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Norwex Reviews 2021: What Is It, Features of the Work and Is Norwex Safe for Us

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In the modern market, there is a lot of competition in almost all areas of goods. Therefore, in recent years, preference is given to more natural products. This is what Norwex offers. In fact, it is difficult to find a company that specializes in the sale of cleaning products and is not an MLM. However, if you are just a customer, you shouldn’t be too embarrassed by this. In today’s review, we would like to focus your attention on an interesting and important question: “Is Norwex a scam”? How can you make money in an MLM company, see the following reviews: Thrive and Arbonne. After all, the principle of operation of such companies is similar.

Norwex Company: What Is It?

It markets itself as a series of cleaning and personal care products. The purpose of the products is to help keep your home and body clean by reducing the amount of care products you need. The first product was launched in 1994 and positioned itself as natural, without the addition of chemicals. The company maintains the same position now. By the beginning of the 21st century, Norwex was sold in the US and Canadian markets. This company has rapidly gained momentum. And when someone is successful, everyone begins to discuss it. Norwex MLM: yes or no? It is one of the most controversial topics. And we will definitely discuss it and other issues.

Is Norwex a MLM?

Norwex is an MLM company with a history of about 27 years and one of the few MLM companies not incorporated in the United States. It seems like a great company but not as big as many other MLM companies. As with other MLMs, the income potential of the company’s internal consultants is very low. Also, the company has a few complaints but in comparison with other popular direct selling companies, they don’t really affect the company’s reputation. Norwex is also very focused on selling products rather than hiring staff, which is one of the important hallmarks of a legit MLM company.

Is Norwex a Pyramid Scheme?

It is not a pyramid scheme. Consultants can make money selling products without hiring anyone. However, most of them make their money by hiring large “downline” ones. This makes it look like a “disguised plan of the pyramid.” However, proponents of the position that Norwex isn’t a pyramid scheme, also appeal to the benefits that are provided in terms of compensation. At every level you reach, you will receive several free products and the opportunity to get more rewards and gifts but at each of these levels, there are minimum requirements for personal sales. They are knowledgeable about fees and minimum requirements but they are also very flexible because these minimum time frames exceed 3 months and you cannot meet this requirement for three months in a row without penalties. The terms of the company are very clear, making them a legit MLM company and not a pyramid scheme.

How Does Norwex Work?

norwex products

According to the compensation plan, before you start earning, you must pay $ 10 for a starter kit, which includes shipping and handling fees. This is expensive, depending on how successful you are with the company. If you can get $ 2,000 off the sale in the first 90 days, you can keep the starter kit but if you don’t, you end up paying an extra $ 200 for the starter kit. Does Norwex work on a percentage basis? Yes, it does. You can earn a 35% commission on every product you sell. They do require you to maintain at least $ 250 in personal sales every three months to be considered an active consultant. If you fail to reach active status for six months in a row, they will consider your account inactive, and if you wish to reactivate it, you will have to pay a fee.

Norwex Company: Reviews on Products

The company sells real goods for which there is a demand from buyers. We think you understand which Norwex products are the key: cleaning products, clothes. We have analyzed a lot of reviews to help you figure it out: “Is Norwex safe”? Let’s start.

Where Are Norwex Products Made?

Indeed, Norwex made in China, but it is not a Chinese company. The company has its own factory in China. In addition, they do not just work under a contract, as many think. And this is an important point because owning a factory gives them the opportunity to fully control production. The main management is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the plant and bears full responsibility for everything that happens there. In other words, the location of the plant does not in any way affect the quality of the products, since the head office has complete control over the production standards. And if you were given a product from a Chinese plant and, for example, from an American one, then you would not notice the contradictions.

Are Norwex Products Safe?

norwex scams

These products are free of harmful chemicals and you only need water for maximum effectiveness. In fact, soap can clog the fibers, that is why sticking to water is advised. Since they do not contain the toxic chemicals found in traditional cleaning products, they are ideal for people with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals. What about Norwex cleaning products? Let us present a rate of the most popular products to use:

  • The window cloth. If you can only buy one product to make cleaning your home easier, it is one of such things. It can remove streaks, water stains and fingerprints from windows so easily. This cloth is designed to be used dry after you wipe the area with a sponge or cloth with water. After rinsing several times with water to remove any residue, she realized that she needed to wipe it down with a rag until there were no streaks.
  • Dusting mitt. Removing dust, especially in inaccessible places, is not the easiest procedure. Therefore, many people love these little gloves. It wipes off even fine dust. You only need to put this glove on your hand and start cleaning. By the way, you can also introduce your child to this activity. Many customers left feedback that it became interesting for the children to clean with this mitt. And the company has released this series of children’s gloves.
  • Laundry detergent. It has thousands of positive reviews. It not only cleans stains but is suitable for people who are sensitive to dyes and fragrances.
  • Envirocloth. This little rag is really invisible, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do its job well. Clients wipe absolutely all surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. However, this is not even the main advantage of this product. Most of all, consumers are pleased that the rags after cleaning do not stink. It sounds like fantasy, but thousands of people have confirmed this fact.

Of course, you understand that we cannot describe every item of the product. We have selected several from the list with the highest ratings.

Is Norwex a Scam?

It is not a scam because they have very reliable products that people love to use. Also, the fact that their business model is product-oriented bed sets it apart from MLM and other scam MLM companies.

Despite the legal business model, this really isn’t the best way to make money. And we summarized the main problems due to those they seem like Norwex scams:

  • High starting cost ($ 200);
  • Limited and outdated methods of selling goods;
  • Pressure to make you sell;
  • Possible inventory issues.

Norwex Reviews 2021: Good and Bad Sides

norwex mlm

Good reviews: It is much easier to sell what people are looking for. Look at Google Trends, more and more people are looking for Norwex. This company has a main focus on products. By the way, on their website also. You can check Amazon or any reviews online. Bad product reviews are hard to find. Most of the 1 star reviews are due to people believing they did not receive Norwex fabrics.

Is Norwex a scam due to bad reviews? Just remember the hidden expenses that you need to pay. The high price is also repulsive. It would seem that it is Okay to pay more for a good tool. However, according to reviews, the products are good, but its 99% effect is exaggerated.
Is Norwex really safe? According to our experts, it is a legitimate company with good natural products that protects our environment. Therefore, if the price suits you, then you can safely buy the products. As for the business side. The monthly sales quota is very high and MLM plans don’t have the best reputation. Therefore, is it better to find a worthy alternative? And what do you think? Be sure to share your opinion in the comments. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you very soon on the pages of our blog!

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