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Paypal Fraud


can you get scammed on PayPal

You still don’t know about can people scam you on PayPal? Continue reading this article to know all about the following things:

  • How can you get scammed through PayPal;
  • What are the sorts of scamming with the PayPal system;
  • Basic tips on how you can skip PayPal frauds and scams;
  • Where you can report about such kinds of frauds.

Can I Get Scammed Through PayPal?

 PayPal fraud

Breaking news! PayPal phishing fraudsters grew nearly 200% in 2019. As one of the best online payment platforms on the planet, PayPal efficiently functions as a connecting line between customers and sellers, allowing users to transfer money securely through its digital system. So, nobody is safe nowadays. You can get scammed on PayPal too! Moreover, the base of PayPal’s clients is enlarging every day. According to recent information, it accounts for about 277 million users over the world!

Are you wondering how to scam PayPal? Like other significant online financial platforms, PayPal has a set of security tools to defend and guard its clients against scams through PayPal. Nevertheless, professional outlaws apply their methods enthusiastically to abuse this tremendous market to steal money and do it successfully.

What Are the Types of Scamming With PayPal?

You can find a list presented on PayPal’s official website. The platform itself identifies four main types of scams: fake PayPal emails or spoof websites, unauthorized transactions on your PayPal Debit MasterCard® or unrecognized activity on your PayPal account, and items not received or a potential scammer seller.

How Do PayPal Scams Work?

Scam 1: Frauds In Social Media

In current years there has been a high jump in the number of PayPal frauds in social media. These phishing frauds will regularly take the form of advertisements or shared posts, or some posts that they send in private chats. The goal of the publication and scamming page is to convince you to click on the link where you will be required to provide your details. It is widespread on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Scam 2: Phishing emails – A dilemma with your account

It is the most typical sort of PayPal scam managed to deceive people into clicking on ill-disposed links. Phishers will mail you to notify you about the difficulty of your account.

Such a scam triggers you to follow a provided link to steal your data from such actions or tries to convince you that you are going on an official website to get your bonus. Nevertheless, instead of it, you are trapped on the fake one.

Fraud 3: Fraudulent website

Once the scammers have successfully deceived you toward clicking a link that will follow you to a scamming website and after this, they will try to convince you that this is the official website and. When such deceit will be completed you will lose your money, information, or something connected to them.

Scammers take much time to make their page as credible as possible. Still, there is one thing that they never manage to do – the domain of PayPal. Look attentive to it: it must be “https://www.paypal.com/”. The outlaws will use the similarly look-like branding, colors, and style of PayPal. But they cannot use the domain of the official website.

How Can You Avoid PayPal Frauds And Scams?

scams through paypal
  • Before affirming a payment, check up red flags. Requests to rush shipments, admit incomplete payments, or allow payments to split up among various PayPal accounts are all heavy signs of crooked activity;
  • Sign up for PayPal’s Seller Protection Program, and the system will help you to watch your actions in your account to look for signs of fraud;
  • Block consumers who lodge disputes or address trick claims. Scammers will often hunt on the same trader numerous times if he or she does not resist at all;
  • Things that have a high resale worth or are willingly favored on the market are chiefly charming to scammers. Before transferring chiefly valuable things, check out twice or even three times billing and shipping address to be sure on 100 percent that they are the same;
  • Even clients with correct credentials can do accidental fraud by ignoring or performing impatience. You must request a signature confirmation on delivery every time shipping high-value items.

Report a Scam

How did you get scammed on PayPal? Share with us which fraudulent scheme scammers used to trick you. It is crucially important for us and other people about it because only after reading your story can someone get out of the hook of a phishing scammer. Your personal information is secured. We even can avoid using your name. Also, together with our partner the team of 123 ChargeBack can help you to solve your specific issue.

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