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Is Payoneer Real or Scam: List of the Most Famous Scams on Platform

Is Payoneer Real or Scam

Payoneer is popular in the USA and around the world. Many people think it is as good as PayPal. However, this is too loud a statement. Of course, any company that provides financial services for the transfer of funds is subject to fraudulent attacks. But if PayPal regularly updates its security policy, can the same be said for all other companies? Is Payoneer a scam? Before answering these questions, let’s find out how it works and what schemes are used by scammers.

Is Payoneer for Scam or Transfer Money?

In order to use Payoneer, you need to create an account. It’s pretty simple and completely free. The registration form contains simple questions that are usually specified by each payment system. Receipt of funds or payment can occur in several ways:

  • request to receive;
  • bank transfer;
  • transfer of funds to the account of another client of the system (transfers not to the client are also possible).

Many who have used any of the above methods were able to successfully complete their transaction. However, there was a big scam boom 2 years ago. Tens of thousands of messages “Payoneer scam 2019” undermined customer confidence in this payment system. It was then that the question arose, the answer to which we are still trying to find: “Is Payoneer real or scam”?

Exciting Scams on Payoneer

Exciting Scams on Payoneer

We want to acquaint you with schemes that raise doubts and make you think of the company as a fraud.

Payoneer: Appen Scam

Appen is a popular website, where you can find good offers for jobs. However, if you want to use it, you will need an account on Payoneer. And that is a problem due to a thousand clients. The main complaints are that the payment system charges a large fee for services (especially if you do not withdraw funds to their card). For example, one guy completed an assignment on a platform for $10, but only got half. $5 per commission is a lot, isn’t it? By the way, is Payoneer needing an ID card for purchase: scam or legit request? Let’s think logically. When registering, all the necessary data was indicated, so why clarify personal information with each transaction? Perhaps this is just a security measure, but it significantly harbors the process of getting money. Because it takes time to process a photo of an ID card.

Walmart: Payoneer Scam

Walmart also uses Payoneer as one of its payment systems. The customers were dissatisfied with the fact that the payment system charged a double fee from their account. For example, you bought a product online and paid for it with your card. The payment system used the card details twice to write off the double value of the goods. Sometimes it was a system glitch, and sometimes it was a scam. However, it has not been proven that Payoneer was involved.

Phishing Emails

Phishing is an attempt by scammers in which a thief impersonates a trusted person in order to steal your personal account information. In no case, follow links in such emails because they are not actually from a real Payoneer. When you click them, you will be redirected to a virtual website with the official logo, and when you accidentally enter your account details, all information will be sent to the third person. So check your emails carefully. There can be information about different offers and notifications about scams. For example, “Alert, transfer money from visa to Payoneer scam can happen to you”!

Payoneer: Texting Factory

Texting Factory is a platform that can offer you an opportunity to make money. However, there are too many doubts about its legitimacy. So people often Google “scam texting factory Payoneer”. It is the same scheme as with Appen. Read above.

Payoneer: Legit or Scam?

Payoneer: Legit or Scam

Payoneer is a legitimate platform that strives to keep its users safe. After all, there are also positive reviews about the platform, right? Then why are there so many messages “Payoneer is a scam”? The point is that scammers do not need permission from various platforms to steal from their customer base. Sometimes we find ourselves in ridiculous situations because of our own mistakes.

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