is one condition, they must send part of the money to the next mystery shopper. Once you agree, a check is sent to you for a certain amount, you must immediately cash the check and send some money to another mystery shopper. Once you do this, the bank discovers that the check is fake, and you are responsible for the money you took from the bank and sent to someone. Then instead of a profitable application, you get problems with the law and the loss of your money. Remember, stores like Kroger will never send large checks to strangers to make them their secret shopper. These companies have their secret buyers who are paid for this.

Kroger survey scam

kroger survey scam

Fake Kroger survey. If you are a fan of taking surveys for Kroger fuel points, then know that this can be a scam. Scammers often use this type of scam to force people to give out more information about themselves, not realizing that they are giving this information to deceivers. Even though Kroger frequently warns its customers about survey fraud, many people still take it without checking if it is a genuine survey. What do you need to know in order not to fall for such a deception?

1. Kroger never publishes its polls on Facebook. If you saw a survey on this site, then it is 100% fraudulent.

2. Kroger never offers free products for taking a survey. Fuel points are a reward for Kroger polls. If you see a survey that offers you free products for completing, it is a scam. Be careful.

So now you know more about Kroger scams. Knowing more about Kroger scams will help you stay out of the victim list. Be careful!

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