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MLM Scam Company: TOP-3 Most Infamous Pyramid Schemes

what is an MLM company

Today we will talk about the most MLM marketing companies that are infamous and alive even now! This article will be short but the most information you have ever seen! Continue reading to know the full content below.

Multi-level Marketing Scams List: the Worst of the Worst

We have gathered TOP-3 scamming MLM pyramids that are hated all over the world but first, we would like to make a little intro.

What is an MLM Company?

The acronym of MLM means multi-level marketing. Besides this name such type of scamming business scheme is called DS – direct selling. Such kind of strategy means that in the company there is a sold structure or formation. Companies practice selling their products under cover of involving their buyers as managers or resellers.

Specialists get repaid by marketing the product of the company or selling it directly to colleagues, mates, and family members.

You won’t find a physical store — only a storage or consulting center. There are no real store locations for this kind of commodity. For instance, to buy anti-wrinkle cream you should call up your local sales representative.

Moreover, you probably heard or witnessed the names, logos, and brand names of the biggest MLM companies. Once you know the definition of MLM, you may continue reading the list of phishing scamming pyramids.

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MLM Scams List: TOP-3 list of 123 ChargeBack

biggest MLM scams

Rodan + Fields

Rodan and fields pyramid scam or multi-million MLM scheme! The industry that is responsible for such a pyramid is Skincare. It was founded in 2007. Rodan and fields MLM scam is a well-known scamming scheme that got its infamous name due to recognizing Rodan + Fields in their previous emphasis when they failed acne drug via infomercial.

When Estee Lauder purchased the trademark and sold the goods in shops and markets. Now they stimulate stay-at-home moms with encouragements of fruitful, soft careers, free vacations, and unimaginable checks incomes. All they need to do is trade some upscale skincare goods via direct commerce. From first sight, it may look like the typical seller of cosmetics but thousands of MLM company reviews and feedbacks of angry and scammed people! Rodan and fields MLM scam is well-known like Tiande, Oriflame, and other giants.


It is one of the oldest and biggest MLM scams (pyramids) ever created. It was founded over 40 years ago (1980) by Nutrition. Want evidence that somebody hates Herbalife? The Federal Trade Commission posted checks to 350,000 souls who lost capital managing Herbalife businesses. This is one of the highest arrangements and distributions the company has ever done. Read more about Herbalife


Of course, could we skip Amway when we are talking about the network marketing scams list? This MLM company was built in 1959, say thanks to Health, beauty, and home care! Amway recorded transactions of $8.6 billion in 2017, presenting it as a bona fide B2B sales breakthrough in history. But not everyone is excited with what they’re trading — or how they’re doing it.

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