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What Is Plenty of Cheats: A Real Dating Website or a Scam for Gullible Users

plenty of cheats review

Every day we hear about new methods of fraud, which makes us think and behave more carefully on the Internet. Regular readers of our blog already know the main signs of fraud, by which one can understand that the interlocutor needs money from us. We often look for these signs in behavior and words, and what if we got hooked by a swindler much earlier than we started a conversation. plentyofcheats.com has become quite popular lately. You may have seen its ads on Facebook or other social networks. Let’s take a closer look at how this site works and why it causes such a mixed reaction. Maybe plenty of cheats is a fake website?

Plenty of cheats: review on work

plenty of cheats

Before throwing accusations and branding “scammers”, let’s find out what plentyofcheats.com is for, how to register, and what are the terms of use.

What is the site’s feature?

This platform appeared on the Internet three years ago, in 2018, and is not a separate product. It is one of the parts of the dating network. This means that the entire network has a common base of profiles. The search is carried out according to 4 main criteria: gender, age, photo only, online only. A more advanced search is possible when subscribing. The plenty of cheats allows you to find a match for your interests. Since there is an algorithm for matching with the participants most similar to you. You can use the blocking of any of the participants who are not interesting to you, as well as the opportunity to communicate in a private chat with the most worthy in your opinion.

What are the security measures when visiting plentyofcheats.com?

You will not be able to view the profiles of other members until you register, just like other unregistered members of yours. There are a few more security steps on the plenty of cheats. This is your email confirmation. This way everyone can make sure that you are not creating a fake page. You cannot register two accounts for one email address. You can also upload a series of your photos, which will be available for viewing to all users of the site. However, the photos are checked by the moderator. And only after such a check, they become available. If you suspect that you are being communicated with from a fake profile, you can complain about the questionnaire and wait for the results of the investigation.

Plenty of cheats: a review of suspicions

plentyofcheats com

At first glance, nothing suspicious is observed in the conditions of use. Email verification and photo confirmation are used by many similar dating sites. However, statements that plentyofcheats.com is fake are being heard more and more often. Remember the expression that there is no smoke without fire? Let’s figure it out.

Lots of free ads

Perhaps you have a question: “Why is advertising suspicious?” The presence of advertisements is normal, the context of this advertisement is suspicious. The site uses a lot of memes and fake correspondence. There you can see the correspondence of two friends, which never existed. The purpose of such fake correspondence is to lure you into visiting a dating site. After all, when you see such an advertisement, the thought does not always appear that it is fake. Interest arises and I want to check it myself. Memes, in turn, are perceived by us as something funny. And when you come across them and plentyofcheats.com throughout the day, you involuntarily go.

Lack of real plenty of cheats review

Fake memes and correspondence cannot be called reviews. And some negative that shout about the suspicion of this dating site are reviews of some experts who are investigating such stories. Would you be spending money if you didn’t find a single review that you won’t have doubts about? More likely no than yes.

What conclusion have you made for yourself? The purpose of our blog is not to impose our point of view on you but provide you with important information for an independent conclusion. Insufficient security measures and a large number of disputes about the site’s security suggest that it is not worth registering. If you thought it necessary to use the services of this particular dating site, then be careful and remember how to recognize a romantic scammer. We just recently discussed this. Thank you for reading the article to the end. See you soon on the pages of our blog!

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