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My Amazon Account Was Hacked: What Should I Do And How To Protect Myself In The Future

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Sometimes, being careful doesn’t help us avoid fraudsters. There is such a category as hackers who can break into your data. For example, a page account on a well-known shopping site or social networking site. Let’s look at this situation on Amazon. This is difficult to prevent but we will tell you what to do if an Amazon account is hacked. The steps below will serve you as a guide if you become a victim of scammers on Amazon. And if you know what to do, then there is a chance not to panic, right?

What is an Amazon?

Amazon is a modern shopping form where you can find products in 34 categories. A wide selection, affordable prices, and quick ordering are those advantages due to which the number of site users is growing every year. In connection with the increased attention to Amazon, the attempts of fraudsters to break through the security system have increased. Buyers link their credit cards to their account and if the amazon account hacked email address changed, then others can make purchases at your expense.

What to do if your Amazon account is hacked?

my amazon account was hacked

Recently, on the Internet you can find the following messages: “My amazon account got hacked, I don’t know what to do.” First, don’t panic. And secondly, try to react quickly to prevent fraudsters from carrying out their plans. What steps you need to take, read below.

Change password on Amazon account

If you notice suspicious activity on your account, then you shouldn’t ignore it. Better to play it safe and change your password. Think carefully about what a password should be. The Amazon service, like other sites, recommends using passwords that do contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. Remember that the more complex the password, the more difficult it is for fraudsters to gain access to your account. So you save your nerves and reduce the risks of getting hysterical and googling: “What to do when an Amazon account is hacked”?

Check personal information on Amazon account

When registering an account, you entered the following information: name, shipping address, payment methods. Be sure to check if everything remains the same. You may also notice that the amazon email address changed. This means that the page is no longer tied to your mail and you will not be able to change your password. In such cases, you need to immediately search for Amazon support and report: “Someone changed my email address on Amazon”. There you will be helped to change the mail of the hacked page.

Check old and new orders

Amazon keeps your order history. Why check it? It’s simple. This way you can make sure that all orders were completed by you. If you notice a purchase on active orders or in the archive. do something. For example, contact Amazon support and explain your suspicions that: ”someone ordered on my amazon account”. Make it a rule to check your history periodically. Perhaps your account has been used for a long time but you do not know it. If in your case, this was the first step, then be sure to use steps 1 and 2 described above.

Activate two-step verification

The main advantage of this step is that you will be notified if you are logged into your account from a new device. Google has been doing this for a long time. You will receive a notification with a login code, and if you do not enter it, then someone from the new device cannot access your Amazon account.

Payment data should be removed

“My Amazon account was hacked and Amazon someone ordered on my account. How can I prevent it in the future”? Delete your credit card details, as now fraudsters will be able to use them and not only on one service. Contact your bank if you notice payments that were not made by you. In such cases, the bank advises reissuing the card. Your bank account will remain the same, but the credit card number that was linked to the page will change.

How to protect yourself from being hacked on Amazon?

my amazon account got hacked

To gain access to your account, scammers may send you an email about suspicious activity or a great offer. If you do not notice that this letter is not from the official representatives of the site, then provide your login details to strangers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, log into your account only from a secured Internet network. If you enter the data correctly, but cannot enter it, then most likely amazon account hacked changed email. In this case, you need to block your page and remove the fraudulent address. How to do it? Connect with amazon account hacked help immediately.

When you are faced with a scam, it is always frustrating and even annoying. After all, why does anyone think they have the right to spend the money that you honestly earned? We hope that you are now aware of how to deal with such situations and protect yourself. Thank you for reading the article to the end. Stay with us, we have something to share with you. See you!

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